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JGL Manic 2

Just love me - Part 6/11

Title –  Just love me - Part 6/11
Author – sid_vicious_03 
Rating –  NC17
Pairings – Eames/Arthur, Arthur/OC
Word count  4186
Warnings –
Cursing, sex, extreme abuse, violation of human rights, unbetad, etc
Disclaimers – I don’t own Inception or any of the characters, sadly, but i do own the story.
Notes   Are at the fic- Previous parts: Part one, Part two, Part three, Part four, Part five

Summary –
     Arthur is in an abusive relationship. But he doesn't mind, he loves Tobin and he knows that Tobin loves him. Despite his... issues. Arthur does his best to live after Tobin's rules and way of life. But sometimes life happens, sometimes Eames and Fluff happens.


‘’Sure that you will be alright?’’ Eames asked and looked at Arthur while he pulled on his coat. His hair was still a bit wet and Eames had given Arthur’s clothes a quick wash. Arthur nodded and corrected the collar. He looked fresher, healthier. There was more color in his face and the color of the bruises in his face had turned to very light green so they were on their good way of disappearing.

‘’I’ll be fine.’’ Arthur said and smiled weakly before he looked back to Eames, trying to ignore Fluff who kept jumping around his feet for attention. ‘’Listen Eames. This morning has been fantastic. But we can’t do it again. It will just buy you more trouble and I’ll keep digging in my own grave.’’ Arthur said on a low tone and dropped his hands from his coat.

‘’It’s okey.’’ Eames said with a shrug. ‘’I kind of saw it coming.’’ Eames confessed, much to his hatred. He just wanted to grab a hold of Arthur and pull him into the living room and keep him there instead of sending him back to his boyfriend.

‘’You where still great this morning though.’’ Arthur added and looked down, probably to instinctively hide the blush that was coming over his cheeks. Eames chuckled and looked back up to Arthur again.

‘’Well, I know I have my skills. And I’m glad that you at least got to experience them and felt good for a little while.’’ Eames said and stepped closer. Arthur smiled and let Eames move up his hands to Arthur’s collar to fix the last bit that Arthur had missed and picked some of Fluff’s fur of it. Then Arthur leaned closer to place his lips very lightly on top of Eames.

‘’Can I see you again?’’ Eames started. ‘’Or are you going to stand up on me again like last Monday?’’ He asked, smirking widely to himself when he spoke. Arthur chuckled and now took the liberty of also fixing the collar to Eames shirt, since they were fixing everyone’s anyway.

‘’Yeah, I’m sorry about that.’’ Arthur said and looked back to him, collar now fixed but hands resting on Eames chest. ‘’But I got some time off work so I won’t be passing by the park for a while.’’ Arthur said, and Eames could feel a kiss getting pressed onto the skin in his neck. ‘’We shouldn’t be doing this to begin with.’’ Eames couldn’t help but laugh, and soon Arthur joined in.

‘’How about we trade numbers. And you give me a call or a text when you know you’ll be passing by the park or have a moment where we can meet up. And I’ll be there.’’ Eames said with a big grin. Arthur thought it over, then smirked and nodded.


Tobin hummed slightly with the music playing from his stereo and moved around with the very same eat of the music, occasionally singing a lyric as he placed the final plate of the counter. All done with doing the dishes by hand since the dishwasher is broke and he hadn’t had the time to fix it yet. Usually he would force Arthur to do the dinner. But since he had spent the night at the hospital (still very much against his disliking) he did feel a bit bad over it all. He had gone too hard on Arthur.

So he had told Arthur that he would do the dishes for the night, and Arthur could do whatever he liked as long as he stayed in the apartment. So Arthur had filled up the bathtub and taken that darn book of his to read and relax, his own music playing on the other cd player. Yet Tobin’s music was still overpowering and he knew it, as did his neighbors.

Tobin really just saw Arthur’s phone light up on the counter, and he just couldn’t resist it. He put the towel on the counter and walked over to the phone and made the display light up again. A frown directly coming over his face.

From: Eames

They didn’t know anybody called Eames. If Tobin didn’t know who it was then Arthur most definitely didn’t know who it was. The only Eames he was aware of that even existed was the one Arthur had met at the park and who he had given tips about what to do with his savings. Tobin could still hear Arthur playing his music in the bathroom, which gave him enough time so he clicked the text message open.

