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JGL Manic 2

Just love me - Part 4

Title –  Just love me - Part 4
Author – sid_vicious_03 
Rating –  NC17
Pairings – Eames/Arthur, Arthur/OC
Word count  6048
Warnings –
Cursing, sex, extreme abuse, violation of human rights, etc
Disclaimers – I don’t own Inception or any of the characters, sadly, but i do own the story.
Notes   Are at the fic- Previous parts: Part one, Part two, Part three

Summary –
     Arthur is in an abusive relationship. But he doesn't mind, he loves Tobin and he knows that Tobin loves him. Despite his... issues. Arthur does his best to live after Tobin's rules and way of life. But sometimes life happens, sometimes Eames and Fluff happens.


‘’What’s on your mind?’’ Tobin asked, poking some at the pasta that Arthur had made with his fork. The food tasted good but Arthur could better and Tobin knew it, yet it wasn’t bad enough to complain about it. He looked to Arthur and stopped poking his food. Arthur was ignoring him and chose to give him no answer. ‘’Arthur.’’ Tobin said louder which made Arthur look up and shift nervously. ‘’What’s on your mind?’’

‘’Nothing.’’ Arthur said and smiled very weakly to Tobin. ‘’I’m just very tired, that’s all. Sorry. I should head to bed early today.’’ Arthur murmured then and rubbed his temple a bit, really hoping that Tobin would leave it by that. He didn’t want any more questions about it all since he couldn’t blame it on a hangover anymore. And he didn’t want to displease Tobin, he wouldn’t be able to lie to him anymore and Tobin was like his god. Tobin would hate him for sure.

‘’Arthur.’’ Tobin said then, not sounding happy now which made Arthur tense up his entire body so much that it actually hurt. ‘’What’s on your mind? Tell me now, you know I don’t like secrets.’’ Tobin said on that tone that made it sound like he didn’t care about it, but Arthur knew that his answer mattered the whole world to him so he had to watch his words. Arthur placed his silverware down and swallowed.

‘’Tobin I want you to know that I’m really sorry! I feel awful about it and I would never do it again I swear! I’m sorry and I love you baby please.’’ Arthur said, sounding more panicked for each word. And Tobin just remained seated, not even looking to Arthur which felt like a punishment itself.

‘’What did you do?’’ Tobin asked and looked at Arthur who felt like whimpering under the gaze alone. ‘’Arthur.’’ Tobin said when he found that his answer didn’t come fast enough.

‘’I lied!’’ Arthur said, nearly shrieking the words. ‘’I’m sorry but I didn’t go out with Mal and Dom. I went out with two friends.’’ Arthur confessed, not a lie, but not the entire truth either. And after that evening Arthur did consider Yusuf as one of his friends. Tobin didn’t say anything, he just put down his silverware and stood up, making Arthur tense up.

‘’Tobin I’m sorry, I really am please don’t be mad at me.’’ Arthur whimpered, begging t Tobin who placed his hand on Arthurs shoulder. Then Tobin gripped a hold of Arthurs shirt and forced him up with such a force that Arthur’s chair fell back. ‘’Please don’t be mad at me, I’m sorry I really am I won’t do it again I promise, cross my heart and hope to die.’’ Arthur said, repeating the same things over and over and hoped that Tobin would hear them. He moved his hands up to Tobin’s cheeks to stroke his skin which was his mistake.

Tobin just slapped him across his face, the same way he always did when he didn’t want Arthur to touch him. ‘’Don’t touch me.’’ Tobin growled on a murderous tone. Arthur looked down and nodded, feeling the tears burn in his eyes. ‘’I love you baby, how could you do this? How could you lie to me?’’ Tobin questioned and loosened the grip of Arthur’s shoulder but kept his hand there.

Arthur chocked back his tears, just wanting to cry and let the horrible feeling take over, but not yet, not while Tobin was talking. ‘’I really wanted to go, and I know you wouldn’t have let me go otherwise.’’ Arthur confessed, and Tobin kept staring at him with that very same gaze.

