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JGL Manic 2

Trauma - 4/4

Title –  Trauma -4/4
Author – sid_vicious_03 
Rating –  NC17
Pairings – Eames/Arthur
Word count  This part 4 845, Whole thing 17, 253
Warnings –
Occasional swearword, angst,
Disclaimers – I don’t own Inception or any of the characters, sadly, but i do own the story.
Notes   Hope you all enjoyed it, this is the end of the ride!

Summary –
     Eames gets shot, twice and it's bad, it's not his usual I'll stand up and recover directly. Arthur gets to him in the nick of time and gets him to a hospital. Eames recovers, due Arthur's presentation. Both physically and emotionally. Arthur finds the latter one, a lot harder then he would have liked.


‘’How did you manage to put him down under?’’ Cobb asked and watched Eames, who had the sleeping Arthur’s head in his lap, stroking the black hair with its once perfect position on his skull. Eames looked up from Arthur to Cobb, then raised his shoulders before he gazed back to Arthur.

‘’I had to stay awake until he fell asleep, then once he did I wired him onto the pasiv, he’s been under for about an hour now.’’ Eames said, feeling really guilty about the matter but what else could he have done. Once inside the apartment he had difficulties to believe that it actually was his. The place was a mess and there where pieces of glass everywhere from shattered glasses. Arthur had several small cut by his feet because of it all, he had lost several pounds and Eames was terrified to find out the exact number of his weight loss. He hadn’t eaten anything in days even if he had food in the fridge.

‘’We can’t let him stay under there forever, he’ll learn eventually that he’s dreaming, just because he has started to dream nightmares now and natural dreams doesn’t mean he’ll forget about his knowledge in dreams.’’ Yusuf stated then. ‘’For all sake he could be in that nightmare now, we would only be making it worse by keeping him hooked up to the pasiv.’’

Eames shook his head, once more tearing his gaze away from the sleeping Arthur and looked to Yusuf. ‘’He’s not having the nightmare now Yusuf, we would know when he would be having the nightmare, trust me on that one.’’ Eames stated, Cobb folded his fingers together and placed them against his lips and looked to Arthur.

‘’Honestly, I don’t know how this managed to happen to him.’’ Cobb then said and looked to the others. ‘’Arthur for Christ’s sake! Nothing like this happens to him.’’ Cobb added and leaned back in the armchair, hand still in front of his mouth and looked to Arthur again.

‘’He watches this happen to others and he fixes them, he never lets it happen to himself, he’s strong enough to avoid that.’’ Cobb spoke again, then looked down.

‘’Look, we can’t keep talking about that he wouldn’t allow this to happen to himself, because well, look at him! He let it happen!’’ Eames said, sounding angered now, then shook his head and looked back to Arthur, stroking the same black hair straw away from his eyes that always had a tendency to fall back. ‘’Now we have to fix him.’’

Just as Eames had finished the sentence Arthur murmured, shifting from his side to his back and moved his hand to lay it by his head, making him look as if he had fallen back. His other arm, the one with the pasiv needle in his wrist slid a bit of the couch, but remained there.

‘’How are we going to fix him?’’ Yusuf asked on a low tone, not wanting to discourage Eames, but he didn’t see it possible in many ways. ‘’He still thinks you’ll get shot as soon as you leave the room he’s in, we can’t fix all of that.’’


Arthur had always hated that his dreams where filled with projections, he had always seen dreams as a way of getting away for a little while, a form of escapism. But if he would have his projections and subconscious running around, then they would start talking to him. His subconscious was surprisingly talk active, and loved to tell him what to do all the time so Arthur always did his best to avoid them.

After all, to him they only where a bunch of fancy dressed people who thought far too highly over themselves then he liked. He didn’t want to think he was better than others, but seemingly he did. When he was in his favorite dream, he would always cramp all of subconscious away in a tiny little restaurant, and he would walk around in his favorite world alone.

He would always be on the beach, the same beach he had walked, played and run on when he was nine. It had always comforted him, the sand was white and the water was blue, even more blue then the sky. The water was clear and one could see the fishes swim around in it. And Arthur would always take of his shoes and tuck his socks away in them, carrying them around by the laces as he walked by the water, but carefully remained on the sand so his trousers wouldn’t get wet.

‘’Not as good as the real deal.’’ Arthur sighed and looked down, just in time to see his toes disappear in the sand for his next step. He knew it wasn’t real, it was a dream and about as much as a dream could get. Because even if the sun was shining, it wasn’t warm.

