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JGL Manic 2

Trauma - 2/4

Title –  Trauma -2/4
Author – sid_vicious_03 
Rating –  NC17
Pairings – Eames/Arthur
Word count  This part 4 058, Whole thing 17, 253
Warnings –
Occasional swearword, angst,
Disclaimers – I don’t own Inception or any of the characters, sadly, but i do own the story.
Notes   Whole thing is finished

Summary –
     Eames gets shot, twice and it's bad, it's not his usual I'll stand up and recover directly. Arthur gets to him in the nick of time and gets him to a hospital. Eames recovers, due Arthur's presentation. Both physically and emotionally. Arthur finds the latter one, a lot harder then he would have liked.


Arthur took a bite of his morning toast, looking at Eames as he slowly chewed the piece of bread. Eames was drinking his morning tea and reading the news paper, white t-shirt who was a little bit red by his sleeve from yesterday night. Arthur felt his gut twist around each time he saw it and slowly lost more and more of his appetite.

‘’Eames?’’ Arthur said, regretting himself that he hadn’t swallowed first so he moved the back of his hand against his lips and swallowed as Eames hummed, drank some more of his tea and kept reading the article. ’’Are you sure your arm is okey?’’ Arthur asked carefully, as if he for once was scared to be of a bother.

Eames looked up from the newspaper, still holding the porcelain cup of tea with a pattern that Arthur hated more than anything, but he hated to admit it. He was slowly growing fond of the image of Eames holding that cup in his hands that where way too big for such a small cup with an awful pattern of green flowers on it.

‘’I’m sure Arthur.’’ Eames said on a low tone, watched Arthur nod and look down, picking up the piece of toast and took another bite. ‘’Are you okey?’’ Eames asked after having watched Arthur eat his toast slowly for a minute. Arthur looked up, at Eames through his fringe. ‘’You seem… a bit miserable, that’s all.’’

Arthur shook his head and smiled weakly, then he took his plate and walked to the counter, apatite completely lost now. ‘’I’m not miserable, I’m just still shaken, that’s all.’’ Arthur stated, passed by Eames and stroked his fingers from one shoulder to the other before he disappeared into the living room.

Eames nodded, drinking more of his tea and not quite sure if he should believe Arthur or not. He had a bit difficulty with it; he had always been able to see right through Arthur when he lied just because he couldn’t lie even if his life depended on it. But Eames wanted to believe him, so he decided that he believed him and continued to read the news paper.


After a little bit more after a week that Arthur had moved in with Eames, Arthur started dreaming again at night. The first time it happened he had woken up Eames by screaming, tossing, turning and crying in the middle of the night so Eames had to wake him up.

As soon as Arthur understood what happened, he started laughing. It didn’t matter that he just had a nightmare, it was a dream, his first dream in years so he was overjoyed by the fact that he still could. Eames could understand that, he didn’t like it, but he understood.

But the same dream kept occurring and after five nights, of which four Arthur had the same nightmare creeping up on him until the point that he had to wake Arthur up. Then Arthur wasn’t so overjoyed about it any longer, instead of laughing he would now cry instead of laughing like he had done the first time.

Eames didn’t like asking questions, if Arthur wanted him to know then he would tell. He wouldn’t dig in Arthur’s private matters just because they where dating and Arthur temporarily lived with him. But when it started to affect Eames sleeping routines and when he was getting worried as night got closer if Arthur would dream again, then he found he had the right to ask the question and get an answer.

‘’What is your nightmare about?’’ Eames asked, stroking his fingers through the long fur of the purring Poppy who was sleeping on his chest. He glanced to the tv, some soap opera about a family trying to adapt to the country life instead of the city. He hadn’t really focused and he had a feeling Arthur hadn’t either.

Eames was laying on his back, taking up practically every inch of the couch, but that hadn’t stopped Arthur. Arthur had shifted Eames legs a bit and laid between them on his stomach, resting his head on Eames stomach and had pulled up Eames shirt a bit so he could stroke the bullet wound that was now becoming a scar with one finger. Feet in the air and sometimes swinging to the beat of whatever commercial was on when the break interrupted the show.

‘’You.’’ Arthur answered, and Eames felt how Arthur’s finger stopped at the wound, then slid to it’s left and started circling around it again.

‘’Me?’’ Eames asked, leaning up a bit and corrected the pillow behind his head. Poppy whined in disapproval, but started purring again as Eames continued the stroking. He just wanted to be able to watch Arthur as he spoke.

