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JGL Manic 2

Trauma - 3/4

Title –  Trauma -3/4
Author – sid_vicious_03 
Rating –  NC17
Pairings – Eames/Arthur
Word count  This part 4 058, Whole thing 17, 253
Warnings –
Occasional swearword, angst,
Disclaimers – I don’t own Inception or any of the characters, sadly, but i do own the story.
Notes   Whole thing is finished, Beta'd by missa13 

Summary –
     Eames gets shot, twice and it's bad, it's not his usual I'll stand up and recover directly. Arthur gets to him in the nick of time and gets him to a hospital. Eames recovers, due Arthur's presentation. Both physically and emotionally. Arthur finds the latter one, a lot harder then he would have liked.


Cobb looked over his papers, stealing glances of Arthur every now and then before he looked down again, just to make sure that Arthur wouldn’t notice. Arthur had lost weight and Cobb didn’t like it; things had changed so much with Arthur in just three months and it made him uncomfortable. All signs pointed to something being wrong, seriously wrong with his point man. His skin was more pale, almost gray. He looked older and more tired. His hair was never fixed quite right, and his clothes didn’t have the look of careful dry cleaning.

Arthur would probably rather die than confess it to someone else. He probably hadn’t even talked to Eames about it. Cobb glanced over to the architect, Johannes. He was a good architect and did the job well, when he got started. A tad lazy, he always took longer lunch breaks then what was really needed.

Cobb’s next glance was to the clock on the wall, then back to Arthur, who was hunched over a file on his desk. Arthur then sat straight up, spun the chair around and push himself over to a second desk. Then Cobb looked back to Johannes, the blonde who was carefully adding lines to his sketches.

‘’Come on.’’ Cobb breathed and impatiently tapped his pen to his desk, keeping his eyes on Johannes waiting for him to leave. The job they were on required no forger, and the chemist was off for the day, so it was just the three of them.

Finally Johannes noticed the time, most likely instantly feeling hungry. Tossing his pen on the paper, he stood up, letting the chair roll back. ‘’I’m calling in for lunch guys. I’ll be getting pizza, so call me if you want anything.’’ And with that hint of Swedish accent, he left the office, slamming the door shut loudly behind him.

Cobb didn’t react to the sound; Arthur waved him off but didn’t spare him a single glance. Cobb looked to Arthur, watched him work for about sixty seconds before he stood up, closed his own file and walked over to him.

Arthur didn’t seem to notice Cobb’s approach; he kept working, but Cobb was sure that he had been noticed anyway. Arthur spoke, confirming his suspicion. “The mark always takes the train to work; it’s a ride of forty five minutes and she always sleeps then to catch up on the night’s sleep.’’

‘’That’s great.’’ Cobb said and pretended to look over Arthur’s shoulder to check on how he did his work, he often did that, always had and he probably always would. Cobb could feel the nervousness radiating from Arthur, and see the tenseness in his shoulders. He cleared his throat, which made Arthur start and look up at him.

‘’Something wrong?’’ He asked, voice calm and collected, but Cobb couldn’t help wondering how much of it was an act.

“Well, yes, actually,” Cobb said, crossing his arms over his chest and shifting so he could lean against the desk Arthur wasn’t using. Arthur carefully placed the file he’d been holding on the other desk, then swiveled around in the chair to face Cobb. Cobb usually preferred to be short and direct, but he wanted Arthur to talk to him, not shut down at the first question. “How have you been feeling lately?” he asked carefully, inwardly cringing as he watched Arthur frown in return.

‘’I’m fine, thank you.’’ Arthur said, leaned back in the chair with his legs crossed, arms quickly following suit. A protective move. Cobb had known Arthur long enough to recognize most of his tells when he tried to hide something. ‘’Well, I was a bit feverish some weeks ago, but that’s it.’’

Cobb shook his head. ‘’No, how have you been feeling, Arthur?’’ Cobb asked again. ”Mentally. Since Eames got shot.’’ Cobb spoke carefully, even if his words where rough. It seemed like those words were too much for Arthur, and since he turned around to open the file again.

‘’I’ve been fine, thank you for your concern. What happened… happened,’’ Arthur said and flipped the pages in the file, probably a lot harder than he had intended, and that just seemed to frustrate him more.

