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JGL Manic 2

Just love me - Part 3

Title –  Just love me - Part 3
Author – sid_vicious_03 
Rating –  NC17
Pairings – Eames/Arthur, Arthur/OC
Word count  3242
Warnings –
Cursing, sex, extreme abuse, violation of human rights, etc
Disclaimers – I don’t own Inception or any of the characters, sadly, but i do own the story.
Notes   Are at the fic- Previous parts: Part one, Part two

Summary –
     Arthur is in an abusive relationship. But he doesn't mind, he loves Tobin and he knows that Tobin loves him. Despite his... issues. Arthur does his best to live after Tobin's rules and way of life. But sometimes life happens, sometimes Eames and Fluff happens.


‘’I swear to Buddha.’’ Yusuf started out with, which made both Arthur and Eames almost die in laughter again. Arthur leaned forward, temple against the wooden table that separated them and arms around his body as if it would make the cramps he was suffering disappear. Eames had placed his arm on Arthur’s back and hid his head in the curve of his elbow.

It had been a long time since Arthur had been drunk, and to be perfectly honest, he had missed it. He missed the slightly spinning feeling in his head even if nothing really was. The fuzzy warm feeling spreading in his body and the fact that just about everything seemed right.

‘’I’m serious!’’ Yusuf exclaimed, which made Arthur and Eames burst out laughing again. Then Eames shifted to sit up, but let his arm remain around Arthur’s body. And Arthur just shifted slightly so he could look at Yusuf. He had been scared things would be a little bit uptight with Eames friend, but Arthur already knew that he loved Yusuf.

‘’Do you have any idea how stupid that sounds coming from you?’’ Eames stated, smirking already and that made Arthur smirk out as well. Even if it wasn’t funny, Arthur would laugh, he could feel it. ‘’I’ve known you for years, you aren’t even a Buddhist!’’ Eames said then, Arthur laughed and Yusuf stared at Eames with a drunken gaze, then flipped him his middle finger before downing his drink.

‘’Shut up.’’ Yusuf slurred. ‘’I’m heading home to bed, porn, and my right hand.’’ He added and stood up, moving his arm in what would have been a wave and left them alone. Both Arthur and Eames snickered a little bit from it and looked at their own drinks. Arthur sat up a bit more and drank more of his scotch, while Eames stroked his glass with his finger.

‘’So.’’ Eames said, watching Arthur put his now empty drink on the table. And now Arthur was more than well aware of Eames arm around his back. After all the arm just started to get heavier and heavier.

‘’I should probably head home as well.’’ Arthur stated then and let go of his glass. Eames nodded and removed his arm from around Arthur’s body to take out his wallet so he could put some bills on the table. Then he stood up and laughed when he saw Arthur’s failed try to stand up. So Eames decided that he would remain with Arthur, at least until he was in a cab.

Even if Arthur just wanted to get away, he didn’t mind the close contact with Eames as he helped him outside, and then eventually lean against a wall. It was an innocent form of contact, but he liked it. ‘’I had a good time tonight.’’ Arthur then spoke suddenly when he was leaning against the wall outside. Eames turned around and smirked. ‘’I haven’t had this much fun in a long time.’’ Arthur confessed.

When Arthur went out with Tobin, it was always with his friends and on their conditions. Leaving Arthur most of the time to watch when they amused the living hell out of themselves which was most of the time just get as drunk as possible, as soon as possible. And then, their stupid games came in the picture which always ended up with either them, or strangers getting hurt and always someone to bail out from the cops.

‘’Good that I didn’t fail on entertaining you.’’ Eames said, smirking widely why Arthur laughed again and tilted his head back until he heard it thump against the wall behind him. He didn’t feel it anymore.

‘’Don’t worry, I had loads of fun.’’ Arthur said and looked to Eames, smiling weakly while Eames walked closed to him.

‘’You look really great tonight by the way.’’ Eames said, reaching out to stroke the small coin by Arthur’s necklace, watching Arthur smile weakly. The smile that Eames once said was a beautiful one.