Arthur nodded slightly, cheek still on Eames stomach and finger still on the wound. ‘’I dream about that night.’’ He confessed, and Eames wanted to bet his kidney on that he had closed his eyes right now. Eames was silent, hoping Arthur would continue on the subject.

‘’I keep replaying what happened you know? In my head, but you are just getting worse and worse, and the paramedics just never get there. You even die a couple of times in it, I have to keep you alive myself. You just keep bleeding and murmuring until you pass out, I always think you die when you do that, it scares me.’’

Eames opened his mouth to speak, but he couldn’t figure out exactly what to say in return to that. So he closed his mouth again and moved his other free hand to stroke some of Arthur’s hair straws, he hadn’t guessed that, what discomforted him more was that Arthur kept stroking the bullet wound.

‘’Arthur-‘’ He started out, but Arthur shifted before he did and moved Poppy’s tail away so it wouldn’t constantly hit him in his face. He wanted to say that It wasn’t healthy, but Arthur once more beat him to it.

‘’Why did you name her poppy?’’ Arthur asked and looked to the cat, now letting his own hand slide into the fur. Poppy kept purring and shifted some so both men could stroke her fur. Eames swallowed and looked to his cat, knowing that Arthur now was switching the subject to something else and Eames wouldn’t be able to pull it back to what he wanted to say.

‘’I named her after a British porn star, Poppy Morgan.’’ Eames said, licking his lips and then sucked on the lower lip. Arthur looked to him, which made Eames smirk weakly.

‘’Are you serious?’’ Arthur asked him, Eames nodded a bit and looked back to the cat, which now was stretching out, letting her nose touch Eames cheek as she came to rest. Arthur chuckled and shook his head, looking back to the cat.


Two more weeks passed, Eames didn’t get the chance to talk to Arthur about it not being healthy, that he always was thinking about it. Well, he had the chances to talk about it but when he saw Arthur he just couldn’t. And Arthur was always avoiding the subject so skillfully. Eames wasn’t sure if he did it on purpose, or if it actually happened without him thinking about it.

Arthur always said he didn’t want to think about it when it came on subject, but then the conversation was killed after barely thirty seconds because of that sentence of his. And Eames was growing more hopeless as he watched all of Arthur change. His confidence was lacking in his work and that would beat him at some point.

The old Arthur did his work, and did a double check just to make sure. But the Arthur now did his work, checked. Then checked again to make sure he really hadn’t missed anything, and then in the middle of the night he would make a nervous fourth check before crawling back in bed with Eames, holding him tighter then he did before. His hands would shake slightly whenever he wasn’t scribbling something down in his notebook and his mind went blank whenever he had to talk to the others on the job to inform them. And he wouldn’t know until the evening what it was that he was supposed to say.

And now, when they were having a dinner over at Eames apartment to celebrate the success with the last job, Arthur was running around more nervous than ever. Even Cobb had commented that he was more edgy then usual and that he should sit down and be calm.

Poppy had run into the bedroom and under the bed, all of that just to escape from Yusuf’s constant attention and picking up. Eames told him that Poppy only allowed herself to get picked up by him, so that Yusuf should stop trying, but he hadn’t. After the obstacle Yusuf, Poppy had run into James and Phillipa. James quickly lost interest in the cat but Phillipa saw the cat as the perfect cat for a princess, James meanwhile had found interest in a box with car toys that Eames had as a child.

Ariadne was slowly but steadily getting tipsy from the drinks that Eames kept offering her and talked to Arthur about some secrets that Arthur really didn’t want to hear by the look on his face, having Yusuf join in later which didn’t exactly help him.

Cobb volunteered to help Eames cleaning the table while the others sat down to talk, except for James and Phillipa who were running around instead, knocking over all kinds of non-valuable stuff over.

‘’What’s with Arthur lately?’’ Cobb asked as he put two plates in the sink, taking of the silverware and put it back up on the counter, stealing a glance at Eames who came in the kitchen with more plates. Eames gave a shrug and did the same as Cobb, plates in the sink and silverware on the counter.

‘’I don’t know.’’ Eames said, turning so he could lean against the counter and crossed his arms. Cobb did the same in front of him and took his glass of scotch to drink from. ‘’He’s been all edgy with me to, so it’s not just around you guys.’’