‘’You are going to clean up this mess while I go out and figure out a decent punishment for you. And when you are done cleaning the mess, then you will sit down on the couch, not moving a muscle until I come back you hear me!?’’ Tobin said loudly and gave Arthur the lecturing finger. Arthur nodded and now really had to struggle to keep his tears inside, his eyes were burning, but if he started crying Tobin would get madder at him then he already was. Just until Tobin had left.

‘’Good.’’ Tobin murmured, then he looked out of the window, quickly deciding on it before he looked back to Arthur. Then he made his move, He gave Arthur a punch by his jaw, once more starting that burning feeling Arthur had just days ago. The next punch he got was by his eye which surely would become a black eye.

The third punch was by his stomach which made Arthur double over and then fall to the ground, just to revise a kick in his ribs and god, Arthur was sure he both felt and heard some ribs break. He nearly did scream, but thanked god that he managed to keep it inside or he would have gotten another kick.

‘’Have the mess cleaned up before I get home.’’ Tobin said again, and with that he turned around and left Arthur lying on the floor. It took him a good five minutes to even get up to a sitting position because of the exploding pain in his chest. Then another five minutes was required just to stand up. Cleaning the table was one of the most painful experiences that Arthur ever had felt, especially when his ribs started to hurt more and more for every breath he took.

Once he was finished, he took a quick look in the mirror. His eye was already tuning blue as was his jaw, but nothing was swelling up which he thanked god for, he still could go to work tomorrow. Then he moved over to the couch and sat down, not moving a muscle mostly since he couldn’t feel the pain in his ribs that much if he sat still.

And it wasn’t until four hours later, a little bit past eleven that Tobin came back home, taking his time before he got to Arthur who during that moment had enough of time to wake up from his pain filled sleep.

‘’I really don’t want you to lie to me baby.’’ Tobin said and sat down on the table in front of Arthur. ‘’Look at your pretty face, you don’t want me to ruin it do you?’’ Tobin asked on a low tone and stroked Arthurs bruises with light fingers. ‘’Do you?’’ Tobin asked and now looked into Arthur’s eyes.

‘’No.’’ Arthur answered, voice hoarse. ‘’I don’t want that. I’m so sorry Tobin.’’ Arthur started out with, Tobin nodded and pressed his lips against Arthur’s to make him shut up, but then pulled away before Arthur returned the kiss.

‘’I know.’’ Tobin said and leaned back, keeping his gaze on Arthur. ‘’And I’m not mad at you anymore. But you have to get punished anyway. You need to learn not to do it again, you understand that don’t you?’’ Tobin asked, Arthur nodded. ‘’Good.’’ Tobin murmured and kissed Arthur on his temple.

‘’Take of your shirt.’’ Tobin commanded and nodded towards Arthur. And Arthur obeyed what he said and unbuttoned his shirt, then let it slide over his shoulders so it hit the couch behind him, hissing when he felt Tobin stroke his fingers over his ribs. If that was enough, then Tobin had to have broken them. ‘’Did I kick you to hard?’’ Tobin asked then, but Arthur shook his head as a return, even if his mind screamed yes.

‘’You decide what to hard is, I have no say.’’ Arthur murmured, seeing Tobin smirk which was a good sign. It was exactly what Tobin wanted to hear.

‘’Maybe it was too hard, you are turning blue here.’’ Tobin pointed out and kissed them, which practically made Arthur whimper. But Tobin paid no attention and sat straight up again, looking at Arthur. ‘’Turn your side to me.’’ He then commanded, having Arthur shift so he had turned his side to him, Tobin moved his fingers and stroked Arthur’s arm.

‘’You really shouldn’t have lied to me, If you had told me the truth I just might have let you go.’’ Tobin murmured then. ‘’But now you lied, and It’s going to take a long time before I might allow you to go out on your own again.’’ Tobin said and kissed Arthur’s naked shoulder.