‘Hello darling, just wanted to tell you that I enjoyed myself yesterday and I miss you, like a love struck puppy. X Eames’

Tobin raised his eyebrows. Darling, love struck puppy, X Eames? Tobin felt his blood boil, it became harder to breathe as the collar now felt tighter around his neck and his hand clenched over the phone. Arthur lied again. There was no way that he ever even spent the night at the hospital if he even had been there. Arthur had a lover behind his back, there was no doubt about that.

Tobin swallowed and forced himself to mark the text message as unread and put it back on the counter, while he much rather just wanted to slam that blackberry to the floor.

He wouldn’t confront Arthur just yet. He would wait, until he was sure that Arthur had read the text message, Tobin would make Arthur believe that he had fallen for his lie. And then he would make sure that the punishment Arthur would get would stop him of even thinking of what he was doing.


Tobin had the most content smirk on his lips, he could even feel his cheeks hurt from it. He walked straight into the bedroom, box cutter knife burning in the pocket of his jeans. He got on the bed and straddled Arthur’s legs, removing that book which was their only separation now and kissed him. And god he could feel how Arthur was smiling in the kiss which made his heart beat harder.

‘’Did you miss me?’’ Arthur asked on a low tone and moved his arms around Tobin’s neck. Tobin chuckled and kissed him again, moving further up and never answered Arthur’s question. All he needed was him to relax, just to think for a small second that he wouldn’t do a thing.

Tobin moved his hands under Arthur’s t-shirt that wasn’t his own, and it wasn’t Arthur’s either. And that he hadn’t noticed that until now. Arthur would never buy a t-shirt with a print like that, and the size was too big for his own liking. It was probably Eames shirt, who else could it be.

‘’What did they say at the hospital?’’ Tobin asked and pulled the t-shirt over Arthur’s head, giving him a quick kiss while his fingers stroked Arthur’s chest. And god he could feel how Arthur was getting exited from his treatment.

‘’The bruises will heal sometime soon, two ribs are cracked but will heal on its own and what you did with my arm will scar.’’ Arthur said simply. Tobin nodded in approval and kissed Arthur’s collarbone.

‘’And what did Eames think of it, did he like it?’’ Tobin asked, he could literally feel how Arthur tensed up bellow the kiss, he smirked. The reaction amused him,

‘’What?’’ Arthur said and tried to shift away. But Tobin found that it was very easy to stop Arthur from moving by pressing his knee up where the cracked robs where. Arthur wailed in pain from that touch only, and it wasn’t even hard.

‘’I repeat, what did Eames think of it, did he like it?’’ Tobin asked again, knee pressing down harder on the ribs and looked up to him. ‘’Can’t remember him can you darling?’’ Tobin hissed then. ‘’Try the man that calls you that. The one who is after you like a love struck puppy, he who claims that you were with him while you were supposed to be at the hospital.’’

Arthur was nearly crying, and Tobin wasn’t that sure if it was from pain or from regret. He hoped for Arthur’s sake that it was from regret. ‘’Well?’’ He asked, pressing the knee down more until he could see tears leave Arthur’s eyes. ‘’I thought we said no more lies baby.’’ Tobin said on a much softer tone, Arthur managed to nod. ‘’Did you fuck him?’’

‘’No! Tobin no I didn’t fuck him!’’ Arthur said quickly and tried to shift away but failed miserably. ‘’Why would I fuck him when I have you Tobin baby please.’’ Arthur whimpered. Tobin shook his head to that, making Arthur feel helpless. If he didn’t change his mind there at that second, then he wouldn’t change his mind for the rest of the evening.

Tobin moved one of his hands of Arthur’s body to the pocket where the box cutter knife was still burning. And once Arthur saw it he started shaking his head rapidly. ‘’Tobin no, please baby.’’ Arthur begged, but the knee just returned harder in his side.

‘’Not a word, and not a damn sound, you hear me?’’ Tobin threatened, Arthur closed his eyes and felt the tears burn so painfully in his eyes. And god how he wanted to scream out when he felt the blade against his chest and dragged down again.

The whimper he had to bite down this time was bigger than the earlier one. And the process in general was more painful now then it was the last time. But once it was over, Tobin looked more proud now then he had done the first time.