Cobb nodded a little bit and drank of the scotch, then looked into his glass with the golden liquid before he looked to him. ‘’He’s not the same anymore.’’ Cobb stated, Eames sighed and nodded, then took his own glass of scotch to drink from it, then turned his head to see Arthur sitting in the couch, right between Yusuf and Ariadne, now with James in his lap and looked nervous, but he did the effort to sound interested. ‘’He’s scared, he’s constantly scared now.’’

Eames looked away from Arthur and looked to Cobb, who now once more sipped from his drink and looked to Arthur as well. ‘’Scared?’’

Cobb nodded and put the drink on the counter. ‘’Scared, he’s scared and sad, scared Arthur is always a sad Arthur. And careful to, that’s why he’s so nervous.’’ Cobb said and looked to Eames, who now crossed his arms over his chest.

‘’Why would he be scared?’’ Eames asked him then and raised his shoulders slightly. Cobb shrugged and looked back to Arthur, just as Eames did, right in time to see Arthur nod about something Ariadne had said and comment on it, still keeping James in his lap.

‘’You nearly died Eames.’’ Cobb said, sounding as if he was stating the obvious. ‘’I’ve never seen Arthur that beat down from something. I nearly submitted him to the psychiatric ward when you where in that coma Eames. He was constantly sitting right next to you, guarding you until you woke up. Yusuf had to trick various compounds into him to make him sleep and to make sure that his kidney’s wouldn’t take a beat from it. He didn’t drink and he didn’t sleep. You really did scare the life out of him.’’

Eames looked down, all of a sudden feeling guilty about it, he really didn’t want to put Arthur through all of that but he couldn’t think of anybody else at that moment. He hadn’t expected that Arthur would run to him like he had done. ‘’I didn’t mean to.’’

Cobb shook his head again and took his drink, walking past Eames. ‘’Nobody really means to Eames, but sometimes we just do.’’


Eames could feel how Arthur’s eyes were digging in his back as he threw another t-shirt into his bag, whistling some to himself. He could feel that Arthur wasn’t happy about him going to Italy on his own. Otherwise he would be doing his own work by Eames kitchen table, not standing in the doorway to scan his every move.

‘’Do you really have to go?’’ Arthur asked on a low tone, there it was. Eames closed his eyes, took a deep breath and then turned around with a smile, holding another shirt of his that Arthur hated, so he took the chances to wear it whenever they weren’t together.

‘’Of course, a job is a job isn’t it?’’ Eames said, then turned around again and packed the shirt down in his bag. He could literally feel Arthur’s eyes move of his back to the floor instead. ‘’I need to get away for a little bit, out of the country. Italy will do me good.’’

Arthur pushed himself away from the doorway and walked over to Eames, placing his arms around his waist and rested his body against Eames for a little while. ‘’Is it a dangerous job?’’

Eames looked up to the ceiling, not sure what to answer to that, Arthur’s hand was placed on the scar by his gut now. ‘’I don’t know.’’ He hummed as an answer, and he could already feel Arthur’s grip tightening around him. ‘’But, it’s a quick job, so I’ll be back soon. It’s a one level dream only, it’s literally in and out.’’

Arthur sighed heavily behind him, placing his forehead against Eames back and probably closed his eyes like he always did. ‘’Please be careful, I really don’t want you to get hurt again.’’ Arthur whispered.

Eames put his t-shirt in the bag, not caring about folding it or anything and turned around in Arthur’s grip, put his own arms around him and kissed him on top of his head. ‘’I won’t get hurt in any way, not even in the dream itself, don’t worry. I’ll be back within a week or two.’’

‘’How can you be fine and expect me to believe that!’’ Arthur snapped to him. ‘’I’m not the pointman, I don’t know anything about the job and you expect that just telling me you’ll be fine is going to calm me?’’ Arthur took a breath to calm himself, then looked back to him. ‘’You will be in Italy Eames, if something happens then I won’t be able to be with you within half an hour.’’

Eames placed both of his hands on Arthur’s shoulders and looked him right into his eyes. ‘’Nothing will happen. Nobody will have to come and get me within half an hour because I’m hurt, it will all be alright darling.’’ Eames said, Arthur remained silent, so he leaned closed to kiss him on his temple. ‘’You won’t have to worry.’’


‘’Yusuf?’’ Arthur said hopefully, but yet on a low tone and let his fingers play with the chord to the phone. Then cursed and stopped, wanting to slap his hand away. Damn Eames and damn him for not getting a portable phone instead. Arthur didn’t want to pick up the habit of playing with cords when he was nervous. Because he was nervous, he could feel it but he would never admit it.

