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JGL Manic 2

Just love me - part 7/11

Title –  Just love me - Part 7/11
Author – sid_vicious_03 
Rating –  NC17
Pairings – Eames/Arthur, Arthur/OC
Word count  3835
Warnings –
Cursing, sex, extreme abuse, violation of human rights, unbetad, etc
Disclaimers – I don’t own Inception or any of the characters, sadly, but i do own the story.
Notes   Are at the fic- Previous parts: Part one, Part two, Part three, Part four, Part five

Summary –
     Arthur is in an abusive relationship. But he doesn't mind, he loves Tobin and he knows that Tobin loves him. Despite his... issues. Arthur does his best to live after Tobin's rules and way of life. But sometimes life happens, sometimes Eames and Fluff happens.


Arthur wasn’t sure if Tobin had ever been this mad at him. His hands were shaking when he tried to unlock the door with his key and Arthur was sure he wouldn’t accept any help. He had refused to say one single word to Arthur even if he almost quite literally was begging for it. He wanted to know where he had Tobin at the moment, not knowing terrified him.

Once inside Tobin took of his jacket and shoes in silence. Arthur didn’t, he just leaned against the wall and waited for it all to come. Then Tobin finally made eye contact with him.

‘’I love you Arthur, why would you do this to me?’’ Tobin asked, and Arthur opened his mouth to speak but Tobin beat him to it. ‘’Why are you lying to me like this! I’m supposed to trust you but if you are like this then I can’t fucking trust you any longer!’’ Tobin said loudly, nearly yelling now and slammed his hand onto the wall next to Arthur’s head, making the painting shake a bit. Arthur whimpered and tensed his shoulders up, wanting to curl together and perhaps die, yes, that seemed like a good idea.

‘’Why the hell would you run of cheating on me? Don’t we have it good in your opinion? Fuck! I do everything for you!’’ Tobin yelled right into Arthur’s face.

‘’I’m sorry!’’ Arthur yelled back. He didn’t mean to yell, but he couldn’t help it right now, hell he hadn’t even realized he was crying until now. ‘’I didn’t mean to! He just crawled into my life with that dog of his! Please I didn’t mean to do it!’’ he said on a panicked tone. He was just saying what his mind was telling him to say. But his chest was burning, screaming at him that he was lying right now, That it was Eames that he had wanted.

Tobin just looked to Arthur, as if he was inspecting him. ‘’Why don’t you sleep here.’’ He started with, sounding surprisingly calm and removed his hand from the wall. ‘’Why don’t you sleep here, on the floor like that filthy dog of his and think over what you’ve done?’’

Arthur nodded a bit. That seemed like a fair deal, he was getting away extremely easy with everything. Tobin stepped back, then he turned to leave the hallway and he would have left if it wasn’t for the fact that Arthur dared to speak up.

‘’I love you Tobin, cross my heart and hope to die.’’ Arthur whispered. Tobin stopped in his tracks, first not moving, but then turned around and looked to Arthur.

‘’I love you to Arthur, but sometimes I doubt you doing so.’’ Tobin said simply. Turned around and got into their bedroom. Arthur closed his eyes and the first thing he saw as he sank down through his knees against the wall. Was Eames and Fluff before he started crying for real, he hoped with all of his heart that Fluff was alright, he wasn’t sure he would ever be able to move on with his life if Tobin had put permanent damage on him.


‘’Arthur please just talk to me.’’ Robert tried again on a soft tone. He felt rather useless when Arthur didn’t reply t him. But he couldn’t take it personal if Arthur didn’t even react to what Dom said to him. He just kept sitting in his chair and started at his hands. He wouldn’t even work which Robert could guess, was probably quite understandable. Robert would nearly say that Arthur was apathic right now if it wasn’t for the fact that he did move away when he found that it became too much.

‘’What happened?’’ Dom said, now taking in the softest tone he had used from the last thirty minutes ever since Arthur had arrived at work. Dom stroked his hand up and down over Arthurs back, hoping that the touch would comfort him a little bit at least. But Arthur just leaned forward and covered his face with his hands, making Robert and Dom exchange a glance.

‘’Arthur please, just tell us, you know we will find out eventually, there is no point in hiding it away from us.’’ Robert said again and rolled his own chair a bit closer to Arthur, and this time he got a reaction out of Arthur even if it wasn’t much. He just shook his head and moved his hands around his own waist to hug himself.

Robert put his hand on Arthur’s shoulder, then slid it over his shoulder blades until he had his arm around Arthur and pulled him closer to himself. And much to his surprise Arthur actually shifted closer to Robert and moved one of his hands to grip a hold of Robert’s shirt.