Arthur looked up to the sky, eyes squinting a bit because of the sun, he even moved up his hand to his forehead to give himself some shadow. What more was, he could occasionally hear mumbling, words. So people where speaking around him, but he didn’t hear enough to make out exactly who was talking and about what they were talking about.

It bothered him since he had no idea about anything, he didn’t even know how he had gotten into this to begin with. It had taken him three to four hours in the dream world to realize that it wasn’t a normal dream, he was hooked up by the pasiv. And he had no idea who was with him when he went down under.


Eames constantly let his gaze shift between Cobb and Yusuf, who seemed to get deeper into an argument about what to do with Arthur. Ever sentence was said harsher to one another, each word getting more vicious.

It was all Eames heard, getting more tired and more annoyed by them for the second. And if that wasn’t hard enough, his phone started ringing which Yusuf and Cobb ignored to continue their argument. Casting one quick glance to the display of his phone on the table was enough for Eames to decide he wasn’t going to pick up.

So he straightened his back and turned around to grab the pillow that was supporting his back, then carefully lifted Arthur’s head so he could slide away from him and put the pillow under his head for support. Then he slid to the floor to sit down next to the Pasiv and took out another needle.

‘’Eames, what are you doing?’’ Cobb asked and shifted to the end of his seat, Yusuf’s jaw dropped slightly, looking confused at Eames who was rolling up the sleeve to his shirt.

‘’I am going to do what you two just keep talking about.’’ Eames said and put the needle in his lap, looking up to the others while he gave his wrist a quick swipe with the disinfection and tossed the piece of clothing away and looked down to his wrist. ‘’I’m going to fix it.’’

And with that, Eames had pushed the needle under his skin, before Cobb or Yusuf could stop him. Muscles relaxing which made his body slump together, head falling forward until his chin rested on his chest.

‘’Fuck.’’ Was all Yusuf could say and brought his hand up to his mouth, Cobb could only nod to agree.


Eames hadn’t expected that Arthur would be the one dreaming up a holiday resort as a dream. But then he realized that he probably had been here once. When Arthur dreamt on his own he always had to jeopardize his sanity, just because he didn’t have much imagination when it came to things like this, so he always had to dream of some place he had always been.

But then again, when would Arthur ever find the time to go to a tourist resort? He was always working, he really wouldn’t find the time to go on a vacation, they hadn’t been on a single one since the vacation in Canada, yet Eames had dropped the suggestion once a month to the very least.

Eames looked over his shoulders to get a good look around himself. Seeing that all of Arthur’s projections where cramped into a restaurant, happily chatting on and on to one another. He smiled weakly, typically Arthur, who else would do that. But he decided against the simple fact of asking them where Arthur was. They would all give him an answer and not to mention probably follow him to, he didn’t like that idea and he was sure Arthur wouldn’t like it either.

First Eames walked through the entire village, trying to think like Arthur but he found it a lot harder then it seemed, Arthur had always been a difficult for him to forge or even act like. The inability to say certain words proved that. In the end Eames walked by a beach, And there Arthur was, looking out over the water and held his shoelaces in his hand, shoes dangling by his knees.

Eames walked out onto the sand, wanting to run towards Arthur but he didn’t want to startle him, specially now when he looked so relaxed. Just when Arthur looked down and kicked away some sand, Eames arrived right next to him.

‘’Hey.’’ Eames said, speaking carefully and moved his hand to stroke Arthur’s back lightly with some fingers. Arthur didn’t flinch, nor did he tense or even look at Eames, he just looked out over the water again.

‘’Hey.’’ He said, sounding weak even if he looked a lot better here. Eames bit on his lower lip and stepped next to Arthur, still letting his hand remain on Arthur’s back.

‘’How are you feeling?’’ Eames asked, hoping that Arthur wouldn’t struggle too much against him, he didn’t want to argue against him to. Arthur just smiled and shook his head, looked shortly to Eames and then back out over the water, shifting the shoelaces over to his other hand.

‘’Who else is home? Who else is keeping me asleep?’’ Arthur asked, stroked some hair out of his face and then looked back to Eames, who felt more guilt creep inside of him by the second.

‘’I called over Cobb and Yusuf, they aren’t doing anything though, they just argue with one another.’’ Eames said and looked out over the water. ‘’This is a nice place, where is it?’’