‘’I am a cheating faggot slut.’’ Tobin said and smiled widely and kissed Arthur on his lips. ‘’That sums you up by now I would say.’’ Tobin said, still smiling and stroking Arthur’s cheek. ‘’You know the drill by now. And from tomorrow you won’t go anywhere without me. Not even to work. I can’t trust you anymore and now you deal with it.’’ Tobin said and got of Arthur’s lap, not even noticing his nod as he left the room.


‘’Christ Arthur your chest!’’ Dom exclaimed as soon as he saw Arthur walk into the office. Arthur’s head snapped down, seeing the red stains on his chest. His jaw dropped slightly, he hadn’t even noticed nor felt the fact that he was bleeding again, and now his shirt was ruined. Arthur whimpered and in just a second, he felt like crying.

Dom got up from his desk and ignored the two customers that had been sitting in front of him. He grabbed Arthur’s arm and pulled him out of the room, and it was then when Robert shot to the rescue to Dom’s clients.

Dom walked down the hallway with Arthur who tried to remain unseen as much as possible. Then Dom slid them both into the bathroom and closed the door behind them and locked the door, then directly aimed to get some paper.

‘’Take of your shirt. No protesting!’’ Dom said and wet down the papers. Arthur wailed some and leaned against the wall, but Dom just glared to him. ‘’I said, take of your shirt.’’ Dom growled. And Arthur decided not to protest any longer, he moved his fingers to the collar of his shirt to open his shirt. And as soon as his chest was visible Dom moved closer to clean the wounds and the blood away.

‘’What did he do to you this time?’’ Dom murmured, Arthur didn’t say anything and just let Dom clean the wounds, even if it was stinging badly by now. Then Dom looked up and met Arthur’s eyes. ‘’You have to leave him Arthur, you really can’t stay with him.’’ Dom said on a soft tone, hands now stopping with the cleaning and just resting on Arthur’s chest, as if he wanted to make sure that he was still breathing.

Arthur shook his head and looked away from Dom, who just sucked on his lower lip, hesitated and then continued cleaning the wounds.


‘’Come on, get dressed.’’ Tobin said and tossed some clothes to Arthur who was reading in the couch, skillfully covering up the book with a black, short sleeved shirt. Arthur whined some and removed the shirt so he could finish reading his sentence.

‘’What?’’ He then asked Tobin who pulled a t-shirt of his own over his head and Arthur couldn’t help but stare at his stomach, skin still shining lightly from his shower. If Tobin just happened to show that then he had Arthur wrapped all around his finger.

‘’I want to go out with the boys.’’ Tobin said and flopped down right next to Arthur on the couch. ‘’And I don’t trust you enough yet to leave you on your own yet so you are coming with me, simple as that.’’ He smirked, and then let the book catch his attention. ‘’What are you reading?’’ Tobin asked and frowned some.

‘’Sherlock Holmes.’’ Arthur said and handed the book over to Tobin and shifted a bit closer. Tobin just let his frown remain on his face and flipped the book around so he could read the plot summary.

‘’You know there is a movie about Sherlock Holmes now do you? Go watch that instead.’’ Tobin asked and looked to Arthur, still with confusion written all over his face. Arthur raised his shoulders and smiled weakly to him, then kissed him on his cheek. Tobin chuckled some and looked back to the book. ‘’Get dressed, the boys are waiting.’’ Tobin hummed and opened the book.

Arthur picked up the clothes and stood up to head to the bedroom, and once there he was proven once more that Tobin did have style when he wanted to. Arthur got dressed in the black pants and the short sleeved black shirt that Tobin had picked out for him, and then he went into the bathroom to add the small details that he knew Tobin loved.

Such as the small necklace around his neck which had been a gift when they had been together for a month. He also made sure that none of the carvings where visible for Tobin’s friends, just because he knew that Tobin didn’t want them to see it.

Arthur just buttoned the last button to the shirt and then walked out to the living room again. Tobin was still sitting on the couch, feet on the table and still reading that book that he had taken from Arthur. And he just couldn’t help but smile when he noticed that Tobin’s lips’ where moving with the words that he was reading.

‘’I’m ready to go now.’’ Arthur then said, hoping he wasn’t disturbing Tobin to much with the book, but he wouldn’t mention anything about it since Tobin literally would hate him if he did. Tobin looked up to Arthur, then back to the book as if he was memorizing where he was.

‘’Let’s go then.’’ Tobin said, smirked and got up. He walked over to Arthur and gave him a shirt kiss before he headed to the hallway. ‘’I love you!’’ He said, just to tease Arthur into following him. Tobin knew exactly what to do to dig himself right back into Arthur’s heart and fix the pieces he had shattered several times over with no effort.


