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JGL Manic 2

Trauma - 1/4

Title –  Trauma -1/4
Author – sid_vicious_03 
Rating –  NC17
Pairings – Eames/Arthur
Word count  This part 4 128, Whole thing 17, 253
Warnings –
Occasional swearword, fluff
Disclaimers – I don’t own Inception or any of the characters, sadly, but i do own the story.
Notes   The glue thing isn't a joke, actually happened. Also, uncreative title is uncreative

Summary –
     Eames gets shot, twice and it's bad, it's not his usual I'll stand up and recover directly. Arthur gets to him in the nick of time and gets him to a hospital. Eames recovers, due Arthur's presentation. Both physically and emotionally. Arthur finds the latter one, a lot harder then he would have liked.


’’Eames… Are you alive?’’

The voice on the other side of the receiver sounded small, nervous and terrified. Eames wanted to smile, but he only ended up gritting his teeth and pressing his eyes closed. Hand pressing even more at the wound by his gut and Eames could swear that he felt the blood slowly slip through his fingers.

‘’Arthur… Is, is that you?’’

Eames spoke slowly, his own voice hacking up on some words as if he really couldn’t speak. The burning pain by his gut just got more intense, the feeling would soon spread in his body and it had already inflicted on his sight, seeing dots come and go in his vision.

‘’Eames! Are you okey? Where are you?!’’

Eames wanted to chuckle now when the emotions in Arthur’s voice just got more intense and Eames wanted to bet on his intestines on it that Arthur was right now clutching at his own phone. Eames felt the tears of pain struggling their way out from his eyes that was pressed closed. Feeling that his entire right arm was burning in pain now as well, he couldn’t recall getting shot there.


Arthur started on a rambling that sounded much like a desperate prayer but not even close to the prayers being taught in church and Eames was getting more and more lightheaded for every time that Arthur used the word god.

‘’Just hang in there okey? I’ll come and get you Eames, you’re going to be alright. Just stay with me alright? I’ll come and get you Eames just please talk to me.’’

Eames heard Arthurs panicking words, but didn’t really understand them. All he knew was that Arthur, his Arthur was panicking right now and he didn’t even get the glory to watch him panic just to bully him about it the day after. He was pretty damn sure there wasn’t going to be a day after for him anymore, not with the way how his head felt now.

‘’Eames? Eames please talk me, are you there?’’

Eames managed to smile a bit, now definitely feeling the blood run over his fingers by the gunshot wound by his stomach. The burning feeling was slowly starting to fade for him as everything was replaced with a warm, comforting feeling.

‘’I love you darling.’’


‘’Arthur please, come with us, you can’t be in here all the time.’’ Yusuf tried, looking at Arthur sitting in the chair next to the hospital bed. Arthur shook his head, closing his tear-filled eyes as he did and kept his palm against his mouth as if it was the only thing that kept him sane. One could see that he hadn’t slept at all during the three days he had been guarding Eames. His three piece suit was wrinkled with some remaining bloodstains on it and his hair was working its way out of the hair gel and solid haircut that Arthur had forced it into.

‘’You need to eat something.’’ Yusuf urged then, giving Arthur’s arm a light push. But not even the push made Arthur look at Yusuf as he kept watching the sleeping Eames on the hospital bed. ‘’Look Arthur.’’ Yusuf said and knelt down next to Arthur who refused to look at him, literally refused, he was sure that Arthur much rather would twist his neck of then look at him. It made Yusuf wonder why the hell they had asked him to talk to Arthur. If he didn’t listen to Cobb, then pretty much everybody else was useless.

‘’I know you are worried about Eames, hell we all are. But just sitting there and watching him isn’t going to make him recover faster, even you know that don’t you?’’ Yusuf said, getting an almost embarrassed nod from Arthur. Yusuf smiled a little bit and placed his hand on Arthur’s shoulder, giving him a comforting squeeze. ‘’Do you really think that Eames just want you to sit here and watch him. Letting yourself fall to ruins. You have to eat something, I’m not asking you to have a full three course meal. Just something.’’