‘’Thanks.’’ Arthur said on a low tone. Eames smirked and stroked his fingers up Arthurs neck, then to his cheek.

‘’You are really beautiful. Do you know that?’’ Eames asked, fingers now stroking Arthur’s lips.

‘’I, I haven’t thought of it. Really.’’ Arthur answered to Eames, not taking his eyes of Eames’ own eyes, almost feeling as if he could drown in them. Eames smiled, fingers resting by the small cut by Arthur’s lip, covering it up.

‘’You don’t seem like the type of guy who would get into fights. Now that I’ve seen you drunk.’’ Eames said on a low tone, he could feel how Arthur swallowed. And Arthur, who just could think of Tobin now, screaming his name over and over in his head but god all he wanted was Eames lips over his own.

‘‘It happens.’’ Arthur said on an equally low tone, Eames smiled weakly and took another step closer to Arthur. And Arthur could swear he could feel Eames body heat even I they had no form of touch besides Eames fingers on his lips.

‘’You are lying, but that’s okey. You’ll tell me when you’re ready for it.’’ Eames whispered, and with that Eames had carefully placed his lips on Arthurs. It was as if Arthur’s entire body got lighter from it, his mind still screamed Tobin at him but his body lived on the alcohol and the right feeling, which was returning Eames kiss.

Eames took his chance and made their kiss deeper, pressing their bodies together which had Arthur groan. Arthur moved his hands up to Eames neck, then slid his fingers into Eames hair while Eames had his own hands on Arthurs hips and tugged at his green shirt.

Their tongues met in a kiss, causing Arthur to moan again and move his hips towards Eames, just to get another groan from him in return. Arthur chuckled lightly from it and tilted his head back, Eames breathed out a short chuckle as well before he sucked at the skin in Arthur’s neck, making him moan slightly.

‘’God.’’ Eames murmured, moving his hips against Arthur’s again and forced him against the wall in a way that was actually a bit painful. Yet Arthur smirked, breathing growing heavier and traced his fingers through Eames hair again until he could kiss those lips of his. But the second he felt Eames hand go under his shirt to touch his skin, Arthur felt a lot more sober, present and awake.

‘’Eames.’’ Arthur breathed out then and moved both of his hands to his shoulders, but Eames just sucked at the skin to his neck again and god! Arthur slowly started to panic, if he left a mark that was visible, then Tobin would practically kill him. Eames grinded their hips together again, hand sneaking up further his back. ‘’Eames no, stop it.’’ Arthur said and tried to sneak out of Eames grip.

But those words where more effective than the earlier ones. Eames stopped, his hand disappeared from Arthur’s naked back and he stepped back as if Arthur had burned him. ‘’I-‘’ Arthur swallowed, feeling more upset by the second and rubbed his neck, but the spot that Eames had sucked at still felt warm. ‘’I have a boyfriend, I’m seeing someone, I can’t do this.’’

Eames gave Arthur a surprised gaze when he said that. ‘’You’re seeing someone?’’ Eames asked, Arthur looked down and nodded some, rubbing his own arms. The spinning feeling in his head returned, and now he didn’t feel as sober anymore. ‘’Christ, I’m so sorry, I didn’t know , I mean you never said anything I-‘’

‘’Eames!’’ Arthur snapped then to him and raised his hand a bit to Eames who fell silent over it and looked Arthur. And Arthur could see how ashamed Eames was, and didn’t make him feel any better. ‘’Just, help me get a cab and forget about it.’’ Arthur said and looked down, trying to adjust his clothes. But however he adjusted his clothes he still felt that Tobin would see it on him.

Eames nodded a couple of times, then looked at the street.


‘’Fuck.’’ Arthur murmured and closed his eyes, leaning his temple against the door. He couldn’t even fit his key into the keyhole. He pressed his eyes closed and sucked on his lower lip, all he wanted to do now was cry. Tobin would be so disappointed in him, and Arthur would pay for it, the last thing he wanted was Tobin to be disappointed in him, he would never be allowed to go out again on his own.

