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JGL Manic 2

Just love me - Part 1

Title –  Just love me - Part 1
Author – sid_vicious_03 
Rating –  NC17
Pairings – Eames/Arthur, Arthur/OC
Word count  3034
Warnings –
Cursing, sex, extreme abuse, violation of human rights, etc
Disclaimers – I don’t own Inception or any of the characters, sadly, but i do own the story.
Notes   Are at the fic-

Summary –
     Arthur is in an abusive relationship. But he doesn't mind, he loves Tobin and he knows that Tobin loves him. Despite his... issues. Arthur does his best to live after Tobin's rules and way of life. But sometimes life happens, sometimes Eames and Fluff happens.


At least the raining stopped.

That was the first and probably only positive thought that would go through Arthur’s head today, he could feel it. He could feel it out in his fingertips that his mood wouldn’t get any better during the day, he felt no energy for the remaining hours of it. He would just head home, fix dinner, do what he was told and what he had to do and head to bed.

Arthur closed his trench coat just to be on the safe side, even if the sun still was shining faintly that didn’t mean it would stay there for the rest of the day. For all he knew the rain could pour down again in just a couple of minutes. The weather was unpredictable and he hated that. He just wanted to be sure that when he walked home he wouldn’t get caught up in a storm. He wasn’t dressed for that and he never would be, just like any other day he had forgotten his umbrella again.

But the weather remained sunny as Arthur kept walking down the two streets before he reached the park. By then the battery of his Ipod had given its last breath and shut the system down. Leaving Arthur murmuring curses under his breath and tried twice more to start the Ipod before he gave up, pulled out the plugs from his ears and tucked the device into his coat, soon letting his hands slide into his pockets.

Truth was, Arthur hated walking without music in his ears, if he didn’t have music then he would always start thinking. And when he started thinking he would end up being miserable, that’s why Arthur preferred not to think. He wasn’t in control of his thoughts and that could easily affect him for an entire day.

He sighed, hearing himself for the first time since he had left his office and pulled his shoulders up, it was starting to get a bit cold so his cheeks and jaw started to feel it now. Tomorrow, he’d have to bring a scarf for sure, even if the sun made it look as if it was warm as in the summer.

To the right of him there was a playground where some kids where playing around the swings, their mothers chattering on to one another from a bench. And to the left of him was the fountain of the park, informing him with all of its glory that he had reached halfway through the park and was getting closer and closer to the apartment. That’s also when his stomach started to protest.

He really didn’t want to go back home, he never did. But he always had to because he would always be more trouble if he didn’t get home. And that’s where he caught himself thinking. Arthur stopped walking, closed his eyes and tilted his head back, trying to push his thoughts out of his mind even if he knew it would always be a failure.

But the time he opened his eyes again and looked ahead of himself, the mothers and the children from the playground had left so he was on his own. Arthur sighed again and started walking, hands still in his pockets and still annoyed over his Ipod. He walked away from the fountain and turned to the left the first turn he met.

After that however, Arthur didn’t get the time to walk much further. Some rustling in the bushes had caught his interest, which he would have ignored if he had his music. Arthur stopped again and turned to look at the bushes which were still rustling for no reason that he could see so far. There weren’t any animals living in the park that he knew of. Well, squirrels, but there was no way that a squirrel would make this much noise.

The second after Arthur thought that thought, the source of the rustling bushes jumped out and all Arthur could see was white before it finally came to stop in front of him. A white puppy that could literally be mistaken for a snowball looked up to him, looking childishly happy and wagged with his tail which made its entire but move along.

Arthur frowned, kneeling down in front of it which had the puppy walk over to him and sniff his hand, then jumped up to the back of his legs and put both of his paws on Arthur’s knees just to try to lick him on his face.

To his own surprise, Arthur actually laughed a bit when the puppy tried to do that, moving his head to the side so the puppy wouldn’t reach him and moved his hands to its sides, making it move back a bit just so he could get a better look at the dog.

‘’Hi there.’’ Arthur said, watching the puppy peak it’s ears and put all attention on him. Arthur smirked a bit and let him stand on all four again, stroking his hand over the back of the dog. ‘’Are you here alone? I guess not.’’ Arthur murmured to himself and twisted the collar of the puppy to see if there was an address, but the collar didn’t even have a name on it.

