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JGL Manic 2

Just love me - 8/11

Title –  Just love me - Part 8/11
Author – sid_vicious_03 
Rating –  NC17
Pairings – Eames/Arthur, Arthur/OC
Word count  3618
Warnings –
Cursing, sex, extreme abuse, violation of human rights, unbetad, etc
Disclaimers – I don’t own Inception or any of the characters, sadly, but i do own the story.
Notes   Are at the fic- Previous parts: Part one, Part two, Part three, Part four, Part five, Part 6, Part 7,

Summary –
     Arthur is in an abusive relationship. But he doesn't mind, he loves Tobin and he knows that Tobin loves him. Despite his... issues. Arthur does his best to live after Tobin's rules and way of life. But sometimes life happens, sometimes Eames and Fluff happens.


‘’Okey thanks.’’ Arthur said simply, trying not to have far too many emotions in the tone of his voice. He was standing in Eames living room by his glass window had pushed the curtains aside just slightly so he could look over the streets. Eames was still working in the kitchen and Fluff had joined Arthur in the living room, but instead of running around his feet he had jumped up on the couch and was now watching Arthur as he finished his phone call with peaked ears.

Arthur removed the phone away from his ear and sucked on his lower lip as he looked at the display, then saw how Dom hung up on him and sighed a bit. He looked out over the streets one more time before he then turned to face Fluff, smiling to the dog who now lifted his head. Arthur walked over to him and scratched him behind his ears without bending down and slid into the kitchen where Eames was giving his best try to cook together something similar to Arthur’s favorite dish but even he could see it was going nowhere.

‘’Who was it?’’ Eames said and gave the sauce another look, very quickly frowning once he saw it and moved back a bit. Then almost as if he had decided to ignore it, he just shifted back and looked to Arthur over his shoulder. ‘’It wasn’t your boyfriend was it?’’

Arthur smiled and shook his head, placing his cell phone on the counter and crossed his arms over his chest. His chest still stung, but at least his ribs had stopped aching for the most of it. ‘’It was Dom, wondering how I was.’’ Arthur started with. ‘’He also let me know that Tobin smashed his computer screen when he refused to tell him where I was.’’

Eames chuckled when he heard that, shook his head and turned the focus all back to their dinner. ‘’That’s good, I like that Dom.’’ Eames said with a snicker and took on his chance of stirring the soup again and hell, even Arthur could smell that he was doing something wrong.

‘’Dom is a nice guy.’’ Arthur said and moved from behind the counter to walk right next to Eames, just to check up on how he was doing before the fire alarm would go of. ‘’He’s my oldest friend you know?’’ Arthur said then and looked up to Eames who nodded.

‘’I got that feeling from him.’’ Eames said and nodded, but kept looking at the food. ‘’I know I said I wouldn’t allow any help Arthur but damn it tell me what I’m doing wrong please.’’ Eames said and laughed some. Even Arthur grinned and gave Eames a light push so he would move and that he could take over. Eames however saw his chance and stepped behind Arthur to hug him.

‘’I’m so glad that he didn’t hurt you.’’ Eames whispered after a minute of just watching Arthur cook together their dinner, and he honestly felt bad Arthur had to take over. Arthur who just needed to relax and whom he had promised wouldn’t be cooking tonight, because he would fix it for them both.

Arthur didn’t say anything in return, he just kept his full focus on the food even if he just wanted to agree with Eames. But in some way, in some way he thought that Tobin would feel that he agreed with Eames and if they happened to run into one another, then he would know and Arthur would have more trouble then he already had.

‘’Alright uh.’’ Eames said and looked up to the ceiling, pressing his body closer to Arthur and slid his arms around Arthur. Left hand on right hip and right hand on left hip. ‘’Favorite movie, favorite band and their favorite song, favorite book, favorite superhero and where are you ticklish.’’ Eames said and grinned, tilting his head to the side just in time to catch Arthur smile and flash his dimples in the process.