Arthur raised his shoulders a bit and hugged himself now, making the shoe’s hit Eames him on his hip, but none of them paid attention to it. ‘’Don’t directly assume I can’t dream things up with my creativity Eames.’’ Arthur hummed, but then smiled weakly. ‘’It’s Greece, I came here once as a kid with my parents, can’t remember what this place is called though.’’

Eames nodded a bit, then kissed Arthur on his cheek, moving his hand up Arthur’s back and into his hair again. ‘’How are you feeling?’’ Stroking the straws of Arthur’s hair lightly and kept a small smile on his lips. Arthur shrugged.

‘’Sane, I guess.’’ Arthur murmured, but really didn’t know what he could say to him. ‘’I don’t know really.’’ Arthur added and laughed some, actually smiling. ‘’I don’t know anything anymore. There isn’t much I can say really, you probably know more about all of this matter then I do. Because that’s what you are talking about up there right? About me, and what to do about me. Right? I’m not stupid Eames.’’

Eames smiled a bit to Arthur and sneaked behind him, putting both of his arms around Arthur’s waist and pulled him closer. ‘’I wouldn’t know now would I? I’m here with you now.’’ Eames said, placing his chin on Arthur’s shoulder. Arthur sighed a bit and leaned in to Eames.

‘’And how can I know you are the real Eames, not just some projection of my head that wants me here and escaped that restaurant?’’ Arthur asked and looked to Eames who just raised one shoulder and kept his gaze on the water.

‘’I would say that I am the real one, but that’s all up to you to believe, I’m Eames, nothing else.’’ Eames said, smiled innocently and looked to Arthur once more.


‘’How long are we going to let them stay down under?’’ Yusuf asked, lifting Eames head lightly with his fingers by his cheek, then put it back the way it was before and looked to Cobb, who just raised his shoulders a bit.

‘’I don’t know, I don’t know how much time they’ll need down there.’’ Cobb answered annoyed and waved his hand to the sleeping Arthur and Eames. ‘’How the hell are we supposed to know when those two have fixed what they need.’’ He growled then under his breath, closed his eyes and tilted his head back.

Yusuf looked to him, then to Arthur before carefully placing his arm back into the couch. Then he sat down on the floor and watched the two of them, not saying a word until Cobb spoke up. ‘’How much time is there left of what Eames put in?’’ Cobb asked tiredly and looked back to Yusuf, who just leaned over the pasiv.

‘’A little bit more then forty minutes, so they still have a lot of time left in the dream world.’’ Yusuf said, Cobb nodded. ‘’Let’s just hope they like what they find down there.’’ Yusuf said with a heavy sigh. Cobb nodded again, then got up from the armchair.

‘’I’m getting some coffee, we might as well wait this out. Do you want some?’’ Cobb asked, but directly walked to the kitchen so Yusuf had to speak up to make himself heard.

‘’Yeah sure.’’ Yusuf sighed and leaned his head into his hand, elbow resting on his knee, then he looked to Eames again. ‘’You better fix this man, because we have no idea how and we are not following you two down there, it’s your responsibility really.’’


‘’So… you are saying that, just because it happened once, doesn’t mean it can happen twice?’’ Arthur asked and turned around so he could look at Eames, he had paused to roll up the sleeves to his trousers earlier so he could walk in the water. Eames never did that, mostly since the water had rushed up to him earlier at one point, so his pants where wet anyway.

Eames nodded and put his hands in his pockets to his jeans and kept walking, just as Arthur did but walked backwards. ‘’Exactly.’’ He said then and smirked to Arthur. ‘’It isn’t a charm to make it repeat itself.’’

Arthur chuckled and shook his head, then turned around and threw his shoes over his back, still holding the laces and kept walking in the blue water. ‘’But it could happen again. You could get shot again, and you could die this time, right?’’ Arthur asked.

‘’I could get shot again, yes I know, but at the same time I could never get shot again and you know that.’’ Eames said and smiled some to Arthur, who shrugged a bit.

‘’Really, even I know that. But how can I be sure that you won’t get shot again, because even you can’t promise me that right?’’ Arthur said simply and stopped walking, looked down and then bent down to pick up a shell from n the water.

‘’How can you be sure I won’t get shot with you around?’’ Eames countered with and now caught up with Arthur. ‘’That’s a nice shell.’’ Eames pointed out and looked to Arthur who had picked up the habit of stroking the shell with his finger.