It felt as if his heart was beating in his throat, as if his knees down where covered in ice and his fingers wouldn’t stop twitching, they needed something to do. And now when they couldn’t play with the phone cord anymore, they were tugging at the buttons of his shirt instead, and the hand that held the phone had its fingers tap it.

‘’Arthur?’’ The voice on the other end of the receiver was low as well, tired. Arthur immediately felt bad, he probably had woken Yusuf up. For once they were in the same time zone, the same city. Otherwise Arthur wouldn’t have called him, not to talk to him, not to beg to him. Arthur wouldn’t even consider calling another chemist, he didn’t trust any other chemist like he trusted Yusuf. ‘’It’s three am Arthur. This better be worth it.’’

Arthur chuckled, nervous fingers moving to tug at the t-shirt by his neck. ‘’I, I need your help with something Yusuf, something personal, please?’’ Arthur murmured, another heavy sigh from Yusuf and Arthur felt his courage sink. ‘’Please don’t hang up on me, really Yusuf I need your help I, I, can you come over here please? I’ll pay your cab, anything!’’

Yusuf was silent for some seconds, and then Arthur heard sheets ruffle around. ‘’Fine, but this better be worth it you hear me?’’ Arthur grinned when he heard that, nervous fingers now touching and stroking his own lips as if he was trying to soothe himself. ‘’I take it you want me to bring my stuff over?’’

Arthur bit on his lower lip, knowing he needed to answer that, what else would he have Yusuf come over for? ‘’Yeah. Please.’’ Arthur said, he would give him the reason why when he got here, he didn’t want Yusuf to think It over in the cab and then wind up going back to the hotel room, calling Arthur just to tell him he wouldn’t do it.

’I’ll see you when I see you.’’ Yusuf said, sounding grumpy and hung up. Arthur looked at the phone as he removed it from his ear, biting on his thumb nail before the realization came. He couldn’t pick up nail biting!

Arthur slammed the phone back and turned to the living room to find his tea. He had lost count of how many cups calming tea he had been drinking ever since the sun went down and he knew he had to sleep. Yet he couldn’t sleep since the stress of dreaming and Eames not being in bed was making it all worse, and Poppy wanting his attention instead of Eames’s didn’t help.

Thirty minutes later Arthur heard knocks on the door, knocking over the tea cup that he had in his lap. The porcelain broke on the floor, tea spreading on the wooden floor and soaked into the carpet. But Arthur paid no attention to that, he walked to the hallway and opened the door without even checking if it was Yusuf.

Yusuf looked like he literally had been pulled out of bed. He still wore the white pajama pants with light blue stripes that Arthur had given him as a Christmas gift last year. An old t-shirt and his hands shoved into the pockets of his jacket. Yusufs curls that otherwise stood out more than usual.

Yusuf to had to look at Arthur, not really believing in what he saw. Yusuf had always believed that Arthur would look decent, neat and presentable even at half past three in the morning. Not that he would wear a beat down pair of jogging pants that where way too big for his slim hips, Yusuf guessed that they belonged to Eames. Just as the t-shirt that Arthur was wearing with an obscene print that he couldn’t connect together with Arthur, the t-shirt also hung lightly over his shoulder revealing pale skin.

‘’What did you need me for?’’ Yusuf asked, just wanting to head back to his hotel room so he could catch the remaining hours of sleep before he had to get up again and head to work. Arthur stepped aside so Yusuf could enter, then he closed and locked the door behind him and walked to the living room.

Yusuf shook his head and followed Arthur, not caring to take of his shoes since Arthur had said nothing, and considering it was Eames apartment no damage would be done. When Yusuf got into the living room, he saw that Arthur had kneeled down in front of the table; picking up pieces of porcelain from the floor.

‘’Honestly Arthur, tell me what you need so I can go back. I’m tired it’s in the middle of the night and we should all be sleeping, not calling one another for nice little chit chats.’’ Yusuf said and spread his arms, hands still in the pockets of his jacket.

‘’Well, that’s kind of the thing.’’ Arthur said and put his hands in his lap, white pieces of porcelain in his grip. ‘’I can’t sleep, I haven’t been sleeping for days and when I do I dream nightmares.’’ Arthur said and quickly put the porcelain on the table and sat down on the couch so he could look at Yusuf.