‘’Now, you’re going to have to sit entirely still now. If you move, you just will mess things up.’’ Tobin told him then, catching Arthurs gaze. Arthur swallowed, feeling his insides turn to ice but nodded nonetheless to what he said, even if he didn’t like the look in Tobin’s eyes. Tobin shifted some and pulled out a box cutter knife from his pocket, making Arthur widen his eyes.

‘’And no screaming either, I don’t want to hear a sound coming from you.’’ Tobin said, the metal now becoming visible between the red plastic. Arthur nodded, even if all he wanted to do was push Tobin away and leave, but he couldn’t. Arthur had to let Tobin do this so he would forgive him. Tobin smirked some.

‘’It will all be over in a minute baby.’’ Tobin said and shifted a bit as he took Arthur’s arm and pulled it a bit to him. Arthur looked away and pressed his eyes closed, clenching his hand shut and tensing every muscle in his body before Tobin even had pressed the blade to his skin.

Arthur didn’t react much when he felt the tip of the blade getting pressed down on his skin, it just stung awfully bad. It wasn’t until Tobin actually moved the blade that it hurt, all of a sudden his arm was burning and every nerve of his body just wanted to move together. He wanted to scream and pull his arm away, but managed to remain silent and let Tobin hold his arm, even if it was shaking lightly.

It seemed to take an eternity for Tobin to finish doing what he’s doing, and during that time Arthur found it a wonder he hadn’t lost it from the pain he felt everywhere in his body. Then Tobin stopped, removed the box cutter and put it on the table before he leaned over to kiss Arthur’s cheek.

‘’Leave it like it is, don’t clean it. Let it scar baby, so you’ll remember.’’ Tobin said and stroked his fingers over Arthur’s back. ‘’Now read what it says.’’ He whispered to him. Arthur nodded again and shifted his still trembling arm so he still could look at whatever Tobin had carved into his arm. And the sight alone almost made him whimper alone, feeling a sick feeling wash over him.

‘’I.’’ Arthur said but needed to swallow again. ‘’I am not allowed to tell lies.’’ Arthur then managed to say out loud on a voice that didn’t shake that much. Tobin smirked a bit and kissed Arthur on his cheek again.

‘’Good.’’ Tobin said and stood up. ‘’I’m quite sure that you won’t do it again now, right?’’ Tobin said and stroked his fingers through Arthur’s hair. Arthur smiled weakly and nodded, then leaned to rest his temple against Tobin’s stomach, just to be close to him. And Tobin kept stroking his hair, toying with it in a gentle touch. ‘’Come on baby, let’s head to bed.’’

Arthur nodded and stood up, even if his ribs still throbbed, and his arm had joined in with the painful experience and all Arthur wanted was to go and clean the wounds. But since Tobin didn’t want that, he let it be. He followed Tobin into the bedroom, holding his hand until Tobin started stripping down for bed.

Arthur changed as well, but it went a lot slower now then otherwise. And he had even added a t-shirt for the night since he didn’t want Tobin to stare at the color on his ribs or the carving on his arm. And when he joined in bed, Tobin was reading another old timer magazine again. Arthur moved to Tobin’s side and moved an arm over his stomach, just like he always did when Tobin wanted to read and Arthur couldn’t sleep yet.

But now falling asleep would be hard, Arthur could feel his ribs throbbing and actually felt like crying from pain. But he knew about broken ribs, nobody could help him about it, he just had to endure it for now. And half an hour later, Arthur couldn’t stand the silence anymore. ‘’I love you.’’ He murmured.

Tobin smiled a bit and closed the magazine, put it on the night table, turned off the lamp on it and shifted down to Arthur to kiss him. ‘’I love you to baby, And I’m sorry, but I have to do this.’’ Tobin whispered and stroked his thumb over Arthur’s bruised jaw. Arthur nodded a little bit and smiled weakly.