Robert actually made a panicked face to Dom who just urged him on, so he placed his other arm around Arthur and hugged him instead. Robert did his best not to think of how fragile that Arthur felt under his arms, even if he was built as strong as himself, if not even stronger, but when he was beaten down like this it was like a kid was lying in his arms instead.

‘’Please, just tell us Arthur.’’ Dom said and moved his hand to Arthur’s neck, then moved his fingers into his hair and massaged his skull. He knew Arthur liked it, since he had a tendency of doing it on himself when he was tired and Dom had noticed that.

Arthur shook his head lightly, not moving that much since he was pressing himself so tight against Robert that it actually hurt a bit. Robert sucked a bit on his lower lip, not really sure what to do so he just rubbed Arthur’s back, then he couldn’t help it, he mouthed a panicked ‘what do I do?!’ to Dom who just raised his shoulders with a confused gaze. Honestly shocked that Arthur preferred a hug of Robert over him.

The door to their office opened, both Robert and Dom froze, praying to god that it wasn’t Saito because Saito wouldn’t hesitate to fire them all on the spot if he saw their current situation.

‘’Oh fuck Eames!’’ Arthur exclaimed loudly as he saw who had entered the office, which was a completely unknown man to Robert and Dom. While Robert flinched back from pure surprise that Arthur spoke so loud, hell even Dom didn’t see it coming, Arthur got up and moved past his desk.

The man, this so called Eames just smirked and unzipped his horrible yellow rain jacket, revealing a white fluff ball inside that was now struggling to get out. ‘’Fluff!’’ Arthur practically shrieked and pulled the fluff ball out of Eames jacket and pressed him against his chest.

‘’Did he smuggle in a dog?’’ Dom questioned and looked to Robert for a very short glance to Robert who just raised his shoulders as a reply, then he looked back to Arthur, who know had sank down through his knees and still had the dog pressed against his chest, sobbing and stroking his fur.

Eames kneeled down in front of Arthur, stroking his arms and did his best to ignore Arthur’s constant mumbling where he said that he was sorry.

‘’It’s okey. Fluff is fine, no damage done the vet says so. Puppies are always getting stuff like that from themselves alone. You understand?’’ Eames said, repeating it all over and over until Arthur nodded with him. ‘’He didn’t do any damage, all he did was make Fluff dislike him and that’s all.’’ Eames said and stroked Arthur’s cheek.

‘’I have no idea who he is, but yes he smuggled in a dog.’’ Robert said, Dom groaned and tilted his head back and let his hand flow through his hair.

‘’I’ll be damned and fired if Saito walks in.’’ Dom murmured and Robert couldn’t help but snicker and look at the two of them on the floor. ‘’You’re going to get fired to.’’ Robert was still smirking.

‘’Now, stop crying alright? You look so much better with a smile on your face then tears yeah?’’ Eames said, and even Arthur chuckled weakly from it and nodded a couple of times before he looked up to Eames.

‘’I’m so sorry.’’ Arthur then whispered on a low tone, easing his grip on Fluff a bit, yet the dog didn’t move away from his lap. It remained seated and wagged his tail while he looked at the two men around him.

‘’Darling don’t be sorry, It’s my fault really. I should have realized that you were with him anyway.’’ Eames said on a soft tone and kept stroking Arthur’s cheek. ‘’He didn’t hurt you after words did he? Please don’t lie to me.’’ Eames murmured, Arthur shook his head.

‘’He didn’t, he made me stay in the hall but that’s it.’’ Arthur murmured, voice shaking very lightly as he spoke. Eames nodded a couple of times and kissed Arthur on his temple, then Arthur’s lips which made both Robert and Dom raise his eyes, even more when they realized Arthur was replying.

Arthur shifted closer to Eames, one hand moving from Fluff to the collar of Eames hideous yellow rain jacket and gripped a hold of it, as if he wanted to prevent Eames from moving away.

‘’Please tell me you’re leaving Tobin now Arthur, please for the love of god!’’ Dom then commented in and moved from behind the desk. Arthur broke their kiss and chuckled weakly before he hid in the curve of Eames neck again, still shivering. Eames moved his arm around Arthur and then raised his hand to Dom.

‘’Eames, I suppose darling never told you about me huh?’’ Eames said, Arthur shook his head, but remained hidden in the curve of Eames neck. Dom shook his head as well and took Eames hand, giving it a firm shake.

‘’Dom, and that’s Robert. Friends of Arthur in case you didn’t realize.’’ Dom said and let go of Eames hand, gesturing some with his hand. Eames smirked some and moved his arm back around Arthur, rocking him slightly.

