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JGL Manic 2

Just love me - Part 5/11

Title –  Just love me - Part 5/11
Author – sid_vicious_03 
Rating –  NC17
Pairings – Eames/Arthur, Arthur/OC
Word count  5395
Warnings –
Cursing, sex, extreme abuse, violation of human rights, etc
Disclaimers – I don’t own Inception or any of the characters, sadly, but i do own the story.
Notes   Are at the fic- Previous parts: Part one, Part two, Part three, Part four

Summary –
     Arthur is in an abusive relationship. But he doesn't mind, he loves Tobin and he knows that Tobin loves him. Despite his... issues. Arthur does his best to live after Tobin's rules and way of life. But sometimes life happens, sometimes Eames and Fluff happens.


After about having watched Arthur cry for a quarter, Eames finally managed to let Arthur put Fluff back on the ground and slip an arm around his body to help him up. Getting terrified once he heard Arthur hiss over a touch by his ribs. But Eames switched his grip and soon he was helping Arthur to walk even if it wasn’t really needed.

Fluff constantly ran around their feet, hoping for them to play a game but for once Eames ignored him as he led Arthur all the way home to his apartment. He tried talking to him but Arthur never gave him an answer. So once they had arrived he helped Arthur out of his soaked clothes and tapped up a hot bath for him with some clothes that he could borrow.

While Arthur was in the bed, Eames would do his best to make sure that Fluff got dry as well so he wouldn’t get sick. Once he had managed with that Arthur stood in the door way, still sniffing and had tears leave his eyes. So Eames gave him a tissue and showed him the way to his bedroom where he helped Arthur in his bed.

‘’Just rest some darling.’’ Eames said and stroked his fingers through Arthur’s hair. Arthur didn’t even nod to that, he just curled together and closed his eyes.


Arthur slept through the entire night, it wasn’t until that the sun directly shone him into his eyes that he woke up from it all. He groaned a little bit and moved the sheet up to his lips and closed his eyes again. But once he really woke up, he felt fingers move on the back of his head which made him smile a bit. He knew enough to know that it was Eames, Tobin had never touched him like that, not even in the beginning of their relationship when he was still nice.

But Arthur loved the touch; he couldn’t bring himself to dislike it. When he opened his eyes again he saw Fluff just stand up and looked at Arthur, then gave a small bark and jumped up on the bed once he noticed that Arthur was awake. Arthur couldn’t help but chuckle lightly and let the dog run up to him, wagging his tail before he finally laid down right next to Arthur so he could lick him in his face.

‘’Mm, You up now?’’ Eames murmured behind Arthur, which made him close his eyes again and move his nose into Fluff’s fur. ‘’Or are you still on no speaking terms with me?’’ Eames said and moved closer to Arthur which made him stiffen, but all Eames did was move his arm around Arthur so he could stroke his fur.

‘’I’m up.’’ Arthur murmured and looked into Fluff’s black eyes that always reminded him of beads. He didn’t say anything more, he just kept looking at Fluff and stroked his fur, which Eames was doing as well from behind Arthur, and then he felt his nose in his neck which made Arthur stop stroking Fluff’s fur.

‘’So we are back on speaking terms?’’ Eames asked, Arthur sucked on his lower lip, he couldn’t figure out what to say. So he made it simple for himself and nodded a bit. ‘’Good, I thought you still where mad at me for that kiss you know? I didn’t mean to do any harm. But I didn’t know either now did I?’’ Eames said on a soft tone, moving his hand to Arthur’s to stroke his skin a bit.

‘’I’m sorry I didn’t tell you.’’ Arthur whispered on a low tone, now moving his gaze away from the beads that Fluff had as eyes and to Eames fingers stroking his hand. He could feel how Eames shrugged lightly behind him.

‘’I never asked if you where seeing somebody either now right darling? I’m as much as to blame as you are, and if both parts are to blame then there really is nobody to blame.’’ Eames hummed and pressed his lips to his neck which made Arthur shiver a bit, and he wasn’t quite sure if he should allow it, or tell him of. After all it gave him a very warm feeling. ‘’And I just happen to be quite touchy of nature, I got it from my father so if you really want to blame somebody I’ll hand you his phone number.’’