‘’Nightmares? Arthur-‘’ Yusuf started but Arthur beat him to it with the talking, and Yusuf saw directly that he shouldn’t interrupt Arthur if he wanted to live.

‘’I don’t want to have nightmares every time I close my eyes, sure it’s great that I can dream naturally and all but I want It to be dreams and not nightmares. I don’t want the fear to keep me up every night because I really can’t sleep on my own. I’ll panic in an instant Yusuf and please. I just want to sleep, I don’t want Eames asking questions when he gets back from Italy please!’’ Arthur begged, even folding his fingers together and placed them against his mouth when he stopped talking.

Yusuf looked to Arthur, a man he thought would never sink this low, not even sink down to begging. He almost immediately felt a bit guilty for coming over, but at the same time, if he had known in which state that Arthur was in and he would have remained in his hotel room instead. Then he sighed heavily and pulled out one hand of his pocket, taking out the small glass vials as well and looked at them, reading the small notes on them. He had just taken a handful of what he guessed Arthur would need now, and one suspicion was correct.

‘’How long will Eames be in Italy?’’ Yusuf asked, rolling the glass vials over with one of his fingers ad looked to Arthur, who hadn’t moved ever since he stopped speaking. And it seemed like his entire body relaxed after Yusuf had said that.

‘’Just two more days, then he’s coming home.’’ Arthur said, lowering his hands again so he could speak more clearly, fingers nervously tapping his own skin.

‘’I don’t like this Arthur, and I only do this because I know you, it’s a first and a last time you get that?’’ Yusuf said then, watching Arthur nod a couple of times but he wasn’t sure if he was to be believed. ‘’This will help you sleep, you won’t dream, but don’t drink all of it now, save half for tomorrow and then when Eames is back, you’re on your own, you got it?’’

Arthur nodded again, Yusuf could see that the muscles in Arthur’s arms just wanted to reach for the see-through liquid and drink it all down. But the point man managed to keep the control over himself. Yusuf handed over one of the vials, having a bad feeling in his gut but decided to ignore it, knowing that he would hate himself at some point in the future. ‘’Only half Arthur, if you drink everything you might slip into a coma, I don’t want that on my consciousness.’’

Arthur looked to the vial in his hands, then closed his fingers over it and nodded before he stood up. ‘’Thank you Yusuf, really.’’ Arthur said, looking him in his eyes but he could see that Yusuf didn’t want to talk about it. ‘’I’m sorry I disturbed your night. I’ll pay for your cabs, my wallet is in the hallway.’’ Arthur said and slipped past him. Yusuf looked after him, then put his hands back in the pockets of his jacket and followed him to the hallway.


Hope you all liked it, thanks for reading ^^
Comments are appreciated to :3


ohhhh poor Artie >
Indeed, he doesn't have the luck here that he usually gets the poor boy :(
Thanks for reading!
:O! The suspense! Poor Arthur though! All the nightmares and getting so nervous =/ I really hope he follows Yusuf's directions :S
It isn't easy for Arthur right now, poor boy :( And for if he does follow Yusuf's advice, you'll just have to stick around for part 3 ;)
Thanks for reading!

You've updated! Can't wait to read more. I love this so much, the way you described them and how their personalities and the dynamics of their relationship. So adorable (I love fluff and angst like this.) Can't wait for more<333
Wooaa, first time ever I got a comment featuring a gif *_*

Glad you like it that much, really :3 The third part should be up within one or two days, so it'll be here soon :D
I usually comment with all GIFS but sometimes people get mad because it takes up a lot of space, I'll do it on the next fill of this ;D
Hahaha, Well I've never gotten one so I guess I'm still happy and exited about it all xD
And the next fill will be present tomorrow!
Oh man. I've been waiting for this since I finished the first chapter. And, um, continued going over the first chapter. You could say some anticipation's built up.

Poor Arthur... I just want to hug him.

Also, like Yusuf, I would be the person at the party chasing down the cat and trying to cuddle her... which is how I spend every gathering at the home of someone with a cat... *hangs head* But yeah, that little detail made me smile.

Now I just have to wait for Eames to come home from Italy...
Glad that you like it :3 And yes, It's poor Arthur, the boy doesn't have it easy in this fic, He has to suffer a little bit every now and then however, It's only healthy.

Also I'm happy to hear that the little detail about Yusuf chasing down Poppy made you smile. Just like you I'm the same, but with dogs instead.

And as far as Eames coming back home from Italy goes. You'll see in the next part which will be present tomorrow ;)