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JGL Manic 2

Just love me - Part 2

Title –  Just love me - Part 2
Author – sid_vicious_03 
Rating –  NC17
Pairings – Eames/Arthur, Arthur/OC
Word count  3708
Warnings –
Cursing, sex, extreme abuse, violation of human rights, etc
Disclaimers – I don’t own Inception or any of the characters, sadly, but i do own the story.
Notes   Are at the fic- Previous parts: Part one

Summary –
     Arthur is in an abusive relationship. But he doesn't mind, he loves Tobin and he knows that Tobin loves him. Despite his... issues. Arthur does his best to live after Tobin's rules and way of life. But sometimes life happens, sometimes Eames and Fluff happens.


‘’Where do you go after work?’’ Tobin asked, voice being surprisingly soft for being him. Arthur could feel that he was standing in the doorway and was staring at his back while Arthur was fixing dinner for them both. Arthur bit on his lower lip, then sucked at it, he knew he had to come up with a lie, and a quick one to.

‘’I have to work over. It’s a busy month, the house market is going up. People need money for it, have to handle more loans now.’’ Arthur lied. Knowing that if he told Tobin about Eames, he would be in real trouble even if all he did with Eames was just talking. Tobin had no idea what exactly Arthur did at work, and moments like these he loved it, he could make up anything about it.

‘’I called Cobb today.’’ Tobin said, making it sound casual as he walked into the kitchen. Arthur could hear him move over the tiled floor, every muscle in his body tensing up. ‘’He said you left at four, like usual. So you should have been home twenty minutes later. But you weren’t home until five.’’ Tobin spoke, now standing directly behind Arthur and let his fingers stroke his back lightly, moving up and then into Arthurs hair. Then the grip tightened in just a matter of a second and pulled Arthur back in his chest. Arthur winced from the pain and dropped the wooden spoon he had in his hand, both hands moving to Tobin’s to pull him away, but Tobin wouldn’t let go.

‘’That’s forty minutes Arthur, what where you up to?!’’ Tobin asked, speaking louder and tugged at Arthur’s hair again just to hear him wince again. Arthur sank his nails in Tobin’s hand, hoping that the sting would irritate him enough to let go of his hair. But Tobin’s hand wouldn’t bulge.

‘’I was at the park!’’ Arthur told him, hoping that Tobin would believe him. Let him go and drop the subject so he could continue making their dinner. He didn’t want to get another treatment of his, he had hoped that for just one day, one day he wouldn’t get to be treated like this.

‘’And what would you do at the park for forty minutes?! Huh! Please Arthur, do tell me!’’ Tobin said, speaking louder and sounding angrier for each passing second. Tobin pushed Arthur forwards, slamming his temple into the cupboards in front of them. Hard enough to make Arthur’s knees weak and see stars in front of his eyes for some seconds. Next thing he did was pull him back and let go of his hair, making Arthur hit the other counter and finally sink down to the floor. He could feel some blood run down his temple to his sinus, then to his jaw line to then drip down onto his shirt.

Tobin smirked to Arthur, then moved to straddle him and moved his hand to Arthur’s throat, closing over it which made Arthur hitch for breath and moved his hands to Tobin’s arm to pull it down lightly, but he failed miserably on that.

‘’Again Arthur, what would you do in a park, for forty minutes?’’ Tobin said, closing the grip on Arthur’s throat even more so he was sure that he wouldn’t be able to breathe until Tobin decided that he could again. Arthur started to struggle, but Tobin ignored it. ‘’Arthur, please tell me, I’m curious.’’ Tobin clenched his other, free hand and punched Arthur across his jaw.

The pain burned from the entire side to the other one, and for a second it felt like his jaw had been shattered. He would have whimpered, but the inability to breathe prevented that. ‘’Well?’’ Tobin said, smirked and tightened the grip even more, nails of his fingers digging into Arthur’s skin.

‘’I-‘’ Arthur managed to say, the grip loosened some. Seemingly Tobin would allow him to speak. ‘’I talked to a man. Eames! Eames, his name is Eames. He was walking his dog without a leash! I told him to get one, we ended up talking.’’ Arthur confessed, speaking quickly and kept bending the truth a bit. The grip around his throat tightened again and Arthur could taste the blood in his mouth.

‘’And who is this Eames?’’ Tobin questioned, sounding more dangerous than he ever had done before, the feeling of his nails in Arthur’s neck hurt, and he was sure that he had scratched open his skin at some point.