Arthur took a deep breath and tried to unlock the door again, this time however, the key got into the keyhole and he twisted it so he heard the familiar click. Arthur smiled a bit and gave himself a minute to regain his posture a bit before he entered the apartment. But walking was clearly more difficult then standing still.

The door slammed shut a lot louder then Arthur wanted it to and ended up stumbling back. He hit the door and then lost his balance before sliding down to the floor. Murmuring as the hit the back of his head took wasn’t gentle. So much for preparing himself to enter the apartment.

‘’Arthur what the hell are you doing!?’’ Tobin yelled out from the living room which made Arthur flinch a bit, seemingly the hangover was already creeping up on him. But luckily Tobin wasn’t sleeping, otherwise he would have sounded more mad.

But the second that Tobin got into the hallway, he froze, looked to Arthur and broke out in a grin before he started laughing. ‘’Got a bit carried away with Cobb did you?’’ He said before he actually broke out in a short giggle fit and walked over to Arthur, sinking down next to him on the floor. ‘’Enjoyed yourself?’’ Tobin asked then and sneaked an arm around Arthur who just groaned, which earned another chuckle from Tobin. ‘’I suppose you did.’’

‘’I feel sick.’’ Arthur murmured, and that wasn’t a lie. Even if every bit of skin that Eames had touched was burning and made him feel sick, the feeling he had was a whole other nauseous feeling and probably had to do with the amount of alcohol he had been drinking.

Tobin laughed again and stood up, helping Arthur to his feet and guided him to the bathroom where Arthur nearly directly vomited. Despite what Arthur earlier thought Tobin would do and react, he was proven wrong. Sure he was grinning at Arthur, being amused of the situation. But he helped him, he wasn’t mad.

Tobin freshened Arthur up, he cleaned his face and made sure that he had gotten his teeth brushed. Then helped him out of his clothes and a pair of pajama pants, replying to all of Arthur’s drunken rambling of that he loved him and repeating his name over and over again. And Tobin patiently replied with the same, that he loved Arthur, that he wasn’t mad at him and that he would join him in bed. But Arthur had to wait for just a minute.

And with that Arthur was sitting on the edge of the bed, anxious for Tobin to return and a headache that was getting worse by the second. Turned out that all Tobin did was turn of the tv, get a glass of water for Arthur and then returned to him in bed when he had stripped of his jeans and t-shirt.

‘’Sleep Arthur, it’s for your own good, your head will appreciate it.’’ Tobin said, and with that he slipped under the sheets to the bed and ruffled Arthur’s hair before he kissed his temple. Then Tobin placed his arm around Arthur who remained in his chest.

The next morning, Arthur expected to wake up alone with his hangover from hell. He was curled together, body screaming at him not to movie and the sick feeling had spread in his entire physique. Tobin’s arm around his body had disappeared, and he was quite confident that he was on his own in the bed. He sat up a bit and took the glass of water that had ended up on the night table due the fact that his mouth was dry.

‘’Managed to catch some sleep?’’ A voice behind him said, making Arthur look over his shoulder and to his surprise, see Tobin still laying in bed, pillow supporting his back as he was leaning to the headboard of the bed, reading one of his magazines about old timers.

‘’Yeah.’’ Arthur said, voice sounding like someone else’s and put the glass back on the night table before twisting in bed so he could hug Tobin. Tobin just shifted one of his arms and put it around Arthur’s body, while Arthur just hid in Tobin’s side with an arm around his waist, glancing up to the magazine he was reading. ‘’What happened yesterday?’’ Arthur then asked and looked up to Tobin who had a frown on his face as he read something.

‘’You came home stone faced yesterday, that’s what happened.’’ Tobin said and laughed some before flipping the page of the magazine. ‘’Bet you had a good time with Cobb.’’ Tobin hummed, but sounded obviously less pleased then earlier. Arthur nodded some and hid back in Tobin’s side again.