‘’Superhero? Eames what is your obsession about superhero’s really all about?’’ Arthur said, glancing to Eames but kept stirring the sauce which proved that he definitely knew what was doing unlike Arthur.

‘’Just answer the damn question darling.’’ Eames said and kissed Arthur on his cheek. He heard the other sigh a bit and then felt Arthur lean his head back until it rested on Eames shoulder.

‘’Fine, but don’t expect me to say Batman.’’ Arthur said with a smirk to himself before he thought over the questions while Eames was laughing. ‘’The Shawshank redemption, I’m extremely fond of Grunge so I’ll say a classic and say Nirvana but my favorite song is not Smells like teen spirit, but Frances farmer will have her revenge on Seattle instead. The fellowship of the ring. Superhero is a tough one but it’s a tie between Edward Blake as the Comedian or Adrian Veight as Ozymandias both from Watchmen and I’m not ticklish, at all.’’ Arthur said, smiling the constant time as he spoke.

Eames grinned some and kissed the skin on Arthur’s neck. ‘’I got to say, I’m disappointed you didn’t pick Batman even if the Comedian and Veight are good choices in my opinion.’’ He said with a smirk. ‘’Also, I refuse to believe that you’re not ticklish you hear me? I’ll find it, trust me.’’ Eames said, still grinning like the fool he felt like he was and slid his hands under Arthur’s shirt.

And god, how lovely! He could feel how Arthur tensed up by his sides from that touch only. And the more he moved up his hands, lightly touching Arthur’s side with his finger tips the more the other tried to struggle away from him.

‘’Not ticklish are you?’’ Eames teased, keeping up with the stroking. Arthur grinned and let go of the wooden spoon so he could grip a hold of Eames arms to force them out of his shirt.

‘’Eames no stop it I’m serious.’’ Arthur said, still squirming but still smiling. Eames grinned and just moved his hands up even further up Arthurs shirt which ended up with him giggling. Then when Eames really put all his will into tickling Arthur started struggling much resembling a little boy who suffered from Adhd and didn’t want to do what his parents told him.

The only difference was that Arthur was laughing and every now and then managed to pant a ‘stop’ or a ‘please Eames’ while he tried to fidget his way out of Eames grip. But the more he struggled the more Eames regripped on Arthur without hurting him to tickle him more. Then, once Eames found a spot that seemingly was extremely sensitive, Arthur shrieked out another no and pulled his legs up and slammed them against the cupboards. Which besides noise, caused Eames to fall of his balance and fall onto the floor with Arthur coming down on him which made him groan.

Arthur was just about to apologize, but then he saw Eames face which had a slight blush and a confused look over him that screamed out ‘how did we end up on the floor again?’ he just couldn’t help but start laughing. He rested his head to Eames shoulder and closed his eyes, letting his breathing calm down and felt overjoyed of the fact that Eames stopped tickling him.

Fluff had heard the commotion from the living room and had jumped of the couch, claws clattering against the wooden boards as he ran into the kitchen to see what was happening. As soon as he saw both Eames and Arthur on the floor he started wagging his tail, barking some and bounced on the spot before he ran over to them and tried to climb up Eames shoulder. But due the fact that Arthur was laying on top of him, it didn’t go that well.

‘’Fluff stop it.’’ Eames said when Fluff started licking him in his face and wouldn’t give up on climbing on him, tail wagging as if he could kill somebody with it. The puppy whined and sat down on the floor next to them, whining some and then barked at them again. Arthur just chuckled and shifted before he sat up, straddling Eames who almost automatically placed his hands on Arthurs thighs.

‘’Now, I will continue with dinner, and until it is done and we’ve eaten, you won’t distract me anymore. Got it?’’ Arthur said, smiling and rested his hands on Eames side, completely ignoring Fluff who tried to sneak in-between. Eames chuckled and let Arthur get of him.

‘’I’ll try darling, but I can’t promise anything.’’ Eames said and sat up, picking Fluff up in the process and gave the puppy the attention it was craving from them both right now. He caught Arthur smiling one final time before he turned back to the stove.