‘’Ariadne and I, we’ve been worried about you.’’ Cobb confessed then and uncrossed his arms, folding his hands together. ‘’We don’t want to see you miserable Arthur, and we can see that you are.’’ Arthur stopped flipping the pages, and then he looked over his shoulder to glance to Cobb.

‘’Did Yusuf tell you anything?’’ Arthur asked, feeling anger burn inside of him if the chemist had. He had trusted him with this, not considering that he might tell Cobb and Ariadne.

‘’What? No, he didn’t say anything, what does he have to do with it?’’ Cobb asked, confused, but also made a mental note to call Yusuf and force the information out of him if Arthur refused to tell him, which seemed to be likely since Arthur had gone back to looking at the papers.

‘’Arthur!’’ Cobb yelled out, sick of playing his games, digging for information that turned out to be useless. Arthur flinched, enough to knock the file off his desk, the papers spread on the floor around him.

‘’I… I.’’ Arthur didn’t manage to say more, he kept looking at the pile of papers on the floor, puddled like Eames’ blood had been, only white instead of red. He pushed his chair away and slid onto the floor, gathering the papers and by now he didn’t care if it was in the correct order.

‘’For fuck’s sake Arthur.’’ Cobb growled and got to the floor as well to gather the papers, not saying anything until they both reached for the last paper, neither letting go. ‘’Look at me.’’ He demanded in the tone he often used when James was misbehaving. It worked on Arthur just as well. He looked straight into Arthur’s brown eyes. ‘’How are you feeling?’’

Arthur looked down, staring blankly at the paper held between their hands. ‘’I dream at night again.’’ Arthur said, gave the paper another forceful tug. Cobb let go of it. ‘’I- they’re nightmares.’’ Arthur added and stacked the paper neatly with the others, doing his best to ignore Cobb’s stare.

‘’You have nightmares?’’ He questioned. Arthur nodded. ‘’Of what?’’ Cobb questioned, but Arthur just shrugged a bit as if he didn’t want to discuss the matter.

‘’Of when Eames got, you know, hurt.’’ Arthur said silently, freezing all of his movements and tensed the muscles in his back.

‘’Don’t tell me that Eames getting shot still lurks in your subconscious, and that’s why you’ve been refusing to go down under with us?’’ Cobb guessed, sounding a bit harsher then he really intended. Arthur shook his head.

‘’No.’’ Arthur said, making Cobb calmer in an instant. ‘’Just a shot Eames, not Eames getting shot.’’ Arthur added, Cobb directly felt his mood sink again.

‘’Arthur please, that’s not healthy. It’s been months and Eames is fine now. You have to get over it, it’s dangerous for you and the rest of us, and you know it!’’ Cobb said loudly, knowing full well just how hypocritical he sounded, but he had seen the consequences and didn’t want to do it twice.

‘’Do you think it’s fucking easy to forget and get over it? No, fuck you Dom! He was dying in my arms, you where the one running around with a projection of your suicidal wife. A projection that became a psychotic bitch who enjoyed torturing the living hell out of us, literally.’’ Arthur scolded back.

“Don’t bring me and Mal into this.’’ Cobb started. “We’re talking about you. About you and your fucking nightmare about Eames, about your fucking problem and your inability to get over it.’’ Cobb growled to Arthur who failed to stifle a sob as he looked away. He shifted on the floor and forgot about the papers, in favor of resting his arms his arms on his knees.

‘’I want to Dom, I really want to. But that sight, it’s much worse in reality. More, more gory when it happens, scary.’’ Arthur swallowed. ‘’Eames, if he had died, his death would have messy, just like he is. I haven’t seen such a nasty wound in a dream, not even in the army.’’ Tears started to gather in the corner of Arthur’s eyes.

‘’Eames had always been the strong one, the one saying it was just a scratch when it really wasn’t. I have never seen him deeply affected by any physical pain. But this time, he was screaming and writhing. Eames doesn’t do that. He would have laughed and thrown a bad joke about it, like all I had to do to make you run to me was to get shot? Really Arthur?’’ Arthur chuckled, with tears still running down his cheeks. Meanwhile Cobb shifted next to him, stroking his back slightly.