Arthur shook his head again, Yusuf decided to give it up and stood up, removing his hand from Arthur’s shoulder and started checking his inner pockets to his jacket. ‘’If you’re not coming with us, then at least drink this.’’ Yusuf already saw the dark glare that Arthur sent him, obviously not trusting him. ‘’It’s a little vitamin drink and some other stuff to. I want you to drink it, it’s practically the same as eating but not eating. Because if you don’t drink this, then your body will collapse by the evening and who will then watch out for Eames?’’

Arthur looked to the small glass vial with the clear liquid in it. Then before Yusuf knew about it, Arthur had snatched the vial out of Yusuf’s hand and drank down the little bit of liquid inside. Then handed it back to Yusuf and turned his attention to the bed again.

By the time that Yusuf had reached the door that lead out to the hallway, Arthur had slumped together in his chair. Eyes closed, hand dropping from his jaw and body finally relaxing after being tensed up for days straight. Yusuf gave him a gaze over his shoulder, then walked out to the hallway.

Yusuf walked down the sterile white hallway and then took a left to find the waiting room where he found Cobb and Ariadne, both of them holding a paper mug with coffee that was their only life line. They both looked tired, exhausted beyond limits and Ariadne looked as if she would cry any second again. But the good thing was that she wasn’t in the same room as Arthur anymore, or else he would start crying as well.

‘’I put him to sleep, he didn’t want to go.’’ Yusuf said, both Cobb and Ariadne nodded to that, as if they approved it. Ariadne put the coffee mug to her lips and drank some from it, and Yusuf could see that Cobb was twisting words in his mind.

‘’I knew this would happen.’’ Cobb started out with and put his coffee down, attracting the attention of Ariadne. ‘’I knew this would happen the second Arthur said they were sleeping together. That they would start caring and then one of them would break when this would happen one of them got hurt.’’

Yusuf looked down, fingers playing with the glass vial that Arthur had given back to him after he had swallowed the liquid. ‘’Let’s all just pray to god and hope that Eames wakes up.’’


Eames did wake up and Arthur nearly screamed when he noticed it all. His urge to cry and just kiss Eames was stronger however. And even if Eames had been in a coma for barely a week and his body had taken damage from it, Eames had laughed. Groaning when he tried to get out of Arthur’s grip which made him let go directly, Eames had laughed again, despite the pain in his gut.

‘’You can’t get rid of weed, or cockroaches. Yeah, you’d like to call me that huh?’’ Eames murmured and lay back down in the bed. Arthur had chuckled, despite the tears still coming from his eyes. ‘’A cockroach.’’

Cobb and the others could see that all Arthur wanted to do was to leave his chair and crawl up with Eames in his bed just to hold him close to himself to calm down and to realize that Eames really was there.

‘’You are not a cockroach Eames, don’t you dare saying that you hear me!’’ Arthur then cut in, shifted his chair closer to the bed and grabbed Eames hand, kissing it and closed his eyes. Then he placed it against his temple, shoulders starting to shake and before everybody knew it Arthur was sobbing.

‘’Arthur, there is nothing to worry about darling. I’m alright.’’ Eames hummed and moved his fingers out of Arthur’s grip to slide them into Arthur’s not so perfect hair anymore. ‘’ There is nothing to worry about.’’

Cobb gave Yusuf and Ariadne a glance to leave the room. All of them followed Cobb outside, and Yusuf was the one closing the door behind them all and looked to Cobb, who had an expression on his face that seemed as if all worlds’ sorrows had been lifted up from his shoulders.

‘’Let’s leave them alone, Arthur doesn’t need more people there.’’ Cobb said then and rubbed his eyes before he looked to the others again. ‘’We’ll start working again once Eames has recovered. Arthur won’t be able to focus until then anyway.’’


‘’I can walk for myself thank you, let me go.’’ Eames said, cheerfully laughing and pushed Arthur away from himself so he could enter his apartment. He didn’t need to take more than two steps to see that Arthur had given his entire apartment a cleaning. And in some way Eames thought that his apartment hadn’t been this clean since he moved in.

Arthur watched Eames back as he moved into the apartment, holding both of their jackets in his hands and walked after him. He closed the door and hung up both jackets and walked into the kitchen, where Eames already was peeking into the fridge. ‘’I took the liberty of cleaning everything. Your sheets have been changed, plants have been watered, your fridge is filled and I took care of your cat. She’s at my apartment now.’’