‘’I love you.’’ Arthur then whispered, feeling horrible over the fact that he went out, got pushed up against a wall and returned the kiss that Eames gave him. And then Tobin treated him this nicely, it only made the guilt grow inside of him.

‘’I love you to.’’ Tobin murmured, even if he sounded a bit distracted. Arthur dried his cheek and then looked up to the magazine, trying to catch on the article that Tobin was reading, even if it held countless of terms that Arthur couldn’t understand. But Tobin did and that was the important part.


‘’Hold on a second here. You went out on your own, without Tobin hanging over your shoulder and even went as far as lying in order to be allowed to go out?’’ Robert asked on a surprised tone and shifted his chair closer so he practically was sitting right next to Arthur. Arthur nodded and tried to move away, but his chair refused to move. ‘’Wow.’’

Arthur nodded again and moved his hand up to his eyes to rub them. The whole weekend had been horrible, even if Tobin had been nice to him, cuddly, sweet talking him and just generally loving him. It was as if Tobin hadn’t even considered hitting him and never would do so. And then Arthur had lied, ran off to Eames just to wind up kissing the other man. Every touch that Tobin had given Arthur, made him feel more disappointed and disgusted with himself. So sick that he had to vomit several times more during the weekend and blamed it all on the hangover so Tobin wouldn’t get suspicious.

Because the disappointment Tobin would feel towards Arthur wouldn’t be merciful.

Dom just looked at Arthur, his pen by his lips. And Arthur could feel what Dom wanted to say out loud, and was grateful that he didn’t do say it. The last thing Arthur needed on top of it all was to hear ‘You shouldn’t have to lie in order to go out.’

Arthur looked up to the clock, now biting on his thumbnail in a move that Tobin often did when he was thinking. Only five more minutes before he could leave. ‘’So who did you go out with?’’ Robert asked, smirking widely to Arthur and leaned back in his chair.

‘’Just some guy I know.’’ Arthur answered, it wasn’t a lie, and it didn’t tell Robert that much which was exactly what he wanted. He pushed his chair back and started cleaning up his desk, preparing to leave and prayed to god that Robert wouldn’t come with a follow up question.

‘’And just who is this guy?’’ Robert asked, scooting closer to Arthur again who once more pressed his hand against his eyes to force back the tears. That so wasn’t the question he wanted to hear. ‘’Do we know him?’’ Robert urged and poked Arthur in his ribs with his elbow which made him flinch.

‘’Fischer leave him alone.’’ Dom shot in and glared to Robert. Robert pouted some with his lips, then shook his head and returned to his own desk.

‘’No you don’t.’’ Arthur managed to say and stood up, pulling his coat over his shoulders now. ‘’And leave it by that.’’ He snapped to Robert as he signed out of his computer.

‘’Arthur?’’ Dom said, making Arthur stop in his movements and look to the floor. Not quite sure if he wanted to hear what the other had to say, his words could sting badly if Dom wanted them to. ‘’You are welcome to come and stay at mine and Mal’s place, any time needed. Remember that.’’ Dom said on a surprisingly soft tone. Arthur smiled weakly and nodded a couple of times.

‘’Thanks.’’ Arthur said and looked down again. And with that he left the office, soon followed by the building. But once on the pavement he stopped walking. Eames would be at the park, and Arthur wouldn’t be able to face him since last Friday.

Arthur rubbed his face and then stopped a taxi. It would be expensive, but he avoided Eames and he could get Tobin on a good mood and maybe, just maybe Tobin wouldn’t notice Arthur’s own horrible mood and wouldn’t question him.


Eames checked his watch again for the fourth time ever since he sat down on the bench. 16,35. Normally Arthur would already have joined him in around him in about thirty minutes ago. But now he still wasn’t there and left Eames waiting on a bench while freezing his hands off.