Then Arthur shook his head. ‘’I was just so scared Dom, I mean, what could I do? I always can do something, but then I couldn’t do a thing, nothing!’’ Arthur said and looked to him, then back to his hands, folding and unfolding his fingers to keep himself busy.

‘’And there was nothing that you could do besides what you did Arthur, you can’t know how to solve every problem. Sometimes things happen and you can’t do anything about it. But the big picture is that Eames is all right. He didn’t die and he is still with you, he isn’t going to leave.’’ Cobb said, moving his arm to rest on Arthur’s shoulders and feeling how tense he was.

Arthur nodded a bit, he really wanted to believe that but it was hard, everything in his mind said that it was impossible to believe, that it couldn’t be real. How could it be real that Eames wasn’t going to get hurt, when he couldn’t be there to check upon him.

‘’You need a break from work.’’ Cobb said, Arthur nodded slowly, a bit hesitant. ‘’I know you hate vacations, but you shouldn’t be working when you’re like this, especially not when you are having natural dreams again and especially not when they’re nightmares.’’ Cobb picked up the papers that had fallen to the floor and put them up on the desk, then looked back to Arthur.

‘’Just head home, don’t worry about the job, we’ll manage without you. Stay home and relax, spend some time with Eames when he gets back from his job. Where is he now?’’ Cobb asked, hoping that distracting Arthur from the accident and helping him focus on being together with Eames would help calm him.

‘’Bangkok, he’s in Thailand, the mark moved from Italy to Bangkok.’’ Arthur said and pressed his palm to the corner of his eyes to dry away the tears. ‘’It’s hot there now, he told me in a mail this morning. It’s 110 Fahrenheit there.’’ Arthur said and looked to the palms of his hands, seeing the wetness smeared on his skin.

‘’Well, they have good food in Thailand don’t they? And you know Eames, it’s all about the food when he’s in other countries, right? Think of all the Pad Thai he can make for when you come back, or Tom Kha Kai, ever eaten that?’’ Dom asked, giving Arthur’s shoulder a squeeze. Arthur chuckled a little bit and shook his head.

‘’No, I’ve never had that, or Pad Thai for that matter.’’ Arthur said and looked at Dom, smiling weakly which Dom took as a good sign, the muscles in Arthur’s neck and on his shoulders had finally relaxed.

‘’Pad Thai is noodles with egg, chopped peanuts and with either chicken, beef or fish, Tom Kha Kai is a spicy soup with coconut milk, chicken and something else in it, Mal ordered it all the time during our honeymoon.’’ Dom said and smiled weakly, he knew that giving Arthur small details about Mal always calmed him down a bit.

Arthur nodded a bit and looked back to his hands, folding them together to stop his restless movements. ‘’Pad Thai sounds nice.’’ Arthur said then on a low tone.

‘’It is, and I’m sure that Eames will be glad to make it for you when he comes back.’’ Cobb said and squeezed Arthur’s shoulder one more time before he stood up. ‘’Would you like me to call a cab for you?’’ He asked then, figuring that it probably wasn’t the best to let Arthur drive.


The shrill, godawful ringtone of his cell phone went off at the absolute worst moment possible. At least, that was Eames’ opinion, having just fallen asleep. The hotel room was far too hot, considering their air conditioning had broken and had yet to see a mechanic.

It had taken him a combination of several cold showers and sleeping on top of the sheets wearing only boxers. Quite a lot of effort to fall asleep. So when his phone disturbed him in the middle of the night he wasn’t happy. He searched for the vile device, growling curses and threats under his breath until he found it, softening the threats when he saw Arthur’s name on the display.

‘’Arthur, I do hope you realize that it is four in the bloody morning for me and not twelve in the afternoon like it bloody is for you.’’ Eames said quickly and rubbed his face as he walked back to the bed, sitting on the edge and looking out to the night view of Bangkok. It had been more active two hours ago, so he guessed that all the tourists and the kids gave up on going out and went to bed with whomever they had found.

‘’One.’’ Arthurs voice was small when he spoke, which caused Eames to quickly shake off the last bits of grogginess. When Arthur had that miserable small tone in his voice, something wasn’t right, simple as that.

‘’What?’’ Eames asked and forgot to sound careful. Well, he still was annoyed about the phone call, after all. He scrubbed a hand through his hair and let it rest on the back of his neck as he waited for Arthur to respond.