‘’It is isn’t it?’’ Arthur murmured. ‘’I wasn’t allowed to bring it back to America from my dad.’’ Arthur added simply and tossed the shell back into the water as if it had no worth to him at all, even if it obviously did. ‘’If you constantly where around me, then I would be able to prevent you getting shot.’’ Arthur smirked to Eames and then started walking again.

‘’You wouldn’t be able to protect me from a sniper darling.’’ Eames said then, shrugging lightly. ‘’Or if I start messing around in your dream, your projections would come after me pretty quickly you know? I have a lot more imagination then you do.’’

‘’I would be able to.’’ Arthur stated, tone of his voice changing and the water by the beach fell still, no more waves coming in. Arthur turned around and looked to Eames. ‘’I would, really I would.’’

Eames closed his eyes, smiled weakly and shook his head. Then he looked back to Arthur. ‘’No Arthur, you wouldn’t, you would have to kill me before that, and you don’t want to do that Arthur, you can’t fool me.’’

Arthur shrugged and looked over the water, but never moved away from Eames. ‘’I don’t want you to get hurt, at all, in any way, and I’ll do anything in my life to prevent that.’’ Arthur said on a low tone, after some words looking back to Eames, right into his eyes. Eames smiled weakly and moved his hand to Arthur’s cheek, stroking the skin before he leaned in closer, just to give Arthur a light kiss on his lips.

‘’I’ll show you Arthur, you can’t prevent me from getting hurt for all eternity.’’ Eames said and let go of Arthur’s cheek, turned around and started walking back onto the sand. ‘’Let’s continue on the Greek theme just for the hell of it right?’’ Eames said, turned around and just like Arthur earlier had done, walked backwards in the sand.

‘’Eames, what are you doing?’’ Arthur asked and watched Eames walk away, but Eames brutally ignored his question. ‘’Eames!’’ Arthur yelled when he got no reaction and followed him. The next second there where statues of Greek gods coming up from the sand.

‘’Eames stop it!’’ Arthur yelled out, dropping his shoes into the sand and ran after him, which Eames noticed and started running as well. Buildings, statues, plants, trees, small rivers and other countless things that Arthur hadn’t thought of.

‘’You can’t stop it Arthur and you know it!’’ Eames yelled back and jumped over a river, the thought striking him of how long it would take for Arthur’s projections to break out of the restaurant and find him. They would find him directly, it was just getting out of the restaurant that would be a bother.

‘’For fucks sake, stop it! You’re going to get yourself killed!’’ Arthur shouted, finally catching up with Eames and jumped on his back, the sudden shift of weight making Eames fall face forward into the sand with Arthur on his back. ‘’Stop it!’’

Eames just started laughing from it and pushed himself up from the sand, Arthur still on his back and struggled to get away from under him. The creations came slower now, when he had Arthur clinging at his body just to keep him pressed down in the sand. Eames might be the stronger one, but Arthur was without a doubt the more flexible one. Just when Eames thought he knew where he had Arthur pinned down, he was proven wrong.

‘’Stop creating!’’ Arthur had managed to shift the two of them so Eames was laying on his back in the sand and Arthur straddled him, grabbing a hold of Eames wrists and pinned them above his head. Both of them breathed heavily from the struggle, currently exhausted and Eames could see that Arthur was close to tears. ‘’Please, just stop it.’’ Arthur begged, Eames stopped creating for now, it would be enough to send the projections after him, he had created the freaking garden of eve on the beach.

Arthur closed the last space between them and kissed Eames. Eames wasn’t late on returning it, wanting to keep it going, move his hands into his hair and keep their bodies close to one another, kiss him and stroke his skin.

But Arthur got torn away from him, just as Eames felt several hands grab his arms and drag him away, he closed his eyes. So there they were. Arthur was already screaming and kicking to get away from them, trying to command his subconscious to get away from Eames.

Just when Eames opened his eyes, he heard Arthur scream his most hysterical no and he saw a spoon come down for his gut. Which made him close his eyes again and think that it was going to be a very painful process.


Yusuf nearly dropped his coffee cup when Eames suddenly gasped as he woke up, arching his back and pushing him away from the couch. The first thing Eames did was tug the needle out of his wrist in a way that could damage his veins. ‘’Jesus Eames! What did you do!?’’ Cobb questioned directly and put his coffee on the table.