‘’So you are nameless are you?’’ Arthur asked the dog, who currently looked at a tree, then to Arthur with its tongue sticking out. A small smile crept up Arthur’s lips, once more stroking the dog’s fur on its head, just to have it bark to him.

‘’Who would leave you on your own, you’d wind up dog napped by some kid in just a matter of minutes.’’ Arthur murmured and stood up, picking up the puppy with him. ‘’Or by me for that sake.’’ He added and put the puppy by his chest.

‘’So, your owner has to be around here don’t you think? Can’t imagine you running around on the streets and still be so white.’’ Arthur said and looked around, but there wasn’t a single person in sight for him. ‘’What kind of blockhead would lose you just like that? I get that you are a dog and have two legs more but still.’’

‘’Well that blockhead would be me.’’ Arthur froze his movements, trying to determine if it was his head playing a trick on him or if he really had heard a voice. But when he looked over his shoulder he saw a man that confirmed that the voice wasn’t a trick of his head.

‘’Sorry.’’ Arthur said simply and turned around, handing the dog over to the man who directly put it back on the ground. ‘’You should get it a leash though, or at least a collar with an address on.’’ Arthur added, crossing his arms over his chest. The man just laughed and looked up to Arthur, but held the dog by its collar to make sure it stayed with him.

The man just frowned to him. ‘’Are you questioning my skills to raise a dog?’’ He asked, and before Arthur even had the chance of telling him that he didn’t mean that way, he laughed. ‘’He’s just a runner, that’s all, he doesn’t like walking with a leash so I walk him without one.’’ He stated simply, now letting go of the collar and stood up. ‘’Of course, sometimes one has to pay the price and run after him.’’

Arthur chuckled a bit and looked back to the dog, having a small smile on his face. ‘’What’s his name?’’ Arthur asked, keeping his gaze on the puppy that now had decided to sit down and scratch himself behind his ear.

‘’Fluff.’’ The man answered with a serious tone in his voice. Arthur just looked at him. ‘’Well, originally it was Mr. Fluff, But that doesn’t work so well when you try to scold him and people are watching.’’ He added with a snicker and raised his shoulders. ‘’And my name would be Eames, before you ask.’’

Arthur nodded a couple of times and then looked back to the dog. ‘’You have a nice dog Mr. Eames. Cute one, and I can see where you got the name from.’’ Arthur said, which made Eames, laugh out loudly and nod.

‘’Well aren’t you a clever one for figuring that out.’’ Eames teased, stroked his jaw and put his hand into the pocket of his jeans. Arthur raised his shoulders some. ‘’Do you have dogs?’’Eames asked curiously. Arthur shook his head as a reply.

‘’No, not allowed to have them in my apartment building.’’ Arthur said and kneeled down to stroke the puppy’s head one final time before he would have. ‘’And it’s fine that way to.’’ He said as he stood up again, gave Eames a nod and smirked some. ‘’Have fun running after him, though I do suggest getting him a collar with at least his name on.’’

Eames snickered as Arthur walked past both him and the dog, quickly picking Fluff up before he would run after him. ‘’I’ll think of it.’’ Eames hummed and looked after Arthur, then put his attention back on the dog.


‘’You know, you don’t have to go to work today, you could stay all day. In bed, with me. We could do so much more fun stuff then all that work of yours.’’ Arthur smiled when he heard those words, loving the way those hands stroked his skin under the sheet, body moving closer to his.

‘’You know that I can’t do that Tobin.’’ Arthur murmured back, opened one of his eyes to check just how early, or late he had been woken up this time. He heard Tobin growl behind him, then press his body even closer to Arthur’s.

‘’Just for today, now wouldn’t that be nice?’’ Tobin purred, nipping at Arthur’s earlobe, letting one hand move from Arthur’s side to his stomach and slide into his pajama pants. Arthur growled and shifted, as if that would get him out of Tobin’s grip. Sadly it didn’t work the way he wanted it so Arthur had to turn around so he could face him, then kissed him on his lips while putting a hand on his cheek.

‘’You know I’d like to, but I can’t.’’ Arthur smiled weakly and gave Tobin another kiss, although he noticed that the other man wasn’t as pleased anymore as he had been earlier. ‘’And you know that to.’’ Arthur said on a soft tone and stroked Tobin’s cheek with his thumb.