‘’It’s one in the afternoon, not twelve. Here in Los Angeles.’’ Arthur said, causing Eames to roll his eyes, he could care less now. It was still four in the morning for him and he needed his sleep or else he wouldn’t be able to focus at all.

‘’Well its four in the morning here, please make it important, I’m tired and it’s difficult to fall asleep here in the heat.’’ Eames said then, wondering if he should take another cold shower before going to bed so he could fall asleep more easily, or at least with less struggle.

It took Arthur a couple of seconds to even make a sound. But then he spoke up. ‘’I just needed to hear you, to really know that you were all right? I don’t trust the point man you are working with.’’ Arthur lamented, and Eames rolled his eyes at that comment, he had heard it several times already, and really couldn’t be arsed to care now.

‘’Well now you’ve heard me and I’m all right, I’m in my room and I was asleep, tomorrow it’s all work in the dreamscape on my level, so nothing serious.’’ Eames said, letting his hand fall from his neck to his lap and gazed out of the window to the cityscape of Bangkok again.

‘’Yeah. Okay.’’ Arthur fell silent again, Eames did the same and looked to the wooden floorboards beneath his feet. After thirty seconds of silence Eames decided to speak up, call it a night and somehow make Arthur hang up, but Arthur spoke first. ‘’Dom thought you might learn to make Pad Thai when you were there, would you make it for me when you get back?’’

Eames frowned a bit when Arthur asked that, hand moving to rub his chin, absentmindedly noticing that he would need to shave the next morning, provided he ever got back to sleep. He had only eaten Pad Thai, not learned to make it, but now it seemed like he would have to. ‘’Yeah, I guess.’’

‘’Dom told me what it was, and it seemed quite good, he also told me about a soup that Mal liked, but I forgot the name of it. It was spicy, and had coconut milk.’’ Arthur said and laughed weakly, and somehow Eames imagined him playing with the cord of the phone, though the image didn’t suit him. Arthur always slapped Eames’ hand away if he did it.

‘’Oh did he now?’’ Eames said, a yawn coming up after. He swung his feet off the floor and onto the bed, then he shifted so he could lay down, resting his head on the pillow. And he would make sure that they fixed his air-conditioning the next day, or he would literally die from the heat.

Arthur rambled on about the food that Eames had learned about in various countries, some that he had cooked and some that he hadn’t, until Eames cut him off. “Listen Arthur, why are you calling me when you know I should be sleeping?’’ Eames said, annoyed, and rubbed his hand across his face. He let his hand remain on his eyes, sighing a bit since he didn’t have the energy for all of this.

Arthur remained silent for a while, making Eames wonder if Arthur even would reply to his question, or if he would start another subject on food. ‘’I just.’’ Arthur started, and Eames could hear that Arthur had difficulties with saying those two words only.

‘’I just wanted to talk to you for a little while, I miss you, I want you back home.’’ Arthur said, and Eames could now also hear that Arthur was holding back his own tears again which made Eames sit up and get out of the bed. Moving over to the desk and start his laptop.

‘’I can’t be alone, I need to be with you just to hold you, to see you and know that you’re sleeping next to me. I need to know that you’re there. I can’t stand you being on the other side of the globe, Eames. I need your bullying, your darlings, your horrible way of delaying us both in the morning.’’ Arthur whimpered then, and by the time he had finished his ramblings, Eames had logged into his computer and become mesmerized by the background picture.

It was one of the first pictures that Eames had taken of them both together. It had been a cold winter and to prevent Arthur from working over the holidays, Eames had arranged a vacation for them both in a cottage in Canada. The picture itself was the two of them; Eames had run up behind Arthur and put one arm around his neck to pull him closer. Arthur had laughed and put both of his gloved hands on Eames arm and leaned into his chest, still laughing when Eames kissed him on his cheek and snapped the picture of them both. Arthur had the most adorable blush on his cheeks ever and the snowflakes had gotten stuck in his hair and on his red scarf.

‘’Eames? Are you there?’’ Arthur asked on a soft tone which woke Eames up from his little daydream. He shook his head lightly and even closed his eyes for a couple of seconds. He couldn’t believe that one picture could make him that distracted. He missed the time when they were like that, happy, independent and dependent on the same time. Now Arthur was just dependent, too dependent.