Arthur couldn’t help but chuckle a bit from that and put his focus back on Fluff’s eyes although the puppy looked like he would fall asleep any given second. Arthur rather envied him, everybody loved him and everybody gave him the attention he craved for.

Arthur gave a content sigh and smiled some to himself, eyes closing. He couldn’t recall the last time he had felt this relaxed around anybody, he could literally feel himself fall asleep again and sleep in more. He felt the madras shift behind him and Eames arm disappeared from around him and his lips from his neck, leaving him cold all of a sudden. Next thing he heard was Eames feet hitting the wooden floor.

Arthur couldn’t resist the temptation; he looked over his shoulder and saw Eames walk over to the wardrobe. He shifted some onto his back and clapped his stomach so Fluff moved over to lay down on it. His ribs felt a bit better, but that probably was because they hadn’t been touched at all yet.

‘’Eames?’’ Arthur said on a soft tone, still repeatingly moving his fingers through Fluff’s fur. Eames froze in his movements and looked at him over his shoulder. ‘’Thanks for yesterday, I really didn’t know what to do. So, thanks for everything.’’ Arthur said and smiled weakly. Eames smirked as well and looked back to his wardrobe.

‘’You are completely welcome darling.’’ Eames said and snatched what looked like another pair of jogging pants and a t-shirt. ‘’But now, I am going to head to a date with a shower, however I see that you are in excellent company anyway so I will completely leave you in Fluff’s paws until I have returned.’’ Eames said, which made Arthur laugh some and look back to the dog.

Eames disappeared from the room and Arthur took his chance to look around, a good way to get to know a person was always to do a full check of their bedroom. Besides the king size bed that probably had the most comfortable madras and sheets that Arthur ever had slept in (and not to speak over the pillows) Eames had done his work with his room.

On each one of the night table he had put an alarm clock to have constant check of the time. A lamp placed on each one and a picture frame of Eames and what looked like a chocolate brown Labrador. The picture itself was Eames kneeling down in front of the dog and pouted with his lips which the dog was licking.

On the window seal to the huge glass window that was practically a wall, Eames had put various plants which Arthur just thought looked like gigantic grass straws. The curtains were of light grey fabric, failing to keep the sunlight out but fit in nicely with the rest of the room. The closet was made out of three black sliding doors which gave the room a modern touch. In the corner between the two doors that lead to the living room and the bathroom there was a dog basket with an old carpet which had some of the corners chewed of.

Yet Arthur doubted that Fluff slept a lot in there. In the other corner there where two bookshelves, formed after the corner as well and filled with both old and new books. Also the occasional accessories in it like a small jewelry box that Arthur assumed was antique by the look of it. He couldn’t make out the titles of the books but would make sure that he would take a look on it later on when he got up. And to cover the most of the wooden floor, Eames had put a Turkish rug there to cover it up and Arthur also nearly guessed that it was authentic and actually bought in Turkey.

He didn’t get much more time to pay attention to the rest of the room since Fluff bit him in his hand to get back his focus on him. Arthur smirked and looked back to the puppy, starting his usual play with the puppy until Eames returned from the bathroom. Now dressed in jogging pants and a t-shirt instead of black pajama pants, hair still wet although Eames had tried to dry it, it just gave him the look that it stood out in every direction possible and that he had actually wanted to spike it instead.

Arthur just couldn’t look at Eames with that hairdo and keep a serious face, so he chuckled and covered his smile with his hand. Eames turned to look at him and raised an eyebrow in confusion, obviously not getting what was looking so funny. ‘’You haven’t checked the mirror have you?’’ Arthur then asked, still smirking like a fool and kept his hand up to hide it. Eames frowned and shook his head, then stroked his jaw.

‘’I did shave you know?’’ Eames said, sounding unconfident which made the moment just more adorable for each second and Arthur really wanted to burst out laughing.