The short haired blonde just looked at Arthur with his blue eyes, a stare that made Arthur’s gut twist. But before Arthur had the chance to do anything more about it. Tobin had turned around in the bed and got from under the sheet. Arthur sighed and sat up.

‘’Tobin.’’ Arthur said, but Tobin just pulled on his jeans and left the bedroom without a word. Arthur sighed again and got out of the bed as well, but unlike him he didn’t need to pull on his pants. ‘’Tobin!’’ Arthur called out and followed him to the living room, but then to the kitchen as Tobin already had left it.

Once in the kitchen, Arthur smiled weakly as he saw that Tobin was drinking juice straight from the package. A horrible habit that Arthur hated, but he had given up on changing it. ‘’Tobin.’’ Arthur started out with and walked over to him, pushing him lightly by his arm so he could look him in his eyes.

But all he got was Tobin’s hand slapping across his face with a burning force, making Arthur’s head move to the left. He could barely see how Tobin gave him the lecturing finger. ‘’No.’’ Tobin said simply. Put the juice back in the fridge, slammed the door shut and walked past Arthur. And all Arthur really could do was nod a couple of times before he moved again, which he didn’t do until Tobin left the kitchen.


‘’I’m serious, one day I will take his place.’’ Robert whispered as he leaned closer to Arthur, happily waving with the ballpoint pen that he had in his left hand while he glanced over to their boss, Saito, speak with another client.

‘’Spare us the bullshit, you say it every god damn day Robert and I haven’t seen you get as much one step closer during the three years that you’ve said that.’’ Dom said, not caring about whispering unlike Robert. Arthur chuckled lightly and shook his head, then looked back to his computer screen and completely ignored Robert ripping out a paper from his notebook, formed it into a ball and throw it to Dom’s head.

‘’Could you stop that! The day I throw every freaking ball of paper back to you that you’ve ever thrown to me, I swear to god you wouldn’t know where the exit to this room is.’’ Dom said, which made Robert laugh and look back to his own computer screen.

‘’Robert please, stop being a kid and focus on your work before Saito catches you messing around and degrades you even further away from his position. Mm?’’ Arthur said and twisted his chair so he could look to Robert, who just frowned to him. ‘’Besides, he’s coming over now.’’ Arthur added quickly and returned to his computer for work. The same kind of reaction sparked into Dom and Robert as Saito walked past them, greeting them with a simple ‘gentlemen’ and slipped back into his office.

‘’I really don’t know how he does that?’’ Robert said after a couple of seconds and looked after the door to Saito’s office. Dom gave him a confused gaze.

‘’Does what?’’ Dom asked, also turning to look at the door of Saito, then back to Robert who still looked to the door, which made Dom look again. ‘’Does what?’’ Dom asked, sounding a little bit annoyed now by not figuring out what Robert meant.

‘’That walk of his, we never hear him coming!’’ Robert said, sounding as if that was the biggest thing in the world. Arthur rolled his eyes to the tone in his voice alone. ‘’Seriously Arthur, you are the only one who ever hears him coming, how do you do it?’’ Robert turned to Arthur now, which made him sigh and look to him.

‘’I look at him every now and then, so I can see when he starts walking.’’ Arthur said and gave him a bitter smile. Then he looked back to his computer screen.

Robert shook his head, clearly not happy with the answer that Arthur gave him. ‘’Why are you so uptight today?’’ Robert then asked after some silence, ignoring Dom who in the background told him to leave Arthur alone.

Arthur just closed his eyes and tilted his head back. ‘’I’m just having a bad day today alright?’’ he said and smiled weakly to Robert. ‘’I just need to, work and think of something else now.’’ Arthur said and looked back to the computer screen. But just as he had finished that sentence, he thought of the man from the part with the white fluffball for a dog.

‘’If one has a dog.’’ Arthur started with and turned his chair so he could look at Dom and Robert. He only caught Dom’s attention however, Roberts attention had shifted over to a game of patience on his computer. ‘’And one would walk it without a leash… Isn’t one just stupid then?’’ Arthur asked and rested his arm against the table.

‘’Not necessarily.’’ Dom said and looked away from his screen to the computer. ‘’The person in order probably trusts his dog. It makes the dog happier to.’’ Dom added and raised his shoulders. Arthur nodded, looked to his lap and then to his screen again.