‘’Yeah, yes I’m here, sorry.’’ Eames said and started his internet browser, directly heading for bookmarks where he had all of his airlines saved and found the airline he used when he was in Asia. He knew that no matter how hard he tried, he couldn’t be back in Los Angeles soon enough.

‘’Just come back home please. Tell them to find another forger. Tell them Poppy got sick or something, I don’t know, just come back.’’ Arthur said, sounding more unnerved for every word that he spoke, making Eames more stressed with finding a flight ticket.

‘’Darling, I’ll try. But you have to understand, a flight back to Los Angeles is going to take at least seventeen hours, I can’t be with you right away,’’ Eames said, heart sinking as he realized that there only was one flight leaving each day.

‘’I know it’ll take that long, and I’ll wait that but, I can’t handle you being longer in Thailand.’’ Arthur said, on an almost nonexistent tone that even Eames had to struggle to hear it.

‘’I’ll get back as soon as I can. I promise that darling.’’ Eames whispered to him then, he would have to hurry if he wanted to catch the first flight to Los Angeles. ‘’Just, promise me not to do anything, okay darling?’’ He asked on a soft tone and closed his eyes.


With some struggles and twenty four hours behind him, Eames finally reached the apartment. It had been hard to even get to the airport in the first place, and once there he still had to get a ticket on a flight that seemed to be fully booked. But he got the ticket and ended up sitting between two families with kids who tried to disturb every second of sleep he could get between the turbulence and his anxiety about Arthur.

Once in Los Angeles, the process of getting out of the airport, finding his own bag that during a couple of seconds was threatened to have gotten lost during the flight. Getting a taxi to the apartment wasn’t too terrible, but his body wanted to shut down as soon as he grew still. But he couldn’t allow himself to sleep yet.

He threw some bills to the taxi driver, not caring how big the tip was. Eames took his bag and threw it out over his shoulder while he walked towards the building. He didn’t even grunt a greeting to the man working at the desk, which was unusual. Eames stabbed the button for the elevator several times, as if it would make it come down quicker.

And he did the same when he entered the elevator to get up on the third floor, nearly running to the apartment as soon as the metallic doors slid open. He gave it a couple of knocks, since he always refused to bring his keys on jobs, in case something happened.

The door opened rather quickly, and then Arthur’s arms were around his neck, giving him a nearly bone crushing hug. Eames circled his arms around Arthur’s waist and pulled him closer. He could feel the muscles in Arthur’s back twitching from the tension, how his shoulders shook lightly as he started crying against Eames.

‘’Shh darling, it’s okay, I’m here.’’ Eames said, moving one hand up to Arthur’s hair and tried his best to soothe the other man. Then Arthur leaned back just enough to kiss Eames, placing both hands on his cheeks.

‘’I missed you.’’ Arthur murmured and placed his forehead against Eames’, eyes slipping closed as he whispering the same three words over and over. Just like Eames had to repeat over and over to Arthur that he was there, and that Arthur wasn’t alone any longer.


Hope you all liked it and thanks for reading! Comments are always appreciated :)


Omg, you've updated!!

I was waiting patiently, staring at my laptop like:

Then I saw it was up and got all comfy:

Oh my god, poor Arthur. Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, much? Poor little darling.

Then when they meet up again:

AHHHH Can't wait for more! I love this and you for this fic!! <333

Me waiting for more:
Words do not describe how much i enjoy that comment. And omg, that dog, it's hypnotizing. I could stare at it forever...

Glad that you like the fic, the last part should be up in a couple of days, again. Then It's all over with that series, sadly and very unfortunately.
That is a hypnotizing comment... O_O

And I keep trying not to think about him imagining Eames's lips xD

Anyway~ Can't wait for the last segment! *read it all in one day*
God I want to see a happy Arthur again x_X
I know right? O.o
And The last past will be up today or tomorrow, there has been some delay on my behalf, which I'm terribly sorry for.

And as far as happy Arthur goes, that remains to be seen ;)
It's alright, life happens, so I waited patiently~ ^w^
dying to read the last part!
It'll be there soon :D

Urgh, couldn't be online properly for a couple of nights, coming back to the comm to find this made me very happy. Oh, *boys*!
Glad that it was found at a good moment then :)
There should be more to be found tonight or tomorrow as well :)