‘’I don’t want to do this anymore Eames.’’ Arthur then murmured, finally easing his grip of the collar to the yellow rain jacket, catching Eames attention again.

‘’Do what darling?’’ Eames asked, feeling his gut twirl now and moved one of his hands to stroke the tears of Arthur’s cheek with his thumb. Arthur shifted again so he wasn’t hiding away any longer.

‘’Do all of this, hiding you from Tobin, I don’t want to hide you any longer. I don’t want to be with him any longer. I love him but I can’t be with him.’’ Arthur murmured, still keeping his gaze down as if he actually was scared to look Eames in his eyes. Eames just leaned closer and kissed Arthur on his cheek.

‘’Are you finally realizing that now?’’ Robert questioned from behind his desk and looked at the three men on the floor with crossed arms. Dom just glared to him to make him shut up, which was strangely effective.

‘’I think I want to be with you instead of him.’’ Arthur then said on a low tone. And Eames couldn’t help but smirk even if he knew it was the absolute wrong thing to do right now. He placed his hand on Arthur’s cheek and jaw to direct his face to him and gave him another kiss, a deeper one with more meaning between the two of them.

Robert, found himself smirking at the sight and couldn’t resist the temptation to start clapping with his hands. The result of that war Arthur breaking the kiss he shared with Eames and grinned widely, looking happier than he had done in months for as far as Dom knew.

Their happiness and calm didn’t stay for long though as the door to the office opened. All of them looked up, even Fluff struggled up from between Arthur and Eames to stand on his shoulder to look at the man at the door entrance. Dom swallowed.


Saito gave the room just one look, taking in what was really happening and the second before Dom started speaking he raised his finger to him to make him fall silent again while he closed his eyes. It took him a second, then Saito opened his eyes and lowered his hand to look at the others.

‘’In thirty minutes. I will return here and by then I expect you to have taken a paid vacation for at least two weeks.’’ Saito said and pointed to Arthur, then he looked to Dom and Robert. ‘’I will expect that you two have taken over his work. And that you will have gotten another jacket and that the dog never ever was here, understood?’’ Saito said, moving his gaze to Eames, then to Fluff who now was happily wagging his tail right in front of Saito and then finally moved his gaze to them all in the room.

Robert made the stupid move of saluting, Eames clapped his leg so Fluff would return to him and Arthur and Dom nodded. Saito nodded, then stepped back and closed the door. Leaving them all alone.

‘’Well Arthur, I suggest you get moving over to this Eames apartment, but I suppose that was your plan already now was it?’’ Dom said and turned to look to Arthur who just chuckled some and nodded.

‘’Well I suggest we get moving then.’’ Eames said and gripped a hold of Fluff so he wouldn’t escape any more. ‘’What’s your favorite dish Arthur? I’ll make it for you tonight.’’


Tobin hummed slightly to himself as he entered the bank, smirking some to the girl behind the reception and gave her a nod so he could slip by without a problem and head to the office where Arthur worked. He knew he actually wasn’t allowed to be here unless he had an appointment, but picking Arthur up was appointment enough in his opinion.

He let his hands slide into the pockets of his leatherjacket as he walked up the stairs, soon reaching the first floor where he then took a left. Two doors down and then he entered the office without knocking since there was no reason for him to knock, he was coming in anyway.

‘’Hello everybody.’’ He said, sounding overly cheerful and closed the door behind himself before he looked in front of him, seeing only Robert and Dom sitting by their desks, or rather. Robert was sitting by Arthur’s desk and working on his computer. ‘’Where’s Arthur?’’ Tobin asked, sounding a lot more serious now then just some seconds earlier.

Robert just looked up from Arthur’s computer for a second and then looked back to his work. Dom on the other hand, just looked to Tobin and smiled, playing with his pen between his fingers. Tobin raised an eyebrow, once more being reminded of the fact that he didn’t like Dom.

‘’Dominic.’’ Tobin said and walked over to Dom, placing his hands on the chair in front of his desk and leaned over it. ‘’Where is Arthur? I had plans of taking him out for dinner tonight and if you don’t tell me where he is, I will be very disappointed.’’ Tobin said and gave Dom a charming smile.

Dom didn’t say anything, he just put his pen onto the table and folded his fingers together, letting his hands rest on his stomach. ‘’No, I don’t think I’ll tell you.’’ Dom said then, sounding so ridiculously content with himself that it made Tobin feel sick.

‘’Dom. Where is Arthur?’’ Tobin asked, minus the smile or his own cheerful tone. He hadn’t even noticed that he gripped the chair a lot harder now then earlier as if it was able to run away any given moment where it had the chance.