‘’It’s okey, I deserve it.’’ Arthur answered. Tobin nodded some and gave Arthur a kiss again, then just rested their temples together and closed his eyes, keeping his arm around Arthur’s waist just below his bruised ribs. ‘’Tobin?’’ Arthur then asked carefully and stroked his fingers into Tobin’s hair to keep him relaxed.

’’Mm.’’ Tobin murmured, raising his eyebrows slightly but kept his eyes closed. Arthur shifted a bit closer and did his best not to hiss in pain, he just hoped that Tobin wouldn’t get madder at him then he already was.

‘’Why, why do you hit me?’’ Arthur then asked on a low tone and watched Tobin open his eyes and look to him. Yet he didn’t look mad so Arthur felt a bit calmer. Then Tobin’s move surprised Arthur. He moved closer and hid under Arthur’s jaw, just holding Arthur carefully as if he was fully aware of how much pain Arthur had in his ribs.

‘’My dad used to do it on my mom. He hit her whenever he wasn’t happy with what she did. And it solved every problem in their relationship. It has solved every problem in my relationships as well.’’ He said then and kissed the skin on Arthur’s neck.

Arthur nodded slightly, still toying with Tobin’s hair, now feeling bad for him instead of himself.


‘’Jesus Christ Arthur whatever happened to you?’’ Dom said, completely forgetting about the clients which were seated right in front of him. Dom’s jaw dropped slightly and his hands started trembling slightly. The couple in front of him turned to look over their shoulders and saw Arthur, the woman of them gasping and then leaned over to her husband to whisper something in his ear.

‘’Fuck.’’ Robert murmured under his breath and just like Dom, lost all attention in what he was doing which was a game of Tetris on his computer screen. Arthur just wanted to sink down through the ground when the others started staring at him like that so he pulled up his collar. Maybe, just maybe it was enough to cover up the bruise by his jaw.

‘’It’s nothing really.’’ Arthur murmured and walked over to his own desk, a bit too quick since the ribs once more started aching just as bad as the day before. He sat down in his chair and directly pulled the calendar over to himself, praying to god that he didn’t have any clients to take care of.

Robert and Dom exchanged gaze, in which it ended with Dom trying to get the attention back from his clients while Robert silently moved over to Arthur until he was right next to him. ‘’Arthur.’’ Robert started with, flinching himself when Arthur did so. ‘’What happened?’’ Robert asked on a low tone and pulled his chair closer so he could sit down next to Arthur.

Arthur shook his head and typed the password onto his keyboard and then looked up to the screen. ‘’None of your business Fischer, leave me alone.’’ Arthur said then and put his hand on the computer mouse while he was signing in. Robert looked to Dom again who shook his head and gave Robert a gaze that he interpreted with ‘if you leave him alone now I will kill you’ so Robert looked back to Arthur and put his arm around Arthur’s back which had him flinch again. ‘’Don’t touch me.’’

Robert nodded a bit and looked down. ‘’Let’s go somewhere else to talk about it, so they don’t hear.’’ Robert said and moved his arm around Arthur’s back again. This time however, Arthur’s reaction was more violent; he pushed himself away from Robert and slammed Roberts arm away from himself.

‘’I said don’t touch me!’’ Arthur said loudly to Robert, stealing the attention from Dom’s clients once more. His breathing had gotten ragged from it all and he moved a hand to his ribs, wanting to press down to perhaps make the pain duller but he had done that before and he had learned his lesson.

‘’Okay, I’m sorry.’’ Robert said and showed both his hands to Arthur in hope of the fact that it would make him calm down. Arthur shook his head and looked back to the computer screen, now just waiting for his virus scan to pop up so he could start working.

‘’Arthur, what happened?’’ Robert asked on a low tone and shifted closer, but never touched Arthur. Arthur never gave him more of a reaction but just simply shaking his head. ‘’Please Arthur, it’s obvious something happened, just tell me.’’ Robert urged then, this time Arthur didn’t shake his head, he did nothing, he had even stopped typing.