‘’Just some guy I met in the park, nobody else, we talked about banking! Yes banking! I gave him some tips on what to do with his savings. That’s all I promise!’’ Arthur said, starting to panic now. Tobin’s grip loosened, his hand got removed from Arthurs throat making him breathe again. Tobin leaned forward and gave him a kiss on his temple, strangely gentle, then he placed one on his lips.

‘’I really don’t want to do this baby.’’ Tobin murmured, stroking Arthur’s cheek and stroked some blood away on Arthurs lip with his thumb. ‘’But if we are going to be like this, you having secrets from me. Then I’m going to have to.’’ Tobin whispered. Arthur closed his eyes, swallowed and nodded. ‘’Good.’’ Tobin murmured, then kissed Arthur’s eyelids. ‘’I love you.’’

Arthur nodded, keeping his eyes closed. ‘’I know.’’ Arthur whispered, voice being weak from what had happened and still not able to work the way it should after the lack of air. ‘’I love you to.’’ And by saying that, he got another kiss from Tobin.


‘’Good day Arthur.’’ Eames said, smiling widely when he saw Arthur walk towards him in the park. Fluff started barking and ran ahead to great him. But to his surprise, Arthur ignored both Eames and Fluff. ‘’Arthur?’’ Eames said confused, still no reaction, hell, Arthur walked past them as if he hadn’t even seen them. ‘’Hey Arthur!’’ Eames turned around and walked after him.

‘’I’m sorry Eames, but I can’t talk with you today. I’m in a hurry.’’ Arthur said, still refusing to look at Eames now he had caught up with him. Eames just laughed and shrugged it off, soon getting into Arthur’s pace which was a bit too quick and stressed for his liking, but it worked for them both.

‘’That’s okey, we’ll walk with you, right Fluff?’’ Eames said, Fluff looked up to Eames, then jumped and barked at the sound of his name. And Arthur knew he shouldn’t, but he just wanted to stop walking, kneel down and start playing with Fluff and start up a random conversation with Eames that had no apparent meaning. Yet Eames comment made him snicker lightly.

‘’That’s nice.’’ Arthur murmured, smiling some. ‘’I appreciate it.’’ Arthur added, knowing that he couldn’t let Eames leave the park with him. Because if he did, he would follow him to the apartment and then Tobin could catch a glance of him. And then Arthur would be in bigger trouble then he was yesterday, but more painful to.

Eames glanced over o Arthur, frowned lightly as he noticed the small wound by Arthur’s lip and the smaller one hiding under Arthurs hair which he hadn’t slicked back for once. Probably to hide the bruise. ‘’Arthur what happened?’’ Eames said and moved to stroke Arthur’s lip with his thumb. But Arthur just snapped his head again and kept walking.

‘’I got into a bar fight yesterday.’’ Arthur said and pressed the palm of his hand to the wound. The light touch from Eames was enough to make it itch again. But Eames just started laughing, which made Arthur feel his gut twirl together and gave a sick feeling rush over him.

‘’You, In a bar fight?’’ Eames said, Arthur nodded and felt ashamed of himself. Of all things, he couldn’t come up with anything better than just a bar fight? ‘’Wow, I never would have guessed that. You don’t seem like a violent one to me.’’ Eames stated, chuckled and smirked to Arthur.

‘’I was drunk and so was he.’’ Arthur said and looked to Eames, removing his palm and smiled weakly to Eames, the itching had stopped and there was no point in that he tried to hide it now. He still felt that the matter was uncomfortable for him, and he just wanted Eames to accept it all and move on.

‘’Sorry Arthur, you don’t even seem like the violent type to me while drunk.’’ Eames said, snickering as if he was a little child. And Arthur felt horrible, it hadn’t worked. ‘’So, why are you in such a hurry?’’

‘’My mother came to visit me from Los Angeles, she’s waiting over at my place.’’ Arthur lied, that had to work. Who would lie over their mother? Except Arthur at this moment though. It wasn’t like he said that he had to get home as soon as possible since Tobin would beat him up again if he came home one second delayed.

‘’Shame, here I was, waiting for you to return from your work to have a chat. But alright, tell her I said hi.’’ Eames stated with a smirk. And Arthur really wanted to roll his eyes at that comment. But yet he caught himself smiling instead.

‘’I will.’’ Arthur murmured and looked down.