Dom shook his head again and looked Tobin straight into his eyes. By now the conversation had caught Roberts attention, he was carefully looking at the other two men and hoped that Tobin wouldn’t notice that, otherwise he would be the center of Tobin’s attention without a doubt.

‘’I’m not telling you where he is because he’s not going back to you. It’s over between the two of you Tobin, you single handedly ruined your relationship with Arthur and now you’ll never get him back. Again.’’ Dom said simply, keeping his smile on his lips as he watched Tobin who’s facial expression did not change one bit.

‘’I strongly suggest you tell me where he is Dom, right now.’’ Tobin said, keeping his gaze on Dom and Robert could feel in the back of his spine that if he had that gaze on him, he would break in a matter of seconds and tell Tobin anything he wanted to know, including his darkest secrets.

Dom leaned closer, arms on his desk. ‘’I am not telling you anything Tobin.’’ Dom said, sounding ridiculously content with that tone in his voice. ‘’He’s not coming back to you, he knows better.’’

Robert could swear that he felt the temperature drop in the room, and what happened next came as a surprise, but in a way he could see that it was coming. Tobin let go of the chair and slammed the computer screen of Dom’s desk and Dom, very amazingly didn’t even flinch of blink.

‘’Now I suggest, that you get out.’’ Dom said on a low tone, Tobin just glared at him, breathing heavier. Then he turned around and left the office, slamming the door shut loudly behind himself.

Robert just looked at Dom, who leaned back in his chair and looked to the broken computer screen on the floor, then to Robert. ‘’Well that was nerve-wracking.’’ Dom said and grinned nervously to Robert who raised his eyebrows.

‘’That’s some poker face you’ve got there man.’’ Robert informed him. Dom just chuckled and moved away from his desk and rolled his chair over to the broken computer screen.


‘’You look good Arthur, happier.’’ Dom said and smirked some to Arthur. Arthur just chuckled from it and kept emptying the drawers to his desk and shoved it all into the worn out bag pack that Eames had borrowed him to pick up some of the stuff.

‘’Thanks, I feel better to.’’ Arthur said and opened a file, placed it in his lap and looked it through. And Dom would agree on that to, as would Robert. Arthur looked like he had gained some weight, the bruises on his face had healed and he smiled more, there was more color in his face and he wasn’t as jumpy when people all of a sudden decided to speak up.

‘’So when do we get to meet Eames? He seems like such a cool guy!’’ Robert said exited and slid his chair closer to Arthur. ‘’Please. Come on.’’ Robert begged and even bounced in his chair in a way that reminded Dom of how Phillipa acted when she wanted something.

Arthur chuckled and closed the file to put it back in his desk drawer before he looked to Robert. ‘’Some other time, not now. We just need to be for ourselves right now. I need some time off from everything.’’ Arthur said and stood up; Robert pouted some and looked after him.

‘’But I want to meet him.’’ Robert whined and even tugged at the over sized jacket that Arthur was wearing which probably wasn’t Arthurs either. Dom couldn’t think of any excuse why Arthur would buy a jacket looking like that. On the other hand nothing of the clothes he was wearing besides his shoe’s where Arthurs and most definitely Eames.

‘’Once all of this is calmed and settled, then I’ll let you meet him okey?’’ Arthur said and looked at Robert. ‘’Now, I’ve got to go, Eames is waiting outside with Fluff but I’ll let something hear from me soon alright? Bye.’’ Arthur said and twisted his body around so he could leave the office before Robert would shoot another question into his direction.

Arthur said bye to the people he met in his way and almost ended up talking to some girl who asked him how everything went. But despite all of his efforts, he did get back outside to Eames and grinned when he saw the man who was kneeling down in front of Fluff in a desperate attempt to get a kiss.

‘’Hello darling.’’ Eames said and shot his charming smile into his direction. ‘’Ready to go?’’ He asked before he stood up. Arthur smirked some and kissed his lips lightly before he looked down to Fluff, now also kneeling down to kiss the dog on its head.

‘’Yeah, I’m ready so let’s go.’’ Arthur said and threw the bag over his shoulder, allowing Eames to take his hand and then lead the way along. Even if he was getting confident on the walk to Eames apartment, he didn’t want to jeopardize it all.

‘’Arthur?’’ Eames then said and looked to Arthur, who still was looking at Fluff who was running ahead of them and looking at the other people passing them by.

‘’Hm?’’ Arthur hummed and looked up to him, and Eames directly felt bad for the news that he was about to bring him right now.