‘’He found out. Tobin found out.’’ Arthur said simply, then he took a deep breath and continued typing and looked up to the screen, making a face when he realized he was doing the wrong thing in the wrong document. That thought alone was enough to make the tears burn in Arthur’s eyes and make him feel hopeless once again.

‘’He found out what?’’ Robert asked on a soft tone, his hand once more wanting to put itself on Arthur’s back but he had to resist himself from it. ‘’Arthur?’’ Robert asked but Arthur shook his head again.

Robert nearly sighed in defeat from it, but he couldn’t. He always let Arthur win and now he couldn’t let him win. Not this time. Robert leaned back in his chair and just looked at Arthur, taking in the bruises he had on his face. Then when Robert leaned closer to speak again, he got cut off before he had the chance to open his mouth.

‘’Arthur? Saito would like to speak with you.’’ A female voice said which made both Arthur and Robert look up to her, and Robert could literally feel how Arthur tensed up right next to him. She smiled weakly to him and remained waiting in the doorway for Arthur to stand up.

‘’I’m sure that it’s all going to be alright.’’ Robert then told Arthur, who nodded but looked terrified as he stood up. Arthur followed the woman to the elevator, then leaned against the wall as the elevator took him up to the top floor of the building. The woman looked over her shoulder again as the doors opened and smiled weakly to Arthur again, then nodded out to the hallway. Arthur nodded and stepped out to the hallway, slowly moving to Saito’s office and wanted nothing more than to just turn around and run away. But he wouldn’t get very far with that, there was too much pain for him really.

Arthur knocked on Saito’s door, waiting for a sign to come inside, and when he heard his boss speak up he opened the door and slowly walked inside, making sure that he closed the door behind himself and went to sit down in front of Saito. Feeling nervous as fuck over what his boss would say, and he couldn’t figure it out either. Saito just looked at Arthur, fingers folded together and hands on his desk.

‘’We are all seeing it happen Arthur, there is no point in denying it.’’ Saito said, keeping his firm gaze at Arthur who took his chance in avoiding Saito’s gaze by looking down. ‘’And I can’t afford you coming to work looking like that.’’ Saito added.

‘’Of course, I’m sorry.’’ Arthur murmured, feeling how his gut was sinking down, that was it. He was seconds away from losing his job; years of work would vanish just like that.

Saito shifted in his chair and opened one of his drawers. Taking out what looked like a business card and handed it over to Arthur who took it with hesitating hands. When he flipped it to look at it, he noticed that it wasn’t one of Saito’s business card. But a card with numbers to it which made him blush slightly, he couldn’t remember the last time he was this embarrassed.

‘’Take some time off, come back when your bruises are gone.’’ Saito said, then pressed down a button on his phone which started dialing out loud since it was on speakers, barely after two rings the person in order spoke up, the same female voice from earlier. ‘’Sally? Could you get Mr. Cobb for me?’’ Saito said. His secretary agreed and barely a second later the phone was dialing again. Arthur tensed up, his chest starting to hurt in the process.

‘’Don’t worry.’’ Saito ensured him just the second before Dom picked up his phone.

‘’Hello?’’ Dom murmured, sounding obviously tired which made Arthur smile a little bit.

‘’Mr. Cobb.’’ Saito said, and Arthur could literally hear how Dom shot awake and shifted so suddenly in his chair that he probably was just fragments away from falling of his chair.

‘’Ah Mr. Saito!’’ Dom said, a lot louder then he probably had intended.

‘’I would like for you and Mr. Fischer to take Mr. Cullinhan to the hospital and send the bills to the bank. I will not allow Cullinhan to stand for such medical expenses.’’ Saito said, glancing to Arthur as he spoke so Arthur wouldn’t interfere. ‘’I believe that Johnson and Shea have no clients for the day so tell them to take over. And If they ask why, tell them because I said so. Be ready to leave as soon as Mr. Cullinhan comes downstairs again.’’ Saito said before he hung up on Dom, folded his fingers together and kept his gaze on Arthur for some seconds of silence.