Eames stood up straight again and looked to Arthur as he spoke. Closing the door to the fridge and noticing the low and almost depressing tone in Arthur’s voice. So Eames walked over to him, placing both of his hands in Arthur’s neck and stroked the skin on his cheek with his thumb. Arthur moved his gaze down and Eames moved to kiss him on his temple.

‘’Why do you sound so depressed darling?’’ Eames said on a low tone, trying to make Arthur look at him. ‘’Aren’t you happy?’’ Arthur looked up to him with a glint in his brown eyes that Eames hadn’t noticed before. Then Arthur looked down again as he took a deep breath, moving to rest his temple against Eames chest, fingers stroking Eames arm where he had the five stitches.

‘’It’s just that.’’ Arthur started with, turning his head to see his fingers stroke Eames arm, where he could feel that the stitches where under the fabric of his shirt. ‘’I was really scared. I thought I would lose you.’’ Arthur continued, talking on a much lower tone now which made Eames move his arms around the thinner body to give him a tight hug.

‘’When I got there you where barely breathing. That ugly shirt of yours was just red and was smudging mine, both got ruined. You where as cold as ice and your lips where turning purple.’’ Arthur paused, sniffed some and hid more in Eames chest, now grabbing a hold of the fabric of Eames shirt. Eames himself kept stroking his back, he couldn’t remember any of this and he was sure by the way that Arthur acted that it was the first time that he was telling someone this.

‘’You didn’t react to what I was saying directly, but you where mumbling on about something, I think you where mumbling on about the team. And your cat, you where telling me to take care of your cat. You where crying and you would scream if I accidently would come anywhere near your gut shot.’’ Eames could feel Arthurs fingers stroke his side, just the same height of where he got shot. ‘’When I did, you would move your hand to my chest and grab a hold of my vest. You didn’t let go the entire time.’’

Arthur moved his hand from Eames side to his chest, grabbing a hold of Eames shirt to demonstrate. Eames looked down to him, then moved his hand up Arthurs back to stroke the base of his neck once Eames realized that there were tears slowly falling down Arthur’s cheeks again.

‘’Your arm was twitching, but you didn’t let go.’’ Arthur however did let go of Eames shirt and moved his hand back to feel the stitches through the t-shirt. ‘’There was a huge puddle of blood around us; one would think you would have bled to death three times over, they never seem that big in dreams. For a little while I almost thought that your intestine was coming out from your gut, there was so much blood that I couldn’t see how big the wound was.’’ Arthur swallowed.

‘’I saw that happen once, when I still was in the army. We had nothing to help him with, so we had to glue him together with superglue to make sure that he didn’t lose his intestine. All I could think of was that I didn’t have any superglue with me. If it really was happening then I had no superglue that I could use to glue you back together. ‘’ Arthur said, hiding in the curve of Eames neck.

Eames, was slowly feeling more and more sick as Arthur described what had happened, no wonder that Arthur hadn’t shared it with anybody. ‘’Arthur.’’ Eames then said, deciding to speak up and interrupt Arthur before he dug his own grave deeper now. He moved one hand of Arthur’s back to take the hand that Arthur was using to stroke over the stitches.

Arthur looked up to him, brown eyes still having the same gaze as before, but eyes slightly more watery then earlier. ‘’I’m okey.’’ Eames said and smiled to him, kissing him on his temple before he kissed his lips lightly. ‘’All of that might have happened, but everything is alright now. And I’m alive.’’

Arthur nodded a couple of times and kissed him. ‘’I know, and I’m sorry but yeah, I was really worried.’’ Arthur said, laughing weakly and looked down. But by the time he looked up to Eames he was smiling weakly.

Eames grinned widely to him, giving him another kiss on his temple before he turned back to the fridge to see if Arthur had bought food that he actually liked. And to his surprise he found none of the healthy stuff that Arthur always complained on that he should change his eating habits to. But food that Eames loved and adored.

Arthur looked to him, moving over to the counter and leaned over it to see Eames rumble around in his fridge, tilting his head a little bit to the side and smiled at how childishly happy Eames seemed to be. ‘’Eames?’’ Arthur said then, watching Eames look at him over his shoulders. Arthur felt a small blush creep on, but looked down. ‘’Would you mind if I stayed here for a little while. With you?’’