‘’Your hair.’’ Arthur said and removed his hand to tug some at his own hair. Pulling the straw onto his cheek just so his palm was pressed against his lips. ‘’You look like you’re a teenager who desperately wants to succeed in a hard rock band.’’ Arthur said before he finally gave in to the laughter. Eames just smirked some and tried to flatten his hair a bit.

Then Eames walked over to the edge of the bed and sat down, just looking at Arthur who now was giggling like a little girl and kept full focus on Fluff again. ‘’Who is the other dog?’’ Arthur then asked and looked up. ‘’The one on your picture there which you are with.’’ Arthur said and nodded over to the picture; Eames looked at it as well and smiled some.

‘’That is my very first dog.’’ Eames started with and leaned closer to take the picture, then shifted so he was right next to Arthur so they both could look at the picture. ‘’Her name was King.’’ Eames started with, pausing just because he knew the question would come.

‘’Her name was King?’’ Arthur asked and looked to Eames who nodded, and also never removed his gaze from the picture he held in his hand.

‘’Yeah.’’ Eames said and smiled a bit. ‘’The breeder had named her King, the dumb bloke never checked what gender she was. She was nicknamed after Ellie, you know, Elizabeth, the queen?’’ Eames said and chuckled. Arthur chuckled as well and sank down deeper into the bed. ‘’King Ellie, I got her as a birthday gift when I was fifteen. My mum wanted me to become responsible, and I had always loved dogs so she knew that I wouldn’t mistreat her.’’ Eames said simply.

‘’I was a bit of a trouble teenager really. My dad died when I was thirteen, he got shot three times. Twice in his chest and once in his stomach, died almost instantly. He had a violent streak besides the pretty lips just like me. And I adapted to the violent streak and was in a lot of trouble when I was fifteen.’’ Arthur nodded a bit.

‘’But then I got King Ellie, and I adored her needless to say, loved her more than anything walking on this earth. I loved her more than sex.’’ Arthur laughed. ‘’She became fifteen years old. She got sick and, and I had to put her down six months ago.’’ Eames said and looked to Arthur, smiling weakly to him. Arthur nodded a little bit and looked back to the picture before he took it out of Eames hands.

‘’When was this taken? You look pretty young.’’ Arthur said and looked at the Eames in the picture. His hair was cut shorter and he wore a leather jacket that Arthur doubted would fit today. Eames took the picture from Arthur and put it back on the night table where he had taken it from.

‘’I was twenty at that time, so King Ellie was five. I had recently moved out and we came to my mum for a visit, and she snapped the picture when she had that chance.’’ Eames said simply and smiled to Arthur, who smiled back but a lot weaker.

‘’I’m sorry you had to put her down.’’ Arthur then managed to say on a low tone. Eames looked down and raised his shoulders lightly.

‘’Yeah well. That’s life. We all get born and at one point, we die, we will all day.’’ Eames said and moved his hand to Fluff to stroke his fur again. Arthur didn’t quite know what to say to that, but he decided upon shifting closer and rested his head against Eames shoulder, watching him stroke Fluff’s head.

‘’You know.’’ Arthur started with and looked to Eames, getting a soft hum in return. ‘’You never quite told me what you do for a living.’’ Arthur said and smiled weakly. Eames chuckled some, so his question was a success, Eames got a bit cheered up.

‘’I’ve already told you Arthur darling, I am batman.’’ Eames said, sounding dead serious but his wide smile gave him away. Arthur laughed again, a bit harder than last time since now he actually felt the pain in his ribs. But he never bothered to react to it all. Fluff barked and now stood up on Arthur’s legs to demand more attention, and Arthur wasn’t late with giving it to him since he didn’t want to be bitten in his hand again.

Eames smirked, realizing he couldn’t help but love how it all looked. Arthur in his own clothes in his bed with Fluff on his lap. Stroking and playing with the puppy with pure unmasked love and how Fluff just loved playing with Arthur. And then having him rest against his shoulder made it all better.