‘’Look Arthur, I can’t have you working here all beat up. This is the only time I’ll let it pass. But if you return beat up again? Then I’m afraid I’m going to have to let you go.’’ Saito spoke slowly, to make sure that Arthur really would understand his words. Arthur nodded.

‘’I understand.’’ He said, mind already spinning of how he would have to tell Tobin about this. He needed to know, otherwise he would be even more mad when Arthur ended up without a job. Tobin would have to calm down, and if he had to punish him again, then he would have to focus on other parts of his body and leave his face alone.

‘’Now go down. I believe your friends are waiting for you so you can go and get checked up.’’ Saito said, Arthur gave him a nod and stood up. Arthur left Saito’s office and walked down the hallway again where he called for the elevator.

Once he stood in the elevator, he hesitated to push the button that would take him to the floor where Dom and Robert where waiting. Facing them wouldn’t make anything easier really, and having them come with him to the hospital was all worse. But there was no escape, Arthur bit down on his lower lip and pressed down the button. Barely thirty seconds had later the doors opened and he saw Dom get up from the edge of a plant. Robert just turned his head to look at him and smiled weakly.

Both men were dressed in their trench coats and where ready to leave unfortunately. Arthur looked down and walked over to them, not saying a word when they asked him what Saito had said. In the end Dom gave up on trying to get Arthur to talk and led them both to the car. Robert climbed up front next to Dom and Arthur was happy in the back.

Robert kept talking to him, trying to cheer him up and tried to make him talk. Dom just remained silent since he knew that was exactly what Arthur wanted, not talking. And he kept it that way until they got inside the hospital until Dom started talking to a nurse, saying he wanted a full body check on Arthur which made his insides turn cold.

Arthur could live with the thought that Dom and Robert saw the bruises on his face, but the least thing he wanted them to know was that it still hurt to breathe after that kick. Dom would freak out if he found out that Tobin had served him such a kick.

Arthur followed Dom, Robert and the nurse, doing everything they asked for and it didn’t take long before they realized that his ribcage had some sort of damage. So after all the other checkups the nurse had kindly asked him to remove his shirt so they could do some x-rays before leaving them. Arthur kept sitting on the hospital bed and made no movement to get rid of his shirt. If he removed it Dom, Robert and even the freaking doctor and nurse would notice the carvings on his arm which didn’t look that good this morning.

‘’Arthur please. Take of your shirt and make it easy for all of us. We know that you don’t want to do this and b here.’’ Dom said with a well hidden hint of annoyance in his voice that he had probably gotten while raising James and Phillipa. Robert just nodded in agreement looked to Arthur who caught himself whimpering at the idea. ‘’Please, they have to check out your ribs.’’ Dom said, which made Arthur nod.

‘’Okey.’’ Arthur agreed, just because he saw no way away from it all. Dom would find out eventually and he was even more screwed then for hiding it for him. Arthur shifted back a bit in the bed and moved his hands to his collar but didn’t open any buttons yet. ‘’Just don’t judge me.’’ Arthur said on a low tone before he started to open his shirt.

Both Robert and Dom nodded despite that they knew they would hate the size of his bruise, they didn’t react to it. But once Arthur had let the shirt slide down of his shoulders and behind him, Dom reacted.

‘’What the hell did he do with your arm!’’ Dom said loudly and jumped of his chair to get over to Arthur and took his arms so he could read the words carved into his skin. ‘’Jesus Christ Arthur.’’ Dom muttered when he realized what it said. Arthur made out a whining noise and pulled his arm out of his grip and covered the bruise with his arm.

‘’I lied to him okey! I deserved it!’’ Arthur said loudly and shifted away from him. Dom sighed and let his hand flow through his hair. ‘’Just let them check my ribs. Forget about it.’’ Arthur said and looked away. ‘’I’m not going to press any charges anywhere and I’ll sleep right next to him tonight. He’ll be pissed enough by just knowing that I was at the hospital.’’ Arthur murmured on a low tone and looked down, keeping his hand on the carvings especially when the nurse entered.