‘’Trust the dog.’’ Arthur murmured, chewing on his pen as he thought of Eames, hating that the man didn’t leave his thoughts and also felt a bit bad over the comment with the leash. The fact that Dom started talking on about his grandfather having five dogs and walked them all without a leash didn’t really help him.


‘’My name is Arthur by the way. I never told you yesterday even if you shared yours.’’ Arthur said and stroked his fingers through Fluff’s fur. God be damned, but on the walk back home he had walked into Eames again, with the puppy and of course ended up stuck with them once Fluff wanted to greet him.

‘’Oh good. I was up all night wondering what your name might me, I couldn’t sleep because of it.’’ Eames said, smirking. Arthur chuckled and rolled his eyes, then looked back to the dog. ‘’So Arthur.’’ Eames spoke, kneeling down in front of Arthur and also started stroking Fluff’s fur. ‘’What do you do for a living?’’

‘’You got him a leash?’’ Arthur pointed out now that he saw the leash that was lying on the pavement and picked him up. Seemingly the comment wasn’t that bad after all. ‘’And uh, I work at Taraki Bank.’’ Arthur said and pouted some with his lips to Fluff who just started wagging his tail again and fully ignored Eames.

‘’Ah yes. I took your tip.’’ Eames answered and looked at the leash around his wrist, then to Arthur again. ‘’And at a bank huh? Well, I should have seen that, stupid question pardon me.’’ Eames said and chuckled some. ‘’You seem like that kind of person, Wall street kind of guy.’’ Arthur snorted.

‘’Right.’’ Arthur murmured and stood up. ‘’So Mr. Eames, what do you do for a living, banking?’’ Arthur teased, Eames laughed, shook his head and stood up.

‘’Me? Well, I’m actually Batman, but don’t tell anybody.’’ Eames said, winked to Arthur and walked past him, also making Arthur turn around and look at Eames back.

‘’Batman? Really Eames? You couldn’t think of anything else?’’ Arthur called after, Eames laughed again but kept walking, even if Fluff stopped to look at Arthur.

‘’It’s called creativity Arthur, check if you have it. It’s better than banking.’’ Eames said and turned around, but kept walking backwards. ‘’Tomorrow I’ll be something else, just for you.’’ Eames called to him, Arthur just smiled.


1.  I yet have no idea how many parts this fic will be because not everything is chaptered yet. It will be a minimum of twelve parts to the very least, probably even more.
2. For people who want a face for Tobin, you can always use Cam Gigandet  which he is based on :)
3. Comments are very appreciated :3

Link to Part 2 is right here


I love it so far! Can't wait to read more :D
Glad that you like it, and thanks for reading! :)
I'm intrigued, and looking forward to more!
More will be present soon, thanks for reading! :)
can't wait to read more!
More will be up soon :)

OMFG, YES. MORE PLZ. so excited for this!
More will be very present soon :D
Thanks for reading it!
I'm liking this start. Can't wait to see where it goes.
Ah more will show up soon ;)
Ohhhhhhhhhh Joe and Cam as a pair...kinda hot but ofc Joe and Tom is always better ;D

I felt so sad when Tobin slapped Arthur T_T Poor Arthur, but this Fluff dog...totally cute 8D
ofc, Joe and Tom are the reason we all are here in the fandom really :P (or at least for 90% of us).

And yes, Arthur has a tough time with Tobin, poor thing </3 But absolutely! Fluff is a little heart stealer that's what he is :D
I always see Fluff as a maltese...all soft and...fluffy ¬_¬
Actually Fluff is based on a samoyed. Which would practically be the same but bigger. Figured that Eames needed a dog which was a little bit more active :P
LOL if he had a maltese he'd definitely seem a little less manly haha
That to, one can not forget his manliness xD
So I saw part two of this and was so intrigued that I had to double back and read part one. And I must say that so far this is really good. My heart breaks for Arthur but I'm surprised how well these new parts of his personality blend so smoothly with my preconceptions of him. I also like that you included some of the other characters. Alas part two will have to wait until tomorrow. Fantastic first part and I'm looking forward to reading the next bit.
Glad that you enjoyed it and that Arthur came to your liking :)
And of course, even the others need some attention at times in fic's like these. If it just would be Tobin, Arthur and Eames it would get rather boring quickly.
Take the time you need with the second part, thanks for reading the first :)