‘’Green by the way.’’ Eames added and looked to Arthur. Then he looked to Fluff before he gave the leash a tug so the dog’s attention focused on Eames. Fluff ran over to Eames, but then ran ahead of them both.

‘’Green?’’ Arthur questioned and looked to Eames, giving him a good look for the first time since Eames had decided to join him. Eames had a talent of just saying things, making Arthur loose complete track of everything and then make it seem like total sense when he explained.

‘’Yeah, my color. You know. The favorite one? Mine is green, just like yours is gray.’’ Eames said and smiled to Arthur. ‘’Two with G’s.’’ Eames stated and raised two fingers to Arthur. Arthur nodded some, smiled and slowed down his pace a bit, feeling more relaxed now for some reason.

‘’Alright.’’ Arthur said then and nodded a couple of times, moving both of his hands into the pockets of his coat, feeling that his Ipod without battery still was there.

‘’I was going to ask you for tonight but since your mum is over for a visit I’ll push it up for tomorrow. Care to go and fetch a drink with me and a mate tomorrow?’’ Eames asked and watched Arthur who came to an abrupt stop and just stared at Eames. ‘’Fancy it?’’ Eames added and smirked to Arthur.

‘’Uh, yeah sure.’’ Arthur said and nodded, a couple times more then he originally wanted to and felt extremely flattered that Eames wanted Arthur to join in with him and a friend.

‘’Great.’’ Eames said and grinned to Arthur, then he looked to Fluff who had found a stick to play with.

‘’I can’t give you an answer until tomorrow though.’’ Arthur added quickly. ‘’But I’d like to, I’d really like to.’’ Arthur said, now having Tobin in mind. Tobin might say no, and if Tobin said no then he really had to stay home. He didn’t want Tobin to know the truth either, he would become furious and Arthur would look worse the day after then he did now. He didn’t want another beating.

‘’Don’t worry about it.’’ Eames said and stopped walking as they reached the streets, probably not wanting to go out with Fluff on them just like that, and Arthur could understand that. ‘’Just let me know tomorrow at what time you can, if you can at all and me and my mate will adapt after that. It’s a deal yeah darling?’’ Arthur smiled some and nodded.


‘’Tobin?’’ Arthur asked on a low tone as he entered the living room, leaning into the doorway and watched Tobin, who was all eyes for the football game that was currently playing on the tv screen so it was a wonder he even reacted to him.

‘’Mm.’’ Tobin murmured, drinking some of his beer bottle and once more put his feet up on the glass table. Ignoring that Arthur had told him countless times that he shouldn’t do that. As long as Tobin was seated comfortably, the rest of the world was of no importance.

Arthur pushed himself away from the doorframe and walked over to him. Sat down on the couch and moved one of his legs over Tobin’s, placing his hand on his hip and slid it under his shirt so he could feel his skin. Just like Tobin had his tricks to get what he wanted, Arthur also had his own tricks, Tobin’s where just more effective.

‘’What? I’m watching the game.’’ Tobin said and didn’t even look at Arthur as he spoke, he just kept his gaze on the tv screen. Arthur could feel how his body tensed up when one of the teams got near a goal, then relax again as they got away from it.

Arthur smiled weakly, stroking the skin by Tobin’s hip with his thumb. ‘’Dom and Mal invited me over to join them on their restaurant evening tomorrow.’’ Arthur said and kissed Tobin in his neck lightly. ‘’And I’d like to go.’’ Tobin shifted a bit and then looked to Arthur.

‘’Can I come?’’ Tobin asked, Arthur licked his lips and shifted so he could look at Tobin in a simpler way without breaking his neck.

‘’Phillipa will be there, Dom doesn’t like you around her, and himself to. But its bullshit and you know it. Just like I do.’’ Arthur said, adding the last sentence quickly. ‘’I just want to see them again, privately, not through work you know. With Saito always hanging over our shoulders we can’t talk really.’’ Arthur added on a whisper and stroked Tobin’s cheek with his finger.

Tobin nodded a couple of times. ‘’Okey.’’ Tobin murmured and kissed Arthur. ‘’You can go.’’ He added after the kiss. Arthur nodded and smiled weakly, really trying not to smirk like a moron now. Then Tobin kissed him again, deeper. And soon Arthur let Tobin’s tongue into his mouth, which caused Tobin to shift in the couch, putting his beer bottle on the table and laid Arthur down so he was on top of him, settling himself between Arthur’s legs.