‘’And then, the dumb idiot asks me what the problem with his damn car is!’’ Tobin said loudly, making everybody but Arthur laugh. Even if he found Tobin adorable while drunk, with his light pink blush over his cheek and his rambling that almost never made any sense, the cheerful mood.

But what he didn’t like, was hanging out with Tobin’s friends. They where to loud, they where to disturbing and they made life hard for everybody around them. Especially to the pretty girls around them who also found them attractive, but wouldn’t go over to them because one could see from a miles distance that they where up to no good.

Tobin started talking on again, probably about the same man from earlier and placed his hand on Arthurs thigh, stroking it some before he found his hand and laced their fingers together. Then as soon as he had finished his sentence he turned to look to Arthur. ‘’Enjoying yourself.’’ Tobin asked him and smiled weakly to him.

‘’Yeah.’’ Arthur said and smirked some. And it was true, he just didn’t like that the others where around but he could deal with it. ‘’I’m just tired.’’ He murmured and leaned closer to Tobin to give him a light kiss.

‘’Do you want to go home?’’ Tobin asked and moved his other hand to stroke Arthur’s cheek lightly. Arthur shook his head and rested into the curve of Tobin’s neck, just wanting to be a bit closer to him.

‘’No, I can stay, you want to be here right?’’ Arthur asked, feeling Tobin nod lightly. Arthur placed a kiss on Tobin’s neck. ‘’Then we stay.’’ Arthur murmured, Tobin smirked and kissed Arthur on top of his head before he turned back to his friends.

Tobin stayed put for about thirty more minutes, just talking to his friends and finishing his beer and told them he wanted to go home since he didn’t want to have a hangover in the morning. So despite their protests, Tobin pulled on his jacket and pulled Arthur on onto his feet at the same time, sneaking an arm around his waist to pull him outside.

‘’Me and the boys where thinking about going snowboarding next week, care to join us?’’ Tobin asked as soon as they were outside and took Arthur’s hand again. Arthur sighed but had a small smile on his face.

‘’You know I can’t snowboard. I’d just slow you and the boys down and they would hate me for it, just like last time.’’ Arthur said and stepped down the last stair so he was standing in front of a pouting Tobin. He wanted to go, he really wanted to be able to do something with Tobin that he loved, but he just couldn’t keep up.

Tobin pouted some, hoping that the puppy look would make Arthurs heart melt and make him agree. But Arthur just chuckled and gave him a light kiss. ‘’I’m sorry.’’ He murmured after the kiss, Tobin just shook his head and smirked.

‘’Don’t be, you can’t snowboard really, I get that.’’ Tobin said with a chuckle. ‘’You don’t have to go if you don’t want to, we’ll go on our own again sometime.’’ Tobin said and ruffled Arthur’s hair. ‘’Let’s head home now.’’

Arthur smiled and kissed him again, then let Tobin lead the walk back home. If he wanted to take a detour and stop by a shop then that was alright with him, he wouldn’t comment, it worked perfectly fine for him. Tobin walked them down the streets, past Arthur’s work and then finally through the park.

‘’You know, I kind of get why you always walk through the park every day.’’ Tobin then said, breaking their silence and looked up to the sky, then down to Arthur. ‘’It’s quite nice.’’ He said and smirked some. Arthur chuckled lightly and looked down for a few steps.

‘’It’s relaxing.’’ Arthur agreed on, hearing a dog bark in the distance but paid no attention to it. There was no point in caring when he had Tobin this close to him. On a day out where he actually was nice and they could act like the couple they really were. ‘’It’s also the fastest way home by foot. You always have the car so.’’ Arthur said and looked up to him, Tobin smirked.

‘’Well. My work isn’t walking distance you know?’’ Tobin said and smirked a little to Arthur who just chuckled and turned to kiss him, short and sweet. Tobin was still smirking after the kiss. ‘’I love you.’’ Tobin murmured.

‘’I love you to.’’ Arthur murmured and smiled to him, now working harder to ignore the barking that seemed to get closer. But once he felt it hit his leg he couldn’t help but look down as did Tobin, and he felt his organs freeze to ice.

Right beside them was Fluff, barking all happily and wagging his tail, literally giving away that he knew Arthur.