‘’So Tobin try this instead.’’ Jimmy started with carefully and raised his hands to his friend, who started the whole thing by glaring to him as if it would kill him, and somehow Jimmy didn’t doubt that Tobin didn’t want him alive and that he was very damn close to his least favorite person in the world. ‘’But just… calm down and-‘’

Jimmy didn’t even get to finish his sentence as Tobin kicked away the living room table from between them with such force that it nearly flied right into the bookshelf, knocking out most of the books and dvd’s from the two closest shelves while the others were still shaking dangerously. ‘’I am fucking calm Jimmy!’’

Jimmy nodded a couple of times, seeing what an obvious lie that was but as long as Tobin believed it then the skin by his neck was saved and that was his number one priority right now. ‘’What do you know about this Eames.’’ Jimmy said carefully and gestured some with his hands.

‘’I don’t know anything.’’ Tobin said and leaned back in his couch, staring at the table that he had sent into the bookshelf. ‘’I don’t even know if he is with that Eames, but I’m pretty sure he is. They seemed to know one another to well. And with that smirk Dom gave me, god.’’ Tobin said and tilted his head back, covering his eyes with his palms.

Jimmy didn’t dare to say anything, he knew far too well how Tobin’s explosive behavior could end up extremely painful for him. Because it wasn’t just Arthur who got the punches. Tobin removed his palms and looked to the ceiling, sighing heavily. ‘’I have to find him Jimmy, both Eames and Arthur, they can’t run away like that.’’ Tobin said, swallowing some before he turned to look at Jimmy.

‘’Well Tobin.’’ Jimmy said and nervously shifted in his chair. ‘’How do you plan on finding them when you don’t know where they are?’’ Jimmy asked carefully and shifted back in the chair so he would be somewhat more out of reach for Tobin. Surprisingly Tobin remained calm and just looked ahead of himself, actually thinking the matter over instead of throwing a fit at Jimmy.

‘’He has to go to work at some point, I’ll follow him from a safe distance, he’ll never know. He doesn’t even need to know it’s me, you could follow him. Or Patrick, he doesn’t know Patrick that well so why would he recognize him in a crowd?’’ Tobin said and looked to Jimmy. ‘’I’m not letting him go.’’ Tobin added.

Jimmy nodded lightly.


‘’So you know where he is?’’ Tobin said out loud as soon as he heard the door in the hallway close. He tilted his head back and emptied the beer bottle before he put it on the table that he had dragged back between the couches.

‘’Even better.’’ Patrick called out and seemingly struggled out of his shoes before he stumbled out to the living room and practically jumped into the armchair. ‘’I’ve got his name.’’ Patrick said and showed a small note he had been hiding in his fist. Tobin, just looked to him.

‘’His name?’’ Tobin asked him, Patrick smirked and nodded. ‘’His name? You brought me his name? What the hell am I supposed to do with his name?!’’ Tobin yelled to him and nearly shot up from the couch. Patrick flinched back and pulled his hands closer to his chest in a shocked move. ‘’Please Patrick, do inform me with that.’’

‘’Well dude.’’ Patrick started with and shifted in the chair, he didn’t like the stare he got from Tobin. They got them all the time before Tobin met Arthur and that made things uncomfortable for them all. ‘’You got his name, use the internet, you can find out anything about him, where he lives, you can find out his freaking phone number if you so want to! The internet is for more than just porn.’’

Tobin didn’t move, then he looked down and stroked his jaw, actually thinking the matter over. ‘’The dumb blokes didn’t even notice I was overhearing them. The dude works nightshift and he’s supposed to work tonight so he called over a friend to keep Arthur company.’’ Patrick said, not quite sure if he should move away now or stay around.

Tobin nodded slowly and kept his gaze down, then he snatched the piece of paper from Patrick.


‘’I swear to god, there are rules to survive a horror movie, they even mention it in a movie you know?’’ Yusuf said and took another handful of chips and placed it on his stomach. ‘’Scream I think it was called.’’