Arthur figured that it was the least he could allow happening now as Tobin slipped his hand under his shirt. He was allowed to go out tomorrow evening and then he had to give Tobin something in return. Arthur moaned during their kiss and slid closer to Tobin, who probably got pleased by it. And Arthur did want him, as long as Tobin stayed nice to him.

Arthur kept moaning and whimpering at Tobin’s touch, stripping out of his own clothes when Tobin told him to, and helped Tobin out of his to make him feel more desired. Arthur obeyed Tobin’s every command, gesture and even movements, determined to make Tobin feel good about everything he did so he would allow Arthur to go out more if he asked.

And Arthur, Arthur acted like he loved whatever Tobin did to death. He arched his back towards Tobin when he entered, moaned and stroked his fingers through Tobin’s hair. Arthur kissed him, moving his legs around Tobin’s waist to force him further inside.

Tobin started thrusting into Arthur, moaning out from the feeling. He kept going, enjoying it and kept hunting for his orgasm while Arthur was left to enjoy it at moments only. And right now, it was feeling far from as fantastic as their good sex otherwise felt. But even Tobin had allowed Arthur to go, he was still pissed about him actually going yet he would deny it if Arthur dared to ask him.

Then after five minutes of Tobin’s rough play, or it could have been ten Arthur never quite paid attention to it, Tobin reached his climax while Arthur wasn’t even near his own. But Tobin paid no attention, he moved away from Arthur and pulled on his pants again. ‘’Now leave me alone, I’m watching the game.’’ Tobin murmured and took his beer bottle again.

Arthur wanted to sigh, but he knew that if he dared himself to do it, then It would be painful. Specially since there was a glass table in the living room, it wouldn’t be the first one that would get ruined because of that. So Arthur remained silent, gathered his clothes and got dressed again before he got to the kitchen.

He couldn’t believe he just practically had sold himself to Tobin, just so he could go out with Eames.


‘’So you can come tonight? That’s great!’’ Eames said exited the second Arthur finished his own sentence. Arthur smirked some to Eames and nodded. At work he had spent a nicer two hours begging Cobb into helping him out, so now he finally had his so called ride to the dinner of Dom. Arthur knew that Dom would always take out Mal and Philippa for dinner on Friday evenings. So Arthur now had forced Dom to pick him up a little bit before seven, and then drop him of by the park again, then he would take a cab to wherever Eames wanted to go.

‘’So, where uh, did you plan on going tonight?’’ Arthur asked, doing his best not to sound so childishly exited as he felt. It had been ages since he last went out and actually had fun on top of it. Eames shrugged some and zipped his jacket closed before he looked to Fluff who had started playing with a twig twice his size.

‘’I suppose we’ll head to Marlene’s, I always go there with Yusuf so why bother changing it just because you are tagging along?’’ Eames said, smirked and looked back to Arthur from Fluff. Arthur chuckled a bit and nodded. ‘’How about this, I’ll be here around seven and we’ll head together to Marlene’s, sounds good?’’ Eames asked, just watched Arthur smile that beautiful smile of his and nod.


‘’Why are you dressing up that much?’’ Dom asked once he had seated himself in the driver’s seat to his dark blue bmw, Arthur following in the back seat and in just a matter of seconds got Philippa wrap her arms around Arthur’s neck. Which Made Arthur laugh some and return her hug.

‘’Don’t listen to him Arthur you look handsome.’’ Mal cut in and gave Dom a small push on his arm, causing Arthur to laugh again. He hadn’t realized just how much attention he had paid to his looks just now until Dom had pointed it out.

He had showered (which was a must no matter what), picked out clothes that had no connection to his work what so ever which turned out to be a dark green shirt and a pair of dark jeans. No vest, no tie, nothing. The only thing he had added around his neck was a necklace he used to wear when he was a teenager that was tied tight around his neck with a small coin on it.

‘’I’m not saying he isn’t handsome, I just want to know why he would dress up that much if he’s just meeting a friend.’’ Dom pointed out, which now had Arthur blushing slightly, ignoring Philippa who was tugging at his necklace right now. Mal shifted in her seat so she could look at Arthur.

‘’Are you and Tobin breaking up?’’ Mal questioned directly, almost so direct that it felt like a slap in Arthur’s face, and he could see the hope in her eyes.