Eames smirked widely and looked back to the fridge, taking the juice bottle out of it and shook it. ‘’I don’t mind, as long as you bring Poppy back with you.’’ Eames said and looked to Arthur while he opened the juice bottle to drink some from it. Smirking when he saw that Arthur was smiling, and really smiling. With his much hated dimples showing and everything.


Eames reunion with his far to overweight, all long and white haired cat Poppy was one of the cutest thing that Arthur had ever seen. As soon as Arthur had put the cat on the wooden floor and before he had started to pick of the white hair straws of his suit, Poppy had already found Eames.

Eames was smiling on like a little child as the cat climbed up in his lap, directly starting to stroke the fur and dug his nose down to it, which even had the cat make some purring sounds as well. Arthur smiled weakly as Eames was baby talking to his cat as if he hadn’t seen her in years. While it really just was a month and a half, but the two acted as if it had been the end of their worlds and Arthur somehow found that adorable.

Arthur had to suffer the rest of the day with Eames only talking to his cat, carrying the ridiculously heavy cat with ease on the arm that didn’t have the stitches. All Arthur did that day was keep picking cat hairs of his clothes that seemed to have gotten everywhere without him not even touching the cat.

That night Arthur had to deal with that Eames invited Poppy to the bed and held the cat through his entire sleep, the damn purring would keep Arthur awake. Eames however seemed to be sleeping like a rock. And even at three in the morning, Arthur still wasn’t able to sleep from the purring of the cat didn’t really know what to do. So he shifted closer to Eames, pressing his chest against Eames back and stroked Eames skin on his arm, letting his fingers trace the stitches.

‘’Is she keeping you up?’’ Eames voice spoke, which made Arthur open his eyes. Then smiled weakly to himself. Seemed like Eames wasn’t sleeping anyway, and that made Arthur feel a bit better about still being awake at three in the morning.

‘’Yeah, it’s the purring.’’ Arthur confessed and closed his eyes again, moving his nose up Eames neck until he felt Eames hairlines start, placing a kiss on the skin. Eames chuckled a bit.

‘’She does that to me to.’’ Eames hummed, and Arthur knew that by the tone Eames used that he was smiling as he spoke. ‘’It’s because that I’m stroking her stomach, if I stop she’ll wake up and bite me in my hand until I continue, and she can bite hard. If I kick her out, she’ll start whining until I let her in again.’’ Arthur chuckled weakly and pressed another kiss on Eames skin in his neck.

Arthur shifted his arm so he could lean on his elbow, looking over Eames tattooed shoulder to see the cat taking up half of the bed on her own, Eames hand on her stomach as he stroked her, occasionally scratching. ‘’She sounds as if she’s tearing down a whole forest.’’ Arthur whispered then, as if he was afraid of waking the cat up. Eames snickered some and turned his head to look at Arthur.

‘’A forest big enough for the both of us.’’ Eames said on a low tone, to match Arthur’s whisper. Arthur smiled weakly, stroking Eames cheek and let his thumb rest by Eames lips. Then he stroked his lips lightly before he placed his own on top.

The kiss didn’t last long, but it was sweet and distracted Eames from stroking Poppy’s fur. So the kiss really ended by Eames soft gasp when Poppy sank her teeth in his hand, Arthur and Eames just chuckled from it and placed their temples together. Eames shifted onto his back and moved both hands to Arthur’s neck as he kissed him again, deeper this time.

Arthur still smirked in Eames kiss, shifting slightly on top of him so he wouldn’t put too much pressure on the healing gunshot wound, allowing his hands to stroke their way down from his neck to his chest. Next to them Poppy was desperately whining for attention, even going as far as sinking her teeth in Eames arm. But all Eames did was give her a push so she slid of the bed.

Their kiss became hungrier, their touches rougher and their breathing heavier. Eames had slid his hands up to Arthur’s back, then down again to slide into his pajama pants to grab Arthur’s ass, pulling him closer to Eames own hips, Arthur groaned in their kiss from that. Both of them smirked for a short second when their kiss broke before they started another one, tongues meeting one another. Arthur nearly shivered from that only, seemingly a month and a half without sex affected him a lot more than it should have, Eames on the other hand, acted like he always did.

‘’Get those of.’’ Eames grumbled as he tried to pull Arthur’s pants of, making them both sit up as if that would make it easier. Arthur chuckled from that, moving his fingers into Eames hair, forcing his head and those wonderful lips of his against the skin in his neck, then his collarbone.