‘’Oh yeah?’’ Arthur asked and looked to Eames while he pulled Fluff closer to himself, then tried to keep the puppy down as it wanted to lick him in his face again. Eames gave him a simple nod. ‘’Prove it.’’ Arthur added with a smug smirk. And for the first time since Eames had found him in the park he noticed the beautiful smile that Arthur had, dimples flashing and everything.

Eames laughed and rolled of the bed back onto the wooden floor, then headed towards the bathroom but was stopped by Arthur’s voice. ‘’Eames?’’ Eames stopped in his tracks and looked at Arthur over his shoulder. ‘’What’s your first name?’’ Eames gave him a smirk.

‘’Bruce.’’ Eames joked and slipped into the bathroom, but he could still hear Arthur burst out laughing, soon followed by a series of ‘ouch’.

‘’Bruce Wayne perhaps?’’ Arthur called out to a closed door and rubbed his ribs very lightly, finding that it actually helped a little. Not that much but it was a good way of distracting himself to the previous amount o pain. Arthur felt Fluffs nose nudge him on his stomach, so Arthur looked back to him, seeing the black beads that looked up to him.

‘’Can you tell me? What his name is?’’ Arthur asked, Fluff’s tail started wagging. ‘’Is it Bruce?’’ Arthur asked, Fluff whined a little bit. ‘’No, you’re right, he isn’t much of a Bruce.’’ Arthur said and tilted his head back.

Eames remained in the bathroom for a good five minutes and Arthur wouldn’t even bother to check out what. He was confident the simple fact that he would never figure it out anyway what Eames would do. When Eames got out of the bathroom Arthur couldn’t help but burst out laugh out.

Eames had switched out his clothes to all black ones; the pants had been switched with black jogging pants. He was wearing a black t-shirt and he had tied a black towel around his neck. He had even styled his hair some to mimic the batman ears and put on a pair of black sunglasses.

‘’I told you I was Batman darling.’’ Eames said, which made Arthur’s laughter fit turn for the worse as his ribs now really killed him from pain. Fluff however, looked up and had the reaction that none of the two men expected.

The puppy froze on the spot, staring up to Eames with nothing else in his eyes but fear. Then when Eames made a move the puppy flinched and jumped of Arthur’s lap and crawled onto his side, then when he saw the chance he sneaked under the sheet so Eames wouldn’t see him.

‘’Oh my god, just look at yourself.’’ Arthur said between his giggles. ‘’And as much as I love your costume Eames, or no sorry. Bruce. You are scaring the living hell out of Fluff, poor thing.’’ Arthur added, feeling how Fluff was trembling right next to his leg.

‘’Oops.’’ Eames said and took of the sunglasses, flopping down next to Arthur on the bed and put his hand on the trembling figure under the sheet.

‘’You’ve probably put him through a trauma.’’ Arthur joked. Eames laughed from it and shook his head, shifted closer to Arthur and lifted the sheet so he could look at the trembling Fluff next to Arthur’s legs, his black eyes glittering in the dark.

‘’Come on buddy, It’s only me.’’ Eames said and smiled. Fluff hesitated a bit, but climbed over Arthur’s legs to return to Eames who untied the towel from his neck.

‘’I think It’s the towel his afraid of.’’ Arthur said and stroked Fluff’s fur while the puppy kept its eyes on the towel until it disappeared from his eyesight. Eames raised his shoulders.

‘’He likes you, you know? He hasn’t warmed up to anybody like you. He hasn’t even warmed up to Yusuf and he has known him longer.’’ Eames said keeping his gaze on Arthur and managed to catch a small smile from him.

‘’I like him to.’’ Arthur said, full focus on Fluff once more. Eames shifted a bit in the bed, moving to stroke Arthur’s jaw where he stroked the bruise lightly. Arthur didn’t move away, but his smile disappeared.

‘’Your smile is still beautiful despite the bruise.’’ Eames said on a soft tone, catching Arthur’s attention and looked him into his eyes now.