‘’Do you think he’s working over?’’ Eames asked Fluff and looked down to the dog, who had placed himself between Arthur’s legs to sleep since the lack of movement he made. So he wasn’t any fun to look at and play with, master would only look back to the same bushes over and over again. ‘’Or do you think he stood up on us?’’ Eames asked, and now Fluff woke up and gave Eames a gaze.

‘’You think he stood up on us.’’ Eames repeated and looked up to the sky. Fluff stood up and barked, wagging his tail. Now it was fun again, master gave him attention again even if he just talked and sounded bummed. Then Fluff jumped up to the bench, just so he could sneak under Eames arm.

Eames chuckled and rubbed his hands together to warm them before he then stroked Fluff’s fur. ‘’I just wanted to apologize you know?’’ Eames said, Fluff whined some and crawled more onto Eames lap for more attention. ‘’I didn’t know he was seeing someone, he never mentioned that he had a boyfriend, and after allowing those touches I just assumed-‘’ Fluff’s bark cut Eames of his sentence, so Eames just looked at him. ‘’You hungry?’’

Fluff whined and nervously shifted in Eames lap, tail wagging. Eames chuckled some and kissed Fluff on his head. ‘’Come on, let’s head home. We’ll catch him tomorrow instead.’’ Eames said and put Fluff on the ground, stood up and walked away.


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1. Happily valentines day!(for those who actually celebrate it)

And here is the link to Part four


oh my god the excruciating pain I feel for reading and for their feelings!
I'm just gonna go in a corner and cry. thanks though for amazing ficness
You're absolutely welcome :3 Thank you for reading!
awwwwwwwwwwwwwwww Fluff!!!
Poor Eames...I feel sorry for Arthur...but I reckon Tobin will beat him up and he'll go to Dom's :D
I'm not going to spoil anything of what will happen, you'll just have to keep reading :)
Thanks for reading this part!
Lol I totally understand...I'll be waiting :D
Ola, hold on, some lurking revealed that we both have interest in Jrock, such surprise :D
LMAO I saw you had a Kyo icon one time...annnnnnnnnnd I love the GazettE and yeah...jrock. Lol you lurker you!!

Edited at 2011-02-14 12:25 am (UTC)
Could it be this one perhaps? :P I removed it of my standard one due the fact that I'm hardly active in the fandom there and quit writing Jrock fics when a writersblock came along... devilish thing....
Oh I think it is :D
You should've carried on writing it!! I love Die and Reita :D ...as a pairing and then I so think Aoi and Die are brothers XDD And Kyo and Die is my Diru OTP.

Edited at 2011-02-14 07:15 pm (UTC)
I would if I could. It's rather hard to keep going with it if you don't have the inspiration for it.

Not that into Gazette, more into Diru. But yes. Kyo Die is very nice, though my favorite is Kyo Kaoru actually. Although it was Kyo Die for the longest time
Inspiration sadness T_T I provide lots of photos and if you get me on a roll I can go on for a long long time XDD

Ahh Gaze~ My favourite ^^
I don't really like Señor MooMoo aka Kaoru...he seems really serious u.u
Señor MooMoo... now that's one I shall remember. Always serious indeed, Leader-sama for a reason
XD my friend like said it and I was like "...what the fuck!?" then she explained the logic behind it lol.

But Gazette leader's so smiley 8DDD I think I prefer the socially reclusive Kyo ^^
Must agree on that one, Kyo any day if you ask me as well.
And his trusty sexually deviant and hair-styling guru, Die
Now that made me burst out laughing xD
Grn. Je veux encore plus! MOAR pls.
More to read will be posted tomorrow, so keep your eyes open. Thanks for reading :)
I was happy to see that the next part of this was up. It's really shaping together nicely, and I like that this time you showed the nicer side of Tobin, so that we can see why Arthur still loves him. Another really great chapter and I'm looking forward to the next one.
Glad to hear that you liked it. And about Tobin, yes, it's quite a necessary part to show if you ask me. Personally I quite like Tobin, if you remove his abusive side of course.

The next part will be posted tomorrow actually so keep your eyes open :)