Eames stroked the skin on Arthur’s sides when he had pushed Arthur’s pants to his knees, he’d pull them of fully later. He started stroking Arthur’s cock, which had the point man gasp for breath, grip of Eames hair unmistakably tightening. The gasp soon became a moan when Eames started stroking Arthur the exact way he loved it, the exact way to make it feel fantastic.

‘’God yes.’’ Arthur murmured, fingers moving to Eames cheeks and forced him into a kiss while Eames still stroked Arthur’s cock, tightening his grip during it which had Arthur whimper out like a little boy. He moved his hands to Eames shoulders, nails digging down into the skin. Eames let him, still stroking Arthur’s cock and slowly started to move his own hips towards Arthur to get more from it.

Eames made his grip of Arthurs cock teasingly tighter again, which had Arthur moan out and drag his nails down Eames arms, just to have Eames yell out. At first Arthur got confused, Eames never came this quick, and if he did, he wouldn’t sound like that. It wasn’t until he noticed that Eames had placed a hand exactly where his stitches where and that his fingers were red, that he realized what had happened.

‘’Christ, I am so sorry Eames, fuck!’’ Arthur exclaimed, shifting back on the bed so he moved away from Eames. He turned on the light by the table and then focused back on Eames, who was pressing his hand back to his stitches to probably stop the blood flow.

Arthur started to pry Eames hand away, so he could see the exact amount of damage that he had made to his boyfriend, but the harder Arthur tried, the more Eames moved away from him.

‘’It’s okey!’’ Eames said loudly just to get his attention, so he would stop focusing on the wound and calm down a bit. Arthur looked down, almost in defeat and looked incredibly much smaller then he really was.

‘’I’m sorry.’’ He whispered then, eyes closed and pressed his palms against them. Eames felt his heart melt slightly. ‘’It was an accident, I didn’t mean to I didn’t thing I-‘’ Arthur kept talking on and removed his palms from his eyes so he could look to Eames again. And Arthur would have kept on talking if it wasn’t for Eames leaning forward to place his lips on Arthur’s to shut him up.

‘’It’s okey darling. An accident is an accident.’’ Eames told him then. Arthur nodded, but let his gaze move over to Eames arm, and Eames could see that Arthur really wanted him to remove his hand.

‘’We have to go to the hospital, what if I tore open one of the stitches.’’ Arthur said, fingers once more trying to pull Eames hand away, and this time he allowed it to happen since he was curious of how the wound would look now.

‘’It’s just a scratch.’’ Eames told him, and it was. All Arthur really had done was tear some of the scab from the wound, which had made it start bleeding again. ‘’See? It’s just a scratch, the stitches are fine.’’ Eames looked to Arthur as he spoke. Who then nodded and leaned back in the bed but kept his eyes on the wound.

‘’An accident is an accident.’’ Eames told him then and kissed him on his temple. Arthur nodded a bit, than watched Eames with cautious eyes as he got of the bed.

‘’Were are you going?’’ Arthur asked, ignoring Poppy that had made her return to the bed and demanded attention from Arthur now. He did however stroke his hand over her head at least once. Eames looked over his shoulder to Arthur as he pulled on his pajama pants again.

‘’I’m just going to clean my arm, I’ll be right with you.’’ Eames said, smirked some and then walked over to the bathroom. Arthur shifted in the bed.

‘’Do you need any help?’’ He called out, loud enough for Eames to hear, yet low enough not to wake up the neighbors.

‘’No, you stay in bed, I’ll be do it myself.’’ Eames said in return. Arthur nodded a bit to himself, then sighed and looked down, now allowing Poppy to lay down in his lap, feeling horrible.


Hope you all enjoyed it, next part is finished so it will be up in a couple of days. also, comments are loved :)


i want to read more!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
It'll be up in a day or two, thanks for reading :3
I'm thoroughly enjoying this so far. Looking forward to the next bit!
Glad that you like it, the next part will be posted in a day or two from now on. Thanks for reading!
Aweee, I love how caring and loving Arthur is. And how you've made Eames out to be (a cat lover none the less, haha) Really great story, can't wait for the next part too!
Glad that you like it :D And the next part should be up soon, if not even tonight :)
Thanks for reading!
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