Arthur smiled some and nodded, toying with the hair behind his ear, giving it repeating tugs and stroked his fingers through Fluff’s fur. It was only ten, but the little puppy was already knocked out on Arthur’s lap and was stuck in a deep sleep and what appeared to be a dream, just because he’d sometimes bark and wriggle in his sleep but never quite wake up.

‘’One of the rules was like, if you’re not a virgin, then you die.’’ Yusuf said and grabbed his beer bottle to drink. Arthur didn’t quite understand how Yusuf could handle multitasking with all those snacks and still be able to talk. ‘’Another one was, never say I’ll be back.’’

Just as Yusuf had finished that sentence, the phone in the kitchen rang. Arthur smirked some and carefully removed Fluff from his lap. That, was probably Eames who had promised he would call him sometime during the day when he got a minute.

‘’I’ll be back.’’ Arthur joked and walked off to the kitchen. Yusuf sat up and grabbed some more chips.

‘’It’s nothing to joke about it man, they all really do die.’’ Yusuf said and leaned back again in the couch, looking back to the tv. At least Yusuf made him feel calmer, he didn’t flinch when the phone rang, which he would have done if he was alone. Arthur walked into the kitchen, drumming his fingers against the counter while he got over to the fridge where Eames had put the phone.

He heard Yusuf laugh in the living room at quite the same time the blonde girl from the movie screamed and very probably got killed. ‘’Hello?’’ Arthur said as he picked up the receiver and leaned against the fridge, playing some with the cord to the phone.

No response, which made Arthur frown and suddenly get very nervous. Who would have thought that silence could be that alarming to a person? ‘’Eames residence.’’ Arthur tried again, just in case the caller hadn’t heard him when he had spoken the first time, it was always a possibility.

‘’It’s probably someone who called the wrong number!’’ Yusuf called out loudly from the living room. ‘’Eames get’s it all the time really, all the freaking time, doesn’t matter if it’s day or night.’’ He added, then laughed again when something supposedly funny was mentioned on the screen.

Arthur removed the receiver from his ear, looked at it while he sucked on his lower lip. But then decided to ignore the uncomfortable feeling and just hang up. Yusuf was comfortable so why should he tense up? On the other hand, why would somebody call Eames at three in the morning?


‘’It’s probably someone who called the wrong number!’’ Tobin couldn’t help but smirk when he heard that. Tilting his head back so he could look at the stairs in the sky. ‘’Eames get’s it all the time really, all the freaking time, doesn’t matter if it’s day or night.’’ He took the cigarette from the ashtray and placed it against his lips. The voice speaking was in the distance, but Arthur. Arthur was the one hanging on the phone, he had recognized his voice the second he had spoken up.

After some seconds of silence Arthur hung up and Tobin removed the cell phone from his ear. Cigarette still resting against his lips as he looked at the lighted display, saying ‘Eames’. Another short chuckle came as he stroked his thumb over the display and looked out over his view again.

‘’Oh Arthur.’’ He hummed to himself then and removed the cigarette from his lips. ‘’You’re in so much trouble now.’’ He murmured, breathing out the smoke as he spoke. But he wouldn’t move yet, just a few more days.


‘’Eames?’’ Arthur said on a low tone and pulled the t-shirt of him over his head. He wanted to have his own clothing back so desperately, but if that was what it took not seeing Tobin again then he was fine. He had all of his important stuff over. His wallet, credit cards, phone, ID, his insurance and more. All that Tobin really still had was his passport and that would be useless in about two months because then it would expire.

‘’Mhm?’’ Eames hummed very loudly from the bathroom, Arthur figured out that he had decided to speak up during the time when he was brushing his teeth. But to be honest he didn’t care right now. It was six in the morning, he had been up for about eighteen hours. Tense for a little less than half of them and just wanted to sleep right now before Fluff started to become to active from the sun rising outside the window.