‘’What the hell!’’ Tobin said and shoved Fluff away with his foot. But Fluff had put it in his mind that he really wanted to be around Arthur right now.

‘’Come on let’s just go, its owner is probably around here somewhere anyway.’’ Arthur said and tugged at the sleeve of Tobin’s jacket, just wanting to run away before Eames would show up and retrieve Fluff right in front of Tobin. Why didn’t Eames use that god damn leash he had bought?

‘’Someone really should watch their dog.’’ Tobin growled under his breath and slid his arm around Arthur’s waist, turning to leave.

‘’Hello Arthur darling.’’ A voice said as soon as they both had turned around to walk away. Tobin froze and Arthur closed his eyes, he was dead meat for sure.

‘’Arthur darling?’’ Tobin questioned with a venomous tone and turned to look at Arthur, his arm sliding away from Arthur’s waist. Then he glared to Eames who just gave him a confused look before he looked back to Arthur. ‘’Is it him who you are fucking with?!’’ Tobin asked loudly and pointed to Eames who now realized who Tobin was.

‘’What?’’ Eames said on a very soft tone and looked at Tobin, then to Arthur before nervously switching between the two of them.

‘’I don’t know who he is Tobin so please, let’s just go home.’’ Arthur begged and took his hand, but Tobin directly broke their touch.

‘’Then why the fuck did he know your name! Why the fuck did he call you darling exactly like the fucking Eames from the text!’’ Tobin yelled to Arthur who flinched from it, then Tobin gave Eames another look which made Arthur swallow. ‘’And who the fuck are you? Are you Eames!’’

‘’Uh no, No I’m William.’’ Eames blurted out, and Arthur wasn’t sure if he was telling the truth, or if he lied to cover it all up for Arthur. For as far as Arthur knew, Eames name was Bruce and that was an entire joke.

‘’Tobin please.’’ Arthur tried and took a step closer. But all he got was a slap which set his cheek on fire. Eames jaw dropped and his eyes widened some, even Fluff stopped with his nervous playful movements. Tobin raised the lecture finger to Arthur.

‘’Shut it.’’ Tobin hissed, waiting until Arthur had nodded. Eames just swallowed and looked at them, Fluff kept his black bead eyes on Tobin and started growling. Tobin then turned to look at Eames. ‘’Look. You will stay away from Arthur. You don’t talk to him, you don’t see him and you don’t touch him and you don’t even think of him, you understand?’’ Tobin said, getting closer to Eames for each word he spoke.

‘’He doesn’t need you, get that thought out of your head.’’ Tobin said, staring Eames right into his eyes. Fluff kept growling and moved closer to Eames, just to make sure that the same thing that happened with Arthur wouldn’t happen to him as well.

Eames nodded, a very obvious lie, but Tobin didn’t need to know that. Eames would figure out a mind, he wasn’t seen as someone who was all that intellectual and he liked it that way. It surprised people when he did show his intelligence. Tobin moved his gaze down, just looking at Fluff before he looked back to Eames.

‘’And keep your fucking dog on a leash.’’ Tobin growled, and before either Arthur or Eames had the time to react Tobin had kicked Fluff away from himself. Fluff wailed from it and hit the ground again, not moving to get up yet and just kept whimpering and shivering. Eames exclaimed a loud hey and directly moved over to Fluff.

‘’Tobin!’’ Arthur yelled out just like Eames had done and moved over to the whimpering and shaking fluff. But Tobin didn’t seem to care that much, he just corrected his jacket and checked his cellphone before looking back to Arthur.

‘’Come on Arthur, let’s go home.’’ Tobin said, sounding content with himself as he spoke, turned around and started walking. Eames just glared after his back before he looked to Arthur, and Arthur wasn’t quite sure what Eames was feeling right now.

‘’I’m so sorry.’’ Arthur whispered to him, just to make sure that Tobin didn’t hear him. And all he really wanted was to touch Eames, anywhere, his cheek, his neck, his arm, his hand, anything. Just like he wanted to touch Fluff to make sure that the puppy was okey.

‘’Arthur come on!’’ Tobin yelled out, Arthur forced himself up to his feet and followed Tobin, giving Eames one last glance over his shoulder and hoped that it wouldn’t be the last one either.


Comments are liked but never needed. Hope you all liked it and thanks for reading!


This breaks my heart every time :(
God I just want Eames to rescue Arthur.