‘’Really?’’ Arthur asked on a low tone, Eames smiled and nodded, still stroking Arthur’s cheek with his thumb.

‘’Yeah.’’ Eames said and nodded. ‘’Everything about you is beautiful.’’ Eames added, letting his hand come to rest now, not even thinking of removing it since Arthur just seemed to lean into it with a very light blush showing up on his cheeks which made him if possible seem more adorable.

‘’What happened to you to earn this?’’ Eames asked on a low tone, stroking his finger of the bruise that had faded some in color since yesterday. Arthur looked down, but never moved his head away from Eames hand. ‘’You don’t have to tell me. I’m just curious.’’ Eames said, very nearly adding worried which would make Arthur flip out on him, Eames was sure on that.

‘’I’d rather not to.’’ Arthur mumbled on a low tone, toying some with the fabric of the sheets now to keep himself distracted. Eames nodded and shifted a little bit closer, forcing Fluff to move closer as well so he could press a kiss to Arthur’s temple. Arthur didn’t react to it, but he had gotten stunned beyond limits. Arthur smiled weakly as Eames slid his hand into Arthur’s hair.

‘’Okey.’’ Eames said simply, still with the same smile on his lips and kept looking Arthur in his eyes. Then Eames very carefully moved closer again, this time placing his lips on top of Arthur’s who almost directly replied the kiss.

Arthur moved his hands to Eames neck and Eames slid his own arms around Arthur’s body to pull him closer. Careful not to hurt his robs and forced Fluff to move away from them in the process. The closer that Arthur got, the deeper their kiss became, Arthur moved his hands down from Eames neck to his chest but never pushed them away. And Eames stroked his hands over Arthur’s back, finally letting it come to rest on the small of his back.

Arthur moved up one of his hands, slid it into Eames neck and then let his fingers get tangled into Eames hair. Letting Eames move one hand under the t-shirt that Eames had borrowed him just to be able to stroke the skin on his back with light fingers.

Eames broke their kiss and looked to Arthur, who’s breathing had gotten heavier, lips slightly swollen and pupils dilated from their kiss. ‘’It’s the boyfriend isn’t it?’’ Eames asked on a low tone and stroked Arthur’s lips with his thumb. Arthur closed his mouth and looked down while Eames moved the stroking to the bruise on his jaw. And instead of giving Eames a verbal answer he just nodded and pressed their bodies closer to one another so he could kiss Eames again.

Eames couldn’t help it, he returned the kiss and once more moved his hand into Arthur’s curls. As Arthur’s confidence rose, their kiss got deeper, tongues met one another which made Arthur want even more. He just couldn’t bring himself to get enough from Eames lips and his touch. The second that their kiss ended Arthur started a new one, he stroked Eames skin, following it up to his arm to then trail his tattoo’s, then down again just to pull the t-shirt up by his waist.

Eames had in the mean time managed to get Arthur’s t-shirt, or rather his t-shirt, of his body without him being in far too much pain from the shifting and kissed the skin on his neck and shoulder which left Arthur whimpering for more and grind his hips towards Eames. All in the purpose so he could feel Eames hardon and tease him more. Nothing sexual had felt this good in years to him even if Tobin was fantastic at more than several occasions, and Arthur still knew that he shouldn’t.

‘’Eames.’’ Arthur said and moved his fingers into Eames hair, just so he could shift his head a bit which was enough to sign Eames that he had more to say. ‘’No sex okey? I’m not ready for that, and it’ll hurt like a bitch. But… other things are good, okey?’’ Arthur asked on a soft tone, just in case Eames would disagree with him. But Eames just nodded and gave him a kiss.

‘’Anything you want darling.’’ Eames murmured between the kiss and shifted so he was on top of him. ‘’I’ll make anything you want to do worth it.’’ Eames hummed and kissed Arthur again, stroking his hands down Arthur’s body and was careful to avoid the broken ribs, so the whimpers that he would hear would be of pleasure instead of pain.