Eames twisted his body and turned to check on Arthur. ‘’I got myself killed in front of Arthur with a spoon.’’ He answered feverishly, fully aware that Arthur would know wake up any given moment, there was no way he was going to remain in the dream now. But he never would build up anything to kill himself with, no, he’d have to find a place to jump off from.

‘’A spoon?!’’ Yusuf questioned Eames. ‘’Christ Eames are you trying to make it all worse?’’ Yusuf said and let his hand move through his hair. ‘’He’s so going to end up at the psychiatric ward for this.’’ Yusuf murmured to himself.

‘’Shut up!’’ Eames said loudly to Yusuf then looked back to Arthur and placed both of his hands on his cheeks. He himself was unnerved about the matter, he had died in dreams in many different ways, but this one was going up to the top three, and he didn’t doubt the fact that it freaked Arthur out to. He had never once, in his entire career as a forger gotten his stomach torn open with the help of a spoon and gotten his organs torn out, while he still lived.

Barely seconds after that Arthur gasped as well and just like Eames arched his back when he woke up, hands directly move to Eames arms. His eyes started to water in just a second and when he found Eames eyes he looked furious.

‘’Don’t ever do that again!’’ He shouted directly, sounding both loud and mad which made Yusuf flinch back in his eat. Cobb just turned pale. ‘’Don’t ever play with me like that! You hear me! Are you freaking insane?! Don’t ever kill yourself like that again!’’

Eames didn’t listen to what Arthur said, he just hushed Arthur, and he kept up with the hushing sound until Arthur had stopped twisting in the couch and had fallen silent. Just listening to Eames hushing, occasionally whimpering and had tears leave his eyes.

‘’You can’t prevent me from getting hurt ever again Arthur, that’s impossible. I will get hurt again at some point in my life, I will bleed again, either if it is just a scratch or something worth stitches.’’ Eames said, keeping his gaze in Arthur’s eyes, and Arthur just whimpered in return. ‘’And you are allowed to worry, it’s only natural. But you can’t let it get into your way of living a healthy life and you can’t lock me up.’’

Eames could feel how Arthur swallowed, he could feel how Cobb wanted to move in the armchair behind him and he could feel how Yusuf just wanted to remove the needle out of Arthur’s arm and safely tuck the Pasiv away somewhere.

‘’Okey?’’ Eames asked Arthur, shaking him lightly so he really would understand the meaning of his words. Arthur whimpered lightly when he did that, but quickly nodded a few times. Eames just looked at Arthur, then kissed him on his temple before he let go of him and sank down the floor.

It took Arthur some seconds before he shifted as well in the couch, sitting up and carefully putting his feet on the floor, then he looked to his arm where the needle was still I, carefully removing it.

Be rubbed his arm a bit, applying pressure on the wound. ‘’I...’’ Arthur started with and looked down, trying to avoid the others eyes and gaze. ‘’I’m just going to clean myself up.’’ Arthur said and got up, directly heading for the bathroom and unlike earlier, walked as if he really felt the cuts on his feet.

Cobb looked after Arthur, and when he heard the door close he looked back to Eames. ‘’I really do hope you know what you did Eames.’’ Cobb said and rubbed his chin. Yusuf looked as if he didn’t know where anything was heading this moment, and frankly, neither did Eames.

‘’I really hope that to Cobb, I really do.’’ Eames murmured under his breath and let his hand flow through his hair. None of them moved until Yusuf slid of the couch and started packing the Pasiv together.


‘’Wake up asshole.’’

Eames couldn’t help but smirk when he heard those simple words. He shifted just an inch in bed and moved his arms under his pillow, crawling back under the sheet a little bit and murmured something. But he remained in bed, hugging the pillow. That was so to say, until he felt the other pillow of the bed slam into the back of his head, and with the force that it came down, it hurt really bad. Making Eames groan and put his hand on his head.

‘’I said wake up.’’ And with that he felt how the other figure shifted in the bed, until he finally left it. Eames yawned and rolled onto his stomach, then stretched out. In less than a minute Eames had pulled on his shirt and a pair of pants, sneaking out to the kitchen and kissed Arthur on his cheek before he slid past him and opened the fridge.

‘’You where snoring again.’’ Arthur stated, taking another bite of his toast again after words. Eames chuckled and took out the milk from the fridge.