And Arthur kept his hand there until he had a lie to tell to the nurse and kept it there for a little longer. He followed her and once more did as he was instructed to get the x-rays right. Then he was returned to the room where he nicely got dressed again as the doctors got the x-rays.

‘’You have to leave him.’’ Dom said on a low tone and looked down, then moved his gaze to Arthur. Robert nodded in agreement and started toying with a loose thread on his trench coat. Arthurs shook his head.

‘’No, I’m not leaving him.’’ Arthur replied and started buttoning the buttons by his wrist. ‘’I love him Dom, and he loves me.’’ Dom growled.

‘’Don’t’ fool yourself Arthur. How can he love you and do all this to you?’’ Dom asked and looked to Arthur, only to get a pissed of glare in return.

‘’I am not leaving him Dom!’’ Arthur said, louder this time which even caught Dom of guard. Arthur took a deep breath and looked back to his sleeve. ‘’I’m not leaving him.’’ Arthur said on a much lower tone and sat down again, hating how the bandage felt against his arm.

Dom sighed heavily and sat down in his own chair while Robert remained standing against the wall, still playing with the loose thread. The doctor came back inside to them, informing Arthur that he had gotten two cracked ribs, but that he just had to wait for them to heal on its own, just like the other bruises. And the doctor had silently informed Arthur that the carvings on his arm would scar.

Arthur had just swallowed and nodded, just what Tobin wanted. The car ride back to the bank wasn’t much more social then the ride to the hospital. And as soon as Arthur got out of the car he declared that he wanted to be alone, specially directed to Fischer and walked away from them.

Even if it hurt he managed to find a somewhat comfortable pace in the walking, ignoring that the clouds in the sky went from nonexistent, to existent. From clear white, to grey, and to then eventually black.

Once Arthur reached the park, he needed to take a break and sat down by the park bench in front of the fountain to catch his breath again even if it sounded to others that Arthur was unable to breathe. But he was alone and managed to get his breathing settled again. He couldn’t help but start thinking about Tobin.

Tobin would see that he had gotten his arm cleaned, and he was smart so it would just be a matter of seconds before Tobin would have figured out what exactly had happened to Arthur and that he had been to the hospital. And since he already was bruised up, especially by his ribs Tobin wouldn’t hesitate to give him another kick.

And he had to go home as well, he couldn’t stay away from Tobin because then he would be more pissed off. But if he got home, Tobin would make him strip out of his shirt at one point and notice that he had a bandage around his arm. He would get a beating whatever he tried.

That little thought alone made him panic more than anything else around him. He pressed his eyes closed and hugged himself, leaning forward until he felt his temple hit his knees. This wasn’t how he had gotten to know Tobin and it wasn’t the Tobin that he had fallen head over heels with, but yet it was the Tobin he couldn’t leave because of the simple fact that he loved him.

He had first met Tobin at the bank, he had come to the bank with his current girlfriend asking for a loan. She was a pretty girl, Arthur couldn’t remember that much over her besides that she was pretty, shy and only talked when she was being talked to. And now Arthur understood why. Tobin had been charming, actively flirting with Arthur despite having his girlfriend right next to him.

By the next meeting, Tobin arrived alone for it. Explaining that he had been fighting with his girlfriend and that they had broken up. They got the loan fixed for what Tobin had arrived for, and then Arthur ended up just talking with him for a quarter, by then Tobin had talked him into a drink. He had figured, why not, the other man was clearly interested and just based on his looks he would have to search for ages until he found someone up to those standards again.

Two days later, they met up for that drink and even if Arthur fancied Tobin, just a drink and nothing more. He didn’t want to seem too easy. But what a lie that was. Barely two hours later were they back at Tobin’s apartment, ripping one another’s clothes of in a hurried trip to his bedroom what was closely followed by some hours of the best sex Arthur had ever had in his life.