‘’I’ll show you what my lips can do.’’ Eames purred and placed a light kiss in Arthur’s neck. Arthur chuckled a bit and let Eames hook his thumbs onto the sweatpants he was wearing to tug them down, painfully slow to match the tempo of his kisses down his chest. Just about when Eames reached Arthur’s hips with his lips, he had also tugged down the pants enough to pay all of his attention on his cock.

When he glanced up to Arthur he also noticed that he had gotten the most adorable blush on his cheeks. Eames smirks and darts out his tongue between his lips, keeping full eye contact with Arthur as he lets his tongue touch Arthur’s cock. Lightly, then drags it up to the tip and watches Arthur just squirm from it, gripping a hold of the sheets instead of Eames hair.

Then Eames repeated it the movement, with another starting point and another ending point. Arthur ended up gasping from it, closing his eyes and nearly arched his hips to Eames. Eames wanted to smirk so dearly at his reaction, but he was far too busy right now.

Eames gave Arthur one last kiss on his lower stomach before he moved his lips to the head of Arthur’s cock, Arthur whimpered out like a small child from it and nearly twisted around. Eames made it simple and moved one of his hands to Arthur’s hip to make sure he was pressed down and the squirming wouldn’t hurt his ribs.

Eames parted his lips slightly and moved them down on Arthur’s cock, literally knocking the breath out of Arthur’s lungs. Eames stroked his fingers over Arthur’s lower stomach, just to tease the skin before he moved back up again.

Arthur was trembling, as if every muscle in his body was going into overdrive. There was a small streak of pink just above his cheekbones and his eyes were closed, his otherwise perfectly slicked back hair was spread over the pillow behind his head.

Eames moved down again, Arthur whimpered again and the grip of the sheets got stronger. As Eames had moved all the way down on Arthur’s cock, Arthur moaned and tried to move his hips closer which only resulted in a painful gasp as he pressed his side down to the madras in the process. Eames moved up his fingers, softly stroking the skin on his side which created a purr from Arthur.

Eames moved up again, this time letting go of Arthur’s cock with his lips and smirked some as he let his tongue just lick him slightly. Arthur looked at him and groaned. ‘’Fuck Eames.’’ Arthur growled and once more moved his hips towards Eames but was careful to leave his ribs rested.

Eames laughed and moved back his hand so he could stroke Arthur’s cock, at times licking it just to get another groan from Arthur which he already loved. ‘’Eames, stop playing around and fucking do something!’’ Arthur growled, and upon hearing those words Eames did as he was told. He took Arthur back in his mouth again and moved all the way down on him.

Eames had earlier showed just some fragments of his skill, and now with the command of Arthur to keep going he would show him exactly what he could do. He started to blow him harder, Arthur moaned out again and Eames felt that he really wanted to move his hips towards Eames. But the more Eames could tease him the better. He made sure to take notes at what that knocked the air of off Arthur’s lungs, what he groaned to, what made him moan and what made him squirm around, just so he could make the feeling mind blowing for Arthur.

Arthur was breathing in short breaths, having a constant stinging pain in his chest from it but he couldn’t bring himself to care. It felt far too good to even if he was in constant pain, all he could think of was that he wanted more from it and for once he wasn’t afraid of showing it.

‘’Oh god Eames.’’ Arthur breathed, letting go of the sheets and moved his hands over his head to grab a hold of the headboard to the bed instead, once more giving it a try to move his hips closer to Eames so he would get deeper down his throat. He could feel how the pleasure was just growing in his lower stomach, a warm feeling spreading in his body and for those seconds, every damn touch that Eames made felt like an explosion of fireworks in Arthur’s nerves. He had completely forgotten about his ribs and didn’t even feel the pain to it anymore.

Eames seemed to have noticed that on Arthur, because it was all the small extra touches that sent Arthur over the edge. His grip of the headboard to the bed tightened so much that it actually hurt for his hands as every muscle in his body tensed up. Despite being pushed down by the much stronger and heavier Eames he still thrusted his hips towards him.