‘’Well uh. I have to work tonight. I work night shift and I know you don’t like to be alone now. But!’’ Eames said quickly before Arthur had torn his gaze away from Fluff to look at Eames. ‘’But I’ve kept that in consideration actually.’’ Eames said and gave Arthur a smile, letting go of his hand and moved his arm around his shoulders. ‘’So I invited Yusuf over to spend the night with you and Fluff, and now he’s coming over with chips, popcorn, beer and some movies to camp the night through until I get back.’’

Arthur smiled weakly when he heard that, even if he didn’t look forward on being alone, but he liked Yusuf so spending the night with him would be alright in the end really. So he nodded a couple of times. ‘’Okey.’’ He said then and smiled weakly, even if he wasn’t sure if Eames could see it since he looked it.

Eames smiled and rubbed Arthur’s arm before kissing him on his cheek, then looked ahead of them again. ‘’Eames?’’ Arthur then asked and looked to him. Eames gave a hum but kept looking ahead of himself. ‘’What’s your real name? And don’t give Bruce or any other joke really. I want to know your real name.’’

Eames smiled some and looked up to the sky which started go get closer, rain again? ‘’William, My name is William Daniel Eames.’’ Eames confessed and looked to him, still having that smile. Arthur broke out in one of this beautiful smiles, so Eames couldn’t help it. He just had to kiss him.


Comments are liked but absolutely not needed. Hope you all liked it and thanks for reading!


Fluff :D
Yey for Fluff!!

Saito is a nice boss ^^
I keep thinking Tobin's going to turn up all redeyed and horrible and tear someone's hair out D:

Lovely chapter ^^
could I ask where you're from? The whole "English isn't even my second language" intrigued me >.<
ah well to figure out what's going to happen you'll have to read a few more parts to find it all out, thanks for reading!

And I'm originally from Belgium, then moved to Sweden, So first language is Flemish and second is Swedish :)
Wooooooo :D...unless...Tobin hit Arthur, put him in a coma and this is all just a fantasy DDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD:

Ooooo! I can speak French...that's the closest thing you're going to come to Flemish XD Just the shared country. I have friends in Sweden ^^
now I've got nothing else but damn I can't wait for next part

geez aren't our minds cryptic
Ah it will be along in about four days, so it'll be there soon :)
Thanks for reading and commenting (again) and hope that this part was more to your liking then part 5 :3

That is all...
Cobb is to be admired after all. Thanks for reading and commenting!
I'm so glad that Fluff and Arthur are okay! >3<
Can't stop thinking Eames with the yellow jacket with Fluff in it!! It is adorable!
Also, I love Robert, Dom and especially Saito:)
Despite he is a scary boss, I find him cute :P
Can't wait what's going to happen in next 4 chapter!!:D

I read other's comments and I read your profile that says you live in Japan. so do you speak 4 languages?
I really want to visit Sweden and Belgium.
I went Sweden long times ago. Because of someone who ruined the trip, I had to stay most of time in a car and the only place that I visited was the red lake!! (water was red..:P) but outside was so lovely that I wanted to live there. I wish I can visit there again:)

Happy to hear(read) that you liked it and are looking forward to the other chapters :). More will be along in just a few days luckily so there is no huge wait :)

And no, I don't actually live in Japan, It's just a dream of moving there and living there. So I tend to put Japan up as a sort of motivation to not giving up. And you really should visit both Sweden and Belgium. Personally I like Belgium more, the atmosphere is more to my liking then Sweden, not really a nature person lol.
Hey, I quite like this story, but I wanted to point out :

'okay' instead of 'okey' .. I'm not sure if you're using it specifically for some reason that I'm ignorant of, but yeah, I thought I'd mention it.

Love the story, carry on.
Very happy to hear that you like it :) And yes, the okey and Okay thing happens more as a reflex to me when I write it. Doesn't matter how hard I try I always hear okey rather then okay. So I suppose that I write it as I hear it ^^''
OMG, I´m so happy right now! Eames to the rescue, yeah! Don´t let Arthur go! ^_^
But I´m sure Tobin is going to make a bad attempt...
I hope everything will be okay!
+chewing on my pen in excitement+
I shall not spoil a thing as I've mentioned earlier to others, You'll just have to wait until the rest comes along :3

Thanks for reading and commenting!
Yay another chapter. And this one was so happy. Though it makes me wonder about the next four... Also the part where Saito told Eames to but a new raincoat. I'm looking forward to part eight!
The future of the boys will be present soon, I'd just be a lazy writer if I ended things right here, keep the story interesting after all ;)
Thanks for reading and commenting!