Tobin talked Arthur into staying that morning, and the day after that. And then his weekend was used up and he had to go back to work. They had decided on several more encounters though, and it didn’t take long for Arthur to call Tobin his boyfriend. Tobin was the sweetest and most dedicated boyfriend he ever had. He was patient with Arthur’s hobbies and at one point even tried to learn chess.

Things stayed that way and he loved being around Tobin, and then Tobin had planned them a trip to go snowboarding after they had been together for about three months. And there Tobin had tried to learn him to snowboard but he had failed miserably. Yet they had a fantastic time together and Arthur still kept that picture they had taken in his wallet. But during that vacation was also the first time Tobin had bruised his skin like he now used to do.

Arthur should have left which was his first thought, but Tobin and that damn manipulating and sweet talking made Arthur accept it, let it pass and stay with him, even if the bruise had hurt for five days.

By the time Arthur had thought all of that over the rain was pouring out of the sky and had soaked his clothes. His hair that was otherwise so neatly slicked back had now given up staying put due the heavy amount of rain, bringing him back to his morning hairdo but with wet hair. He knew he probably should be freezing to death, but he just couldn’t find the will to care. He had started crying again anyway

There was no perspective of time as he sat there; shaking and crying his heart out, crying out all the sorrows he’d wanted to cry out ever since Tobin first had hit him. And he probably would have kept crying if it wasn’t for a far too familiar voice he had been trying to avoid.

‘’Arthur?’’ Arthur looked up and saw Eames standing there in a not so charming yellow rain jacket, his own hair as wet as Arthur which made him look like a drenched rat. But that was nothing compared to how Fluff looked right next to him on that leash. His fur which otherwise always stood up was now nearly completely flat. He barked when he saw Arthur and ran to him for as much as the leash allowed him.

‘’Jesus Christ what happened to you? You look horrible.’’ Eames said and sat down right next to Arthur and would have moved his arm around him if it wasn’t for the fact that Arthur moved away. Fluff now ran up to Arthur’s knees and stood up just so he could lick him in his face.

Arthur whimpered some and picked Fluff up from the ground and put him in his lap so he could hug the puppy. ‘’Arthur?’’ Eames said again on a softer tone, but Arthur didn’t answer again. He just buried his nose in the wet fur of Fluff and kept crying. ‘’For god’s sake please, just talk to me, what’s wrong?’’

Arthur shook his head, still holding Fluff closely to himself and the otherwise so hyperactive puppy had seemingly no intention of moving at all. Eames just looked at Arthur, wanting to stroke his back so bad, but all he could do right now was watch and nothing else.


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Agreed with that.
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Oh, Arthur... Thank God everyone else finally stepped in, but I have a feeling Tobin's not finished yet.
Well, it's far from finished ;)
Arthur - dear Arthur - I have a horrible feeling things are going to get worse before they get better.
This is breaking my heart but I can't stop reading.
He doesn't have it easy, unfortunately. More will be posted soon and thanks for reading!
Another fantastic chapter. This was so heartbreaking and I could really feel Arthur's pain. I'm really looking forward to reading the next chapter, which I'm off to do now. I'm intrigued about what Eames is going to do...
Really hope that the next chapter also will be to your liking, part 6 will be updated soon later on the day so there will be more to read :)

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god I was so sad cos I haven't seen this updated!Until Part seven and I was like WHAAAAT

and now I'm like teary-eyed because I know why Arthur refuses to leave and oh it's not that easy as it would seem.
I think a crying Arthur became my new muse.
Then you've got some catching up to do, but hey, more to read right ;)
Damn, I honestly cried reading this part. Especially when that jerk Tobin started cutting him. He's such a monster!

I just want to shake some sense into Arthur but his poor self is shattered enough. Hope Eames begins to show Arthur reason and real love soon <3
Aaaw, don't cry! *hands tissues*

You'll see how it goes if you keep reading, luckily the whole thing is completed :3 Thanks for reading up until here though!