FLUFF!! ;__________________________________;
Five more parts to read before you know if Eames manages to rescue Arthur, so keep on reading and you'll know how it ends :) And poor Fluff indeed, it broke my heart to write that!

Thanks for reading and commenting!
I somehow knew that he was going to kick Fluff but yes, it still hurt T_T
No one wants to see a doggy kicked *whimper*

You're welcome~
The fic turned out a lot longer then I had originally planned :/ I got a bit carried away with Tobin, of which your icon suits fantastic.
But no, nobody really wants to see a puppy get kicked :(
Hahhaah, well not in Tobin's case!! It's not okay to carve up your 'boyfriend'!!!

Just hoping for more ^^
Omg this made me so depressed. Poor fluff and Arthur :'( I need more of this omfggg <3
More will be present very soon, in just a matter of days actually so keep hanging in there. Thanks for reading and commenting!
gahhhh Artie shouldn't be putting up with his bf's bs >_>
Tobin is a mean, mean man :(
Thanks for reading and commenting!
I normally HATE fanfictions with abusive relationships. But you write this so damn well, that I really love it! <3 I hope that Eames is going to teach Tobin a lesson and rescue Arthur from more damage. Poor Arthur. Poor Fluff. +cuddling both+
Very happy to hear that you liked it despite the fact that you usually hate it :)
I won't spoil what's going to happen what so ever, that is going to remain a bit of a mystery.

Thanks for reading and commenting!
The story breaks my heart, but also give me pleasure.
I love your hurt!Arthur. The more Arthur hurt, I love more.(because I know Eames gonna recue!) God, I'm sadist. lol I just love, love reading this.

hopefully Fluff is okay and Eames can help Arthur!
Can't wait for next chapter.
Arthur is so easy to destroy, and I've only been going lightly at him<3. But very happy to hear that you like it that much! I wont spoil however what's going to happen in the future. You're going to have to hang in there :)

Thanks for commenting!
This story makes me so sad! but I need more. I think I've gone through catharsis reading this. Honestly.
Now I just need Arthur to leave that bastard right now and go live happily with Eames.

Can't wait for the next part :).
What Arthur will do remains hidden in the future chapters. I wont spoil a thing because then the fun would disappear :3 Even if Arthur should leave Tobin, I just can't help but loving the man...

Thanks for reading and commenting!
I may have grown too fond of the story when I kind of started not to like it (from part 5) I feel like it's going way fast and off-tracks and Arthur not feeling what he's supposed to feel considering who he spends times with
(This can all be due to my mind creating the story to its end already)
and at the part before there was some plenty of spelling and grammar errors that I clenched my teeth at (normally a few is not a problem for me but when it comes down to so many in one sentence) not that it took away from the reading pleasure but time to time I got stuck to them

god this comes out as harsh but this is my gift to you as a viewer :D I hope you don't feel offend

This is a great storyline if the time were stretched a little more
Ah no worries. All comments are good comments, no matter what the content is because there is always a trace of truth in it, unless the comment ended up on the wrong fic of course so I don't mind :)

I do have to admit that my grammar isn't as good as it could be and as most of the creative moments for writing come in the middle of the night it's not getting any easier. Also I don't have the patience and right mindset to re-read and find mistakes as I just pass them by (blame a fandom with worse grammar). Also I do not have a beta-reader which might be something I should consider at the end of the day xD

At least the story line is still good for you so there is a positive part to it at least :) I do admit that for a little while as I wrote it, I didn't have much idea where to go with the fic (and how to go there either). Now I hope I didn't come of as to bitchy as well. But I appreciate your comment anyway and will pay more attention to what you pointed out :)
beta-reader came to my head as advice too! but I'd never have the patience either.
But the Part 7 is def an improvement, kind of like back on track :---D, there was this foggier area in between ;)
but I do think it's rare to have strong consistensy in long and demanding fics.

Would you be willing to enter my challenge of fic-creation?(more info in future post)
Great that it got back on track then, if it would have continued I'd get a bit worried actually xD. And words can't describe how much I agree with you.

And that that seems fun, if I can be tempted into it (which I'm far to easily done). So if I get some info on it I'll definitely consider it :)
lol you wouldn't believe it when I share it
'palms hands on face'
Oh no? And how comes that?
This on is so sad and heartbreaking. I really want Eames to kick Tobin's ass. Another great job, and I'm looking forward to reading the next part.
Happy to hear that you like it :) And the other part is already up so enjoy :3