‘’Christ Mal.’’ Arthur said and removed Philippa’s hand from his necklace, giving it a small kiss before he looked back to her. ‘’Tobin and I are fine, we are not going to break up and we aren’t planning on it either. I am not going out to manhunt tonight I am just going to meet a friend and hang out with him. Tobin doesn’t know him and he doesn’t want to come along either.’’ Arthur stated to her, watched her shrug and return in her seat.

Even if he loved Mal as a friend, the same went for Dom, he still felt horrible each time they where hacking on Tobin. They just couldn’t get over the fact that he wanted to be with Tobin and even loved him. Sure, Tobin had his flaws and he didn’t like Dom and Mal as much as they liked him, he wasn’t the nicest guy around but Dom and Mal didn’t even try to get along with him. And that bothered Arthur.

‘’Besides, I haven’t gone out in a long while, I think I’m allowed to dress up for once.’’ Arthur then added, which made Mal burst out laughing.

‘’Don’t worry Arthur, you are. Have fun tonight with whoever you decided to go out with.’’ Mal told him, just as Dom stopped the car by the park. Arthur chuckled some.

‘’Thanks for the very short ride and have a good evening you two. Bye honey.’’ Arthur said and kissed Philippa on her cheek which sent the little girl in a giggle fit. ‘’I’ll bring you a gift next time, I promise.’’ Arthur said and slid out of the car and slammed the door shut, waving to Mal as they drove off.

‘’Well Arthur, you never told me you where a father.’’ A voice said behind him, making Arthur smirk out before he even had seen the person in order. He turned around and looked to the source, Eames, with a smirk that said he was fully aware Arthur wasn’t the father of Philippa. ‘’Who’s the kid?’’ He then asked and nodded after the car.

‘’My god child.’’ Arthur said and put his hands in the pockets of his coat before he fully turned himself to look at Eames. ‘’My best friends kid, sweet little girl.’’ Eames snickered, nodded some and walked over to him.

‘’Shall we then?’’ Eames suggested as he walked past Arthur, making him turn around again and follow him.


Comments are liked, but not necessary.
1. Fluff is a Samoyed, the puppy version of him would look somewhat like this.
2. Once more, need a face for Tobin? Enjoy Cam Gigandet, guy in the middle
3. Arthur's necklace, inspired from the one JGL wears in the movie Mysterious skin.

Link to the next part is right here


I think Dom and Mal are very smart, they've picked up that something's not right with Tobin, haven't they? Also, Fluff is adorable!

Back to Tobin, though, I have a bad feeling he's going to find out about this...
I shall not spoil a thing :# But yes, Fluff is a little heartstealer and he probably isn't ashamed to show it either, I'd give anything for a dog like him.

And Tobin is Tobin, he has his ways ;)
oh my god I am so mad
and then I'm giggling madly!
continuation fast please :o
The continuation will be up in just a day or three ;)
Thanks for reading!
Update \o/ Yay! I really love the relationships between the characters, and poor Arthur! I hope he realizes he's much better of with Eames soon! :D Keep writing! :D
As a matter of fact, the story is actually done, just keeping some days between the updates so it won't become to much of a spam ;)

Thanks for reading and please tell me that that is David Bowie as your icon!
Ah, good! Then I won't have to worry about it not being finished!

And of course it is \o/
No worries at all :) As a matter of fact, if you're still hanging in there the next part will be posted now as I am working on it.

And hooray! The world needs more David lovers :D
Oh my god, when Tobin was beating the shit out of Arthur my hand were practically shaking. My heart is breaking into a million tiny pieces for Arthur in this. You're doing a fantastic job of writing this, especially the parts from Arthur's perspective. I'm looking forward to the next part. Great job.
Glad it had such a reaction on you even if it's not a good thing that Arthur's going through. Also very happy to hear that you think it's all good. The next part will be up in a couple of days. Thanks a lot for reading!
It's been a while since I've read a story like this (read: years of avoidance) and I'm glad I decided to take a chance. Your story juxtaposes the love/discomfort of the relationship in question in more ways than one and you even allude to Arthur's feelings via pathetic fallacy and imagery. I'm impressed.

Also, if your bff doesn't want your hubby's around his kid or his own self, that's a goddamn sign if I ever saw one, sheeeit.

Keep up the wonderful work!
Thank you so much for the comment, it quite literally made my day! There will be more very soon, in just a matter of days for a fact. So thank you very much for reading it and the comment :3

Hope you'll enjoy the rest as well if you decide to continue reading it!
Your link to the next part goes to part 2.