Eames moved his lips up again, taking a breath first before he licked his lips and kissed Arthur on his lower stomach. Just giving him a minute to calm down from it all, more wouldn’t be needed for Arthur to settle his breath. Once Arthur loosened one of his hands from the headboard and covered his eyes with it and swallowed, Eames moved up the bed and laid down next to him and pressed a kiss to his shoulder.

Arthur removed his hand and then turned his head to look at Eames, then leaned in for a short, sweet, kiss. ‘’Did it live up to your expectations?’’ Eames whispered after the kiss, when their lips where still close enough for a kiss and he could feel how Arthur grinned.

‘’Better.’’ Arthur said, still grinning when he gave Eames another kiss. Once it ended, he closed his eyes and shifted onto his side to face Eames and rested his head in the pillow. And Eames let him, he was perfectly fine with just stroking his fingers through his hair or over his skin.

But once he reached the bandaged arm Eames just couldn’t help himself any longer. ‘’What happened here?’’ he asked and stroked the bandage with two fingers only. Arthur who had now neatly nestled himself under Eames jaw just to relax from their previous game, moved back and looked to his arm. Then he looked to Eames with a small smile on his lips.

‘’Why don’t you check it out for yourself? I was supposed to take it off today anyway.’’ Arthur said, and now Eames could hint a certain weakness in Arthur’s smile which made him feel a bit uncomfortable and unconfident if he really should look.

But he had asked and now he would look. So he popped up his elbow and slowly started to remove the bandage from around Arthur’s arm. The second he had gotten it off and it revealed the words that were carved into his arm; Eames was at loss of words which happened from rarely to never. So in the end all he managed to do was to lean closer and kiss Arthur’s shoulder before he would hug him.

There was no doubt in how that Arthur had gotten the carving. It was definitely because of him and that didn’t make him feel better. If there was something more fire catching then fuel, that would probably be what it felt like for him.

‘’Thanks.’’ Arthur then whispered, fingers toying with the hair in the back of Eames neck. As if it was Arthur who was saying sorry for the carvings, as if it was his fault which made Eames gut twirl even more. That was probably what his boyfriend made him think and feel.

‘’For what?’’ Eames whispered, not moving just yet. But as he had finished the words he shifted back a bit. Just enough so he could look Arthur in his eyes and still have his fingers toy with the hair in his neck which was a rather enjoyable sensation.

‘’For not asking about it.’’ Arthur had a small smile on his lips again, but luckily it wasn’t weak anymore. Then he leaned closer and kissed Eames on his nose before he rested his temple against it lightly. Eames smiled a bit.

‘’What about your boyfriend?’’ Eames asked on a low tone and stroked Arthur’s back. Arthur stopped toying with the hair in the back of Eames neck which he could understand fully.

‘’He will never know.’’ Arthur hummed and shifted again so he could hide under Eames jaw again. Eames nodded and moved his fingers back into Arthur’s hair. Yeah, that would be just fine, he never needed to now. And with that, closed eyes and a content hum, Eames allowed himself to relax.


Comments are liked but not needed, hope you all liked it ^^

Part six


Looooooooooved this!!! You wrote it so beautifully when Arthur was with Fluff!

Couple of spelling mistakes that I noticed, madras is matress ^^ and window seal is window sill.

You've definitely done this the right way and I can't wait to see what happens in the next chapter!!
Glad that you liked it :)

Ah yes, some spelling mistakes are bound to happen. Might be very good at English but its most definitely not my first language. Or my second...

Thanks for reading and more will be available soon! :)
Well you still write well :D I don't think I could write in Spanish or French XD
Glad that you liked it & thanks for reading!

Luvvvvv this<3
That sounds like a brilliant combo without the dying part xD

Great that you like it and thanks for reading!
Sadly my life has recently gotten out of control, so I didn't have a chance to read it when it was originally posted, and now I'm a bit behind. But, I've read it now, and I thought it was another great chapter. I am so happy that they're finally together, and I'm really looking forward to the next part. Great work. : D