‘’You shouldn’t have let me finish that bottle of wine yesterday.’’ Eames stated and looked over his shoulder to look at Arthur, smiling weakly and specially when he saw the sight of him. A t-shirt of Eames that Arthur always loathed, except for the mornings, glasses on his nose, morning paper in his hand and toast in the other.

He had gained some weight the last two months and now he was almost back to normal, he still had to gain about 7 pounds to be back to normal again, but at least he didn’t look sick any more.

‘’You could have saved it.’’ Arthur stated simply. Eames chuckled and passed by Arthur again. Taking a green apple from the fruit bowl and kissed him on his cheek again.

‘’And let a fine wine go to waste?’’ Eames said simply, taking a bite of the apple as he got back into the bedroom. He heard Arthur chuckle softy, and with that Eames started working on his bag.

Twenty minutes later the bag was standing in the hallway, Eames was freshly showered from an extremely short cold shower and nicely dressed, pulling on his coat while Arthur watched him. ‘’How long will you be away?’’ Arthur asked, crossing his arms over his chest as he leaned against the wall.

‘’About a week, maybe to, I’ll call you when I know I’ll head back.’’ Eames said and corrected his collar, then he glanced to Arthur before flashing his smile. Arthur smiled back, but much weaker then Eames did, and Eames could see in Arthur’s eyes that he was dying to know where Eames was going to go for work.

Poppy whined and walked into the hallway, Arthur bending down and picked her up before she reached Eames and held her by his chest. ‘’I have to go now.’’ Eames stated after he put his scarf around his neck and looked into the mirror again, but only for a short second. He leaned over to Arthur and gave him a kiss on his lips, then gave Poppy a kiss on her head.

‘’Bye my darlings, see you when I’m back.’’ Eames smirked and picked up the bag, then walked over to the door and pulled it open.

‘’Eames?’’ Arthur said and took a step forward, Eames stopped and looked over his shoulder. ‘’I love you.’’ He said then and smiled weakly. Eames smirked as well.

‘’I love you to darling.’’ And with that Eames had stepped out to the hallway and closed the door, leaving Arthur alone with confidence, he would handle it on his own, he wouldn’t panic and he would eat, just like he would sleep. But Arthur just stared to the door.

‘’Be careful.’’ Arthur whispered to the closed door. ‘’Don’t get hurt.’’


So, this is the end of the ride, hope you all enjoyed it, despite the fact that Arthur didn't :) The fact that the last part came so late out is totally my fault. And I apologize for it, hope you aren't mad with me!
Comments are very appreciated as always to, but no must.


That was a beautiful story.
Glad that you liked it, despite it's depressing nature. Thanks for reading it all from beginning to end and thanks for commenting as well. Hope you really liked it :)
Aw -tears- This lovely! I love how you wrote this and how you described them. <33
Really happy to hear that you liked the story & how they were written :)
Thanks for sticking with the story from beginning to an end!
sadly this has to end =(
Yes, it has to end at some point eventually, even if we don't like it. I'm very happy that you stuck to it from beginning to an end however, thanks for reading it all!
Baw! At first, I was like 'Poor Arthur!', and then I was like 'Eep! Poor Eames!', and then 'Poor Arthur!' again. And then the end came, and I was all 'Aww, teh cute!', because so adorable! And then I became incoherent and started typing.
Hahaha, that's definitely the most interesting comment I've gotten so far during the whole series. Glad that you seemed to like it however and I'm very happy that you stuck with it until it's ending :)
Lovely story. poor Arthur though! =/
Yeah, Arthur didn't have it easy in this one, the poor boy :(
Glad that you liked it however and thanks a lot for reading, commenting and sticking with it to the end :)
Aww~ That was sweet~

He was killed with a spoon... That's a painful way to go... X_X

Glad that it worked to get Arthur feeling better though! I'd be sad if it didn't!
Glad that you liked it and thanks for reading it all through :3
And I'm pretty sure Eames would be pretty bummed as well if it didn't work, getting killed by a spoon, having difficulties imagining anything more painful.
Mmm... I'm cruel, I could come up with more painful ways to go, but that would take a VERY long time for him to die. X_X
Of course, there are more painful, slower deaths to go, to bad Eames couldn't stick around long enough for a slow one :P

But there is like, the possibility of getting killed through papercuts, which as ridicules as it sounds, actually is possible.
haha, that's true. It's hard to die from a paper cut, but fully possible~