‘’Yusuf said that you get a lot of people who dial the wrong number. Is that true?’’ Arthur said and twisted some in the bed to look at the bathroom door. Yes, he had disturbed Eames while he brushed his teeth. At least he had switched to the jogging pants which he slept in at least, so he could get in bed with him directly.

Eames leaned over to the sink to rinse his mouth, then stood up and dried his mouth with a towel. ‘’All the time. The phone company can’t figure it out either. I guess I just have one of those numbers. Or someone with bad eyesight thinking their getting the right number while they are actually dialing mine.’’ Eames said and tossed the towel away before he walked over to Arthur, stepping over the sleeping Fluff who had spread himself out all over the carpet.

‘’Oh.’’ Arthur said and smiled a bit, laying down in the bed. ‘’Because someone called earlier tonight, but I got no answer.’’ Arthur said and fumbled with the sheet by his waist. Eames slid under the sheet and moved to kiss Arthur on his cheek, then came to rest and laid down.

‘’I get that all the time.’’ Eames hummed and put his head on Arthur’s shoulder, closed his eyes and moved an arm around his waist. Arthur nodded some.

‘’Okey.’’ Arthur said and gave him a light kiss on his head, then closed his eyes and allowed himself to fall asleep.


‘’Did you get that damn Polaroid?’’ Tobin asked and looked over his shoulder to Jimmy who nodded quickly, he had waited days by now, his patience was getting the best of him, And the phone call a few days ago had worked him up by now. His arm twitched, wanting to show his bag to Tobin so he would see that yes, he had thought of the camera, and yes, he had thought of the paper and every other thing that Tobin told him to bring. He didn’t want to disobey him, not now when he was at the worst mood Jimmy had ever seen him.

Patrick seemed untouched by it all, but Jimmy noticed that he was more fidgety than usual. Jason he wasn’t aware of what he was thinking about the matter. Jason had known Tobin ever since he was the bully at kindergarten and he had started helping out. This was nothing new to him. It wasn’t the first time for Jason that they would break into a strangers home, knock him out and practically kidnap him.

But for Jimmy it was. And he didn’t like the feeling of it all, he just wanted to twist around and run away. Hell he even wanted to run to his parents instead of his own apartment. He looked to the building in front of them, the very same building where Arthur was running around in apartment 5D, the apartment that Eames owned.

‘’Good, let’s go then, take back what’s mine.’’ Tobin said and looked to his left to see if there were any oncoming cars as he crossed the street. But never checked the right side. Jimmy and the other two followed Tobin, there wasn’t even thinking of walking past Tobin right now. Barely Jason would be allowed to walk right next to him. Tobin walking with a content smirk on his lips, it was the middle of the night, the only one who would notice would be Arthur.


Comments are liked, but not needed. Thanks for reading!
Also, A reminder, if you need a face for Tobin, Cam Gigandet does the job well.


I'm so fucking nervous!!
Nooooooooooooooooooooooo Arthur!!!
Oh god, I don't want him to get hurt!!!
You'll see how it goes ;)
God I hope he's okay!!
I'm so scared for Arthur!!! But it's so nice to see him being so happy with Eames. I love this story so much, I'm constantly checking for an update. Can't wait to see what happens next!
The update wont be posted until Sunday evening (in my time zone) so there is no need to constant refresh at the moment :) Glad that you liked it, and thanks for reading!
Aw let Eames turn out to be a bad ass. He needs to wake up when Tobin breaks in and kick the ever living shit out of him. :) And Arthur is all "um, are you a ninja?"

Now that would be a humorous outcome to it all! Sadly I did not think of that. You'll see how it goes ;) Thanks for reading!
Wait so is Eames getting kidnapped or Arthur?! OMG! This is soooo exciting and good...but bad at the same time lol. Awesome writing!
Happy to hear that you liked it :D Thanks for reading!
+chewing on my pillow* Oh god, this story is killing me... <333
I'll suppose that's a good thing, in a way :) Thanks for reading and commenting!