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JGL Manic 2

Just love me - Part 9/11

Title –  Just love me - Part 9/11
Author – sid_vicious_03 
Rating –  NC17
Pairings – Eames/Arthur, Arthur/OC
Word count  3618
Warnings –
Cursing, sex, extreme abuse, violation of human rights, unbetad, etc
Disclaimers – I don’t own Inception or any of the characters, sadly, but i do own the story.
Notes   Are at the fic- Previous parts: Part one, Part two, Part three, Part four, Part five, Part 6, Part 7, Part eight

Summary –
     Arthur is in an abusive relationship. But he doesn't mind, he loves Tobin and he knows that Tobin loves him. Despite his... issues. Arthur does his best to live after Tobin's rules and way of life. But sometimes life happens, sometimes Eames and Fluff happens.


‘’Your master is really annoying with that job of his you know?’’ Arthur asked, looking down to Fluff who was laying down in front of him and now peaked his ears due the fact that Arthur spoke to him. ‘’I’m beginning t shift my sleeping hours after his, I sleep all of the day! I’ve never done that and never aspired to do so, not even when I was a teenager.’’ Arthur said, then sighed heavily and looked up to the counter again where the water boiler was still on.

‘’I just don’t want to be alone you know? I know I have your company and all. But I can’t stand being on my own for that long. I’ll have to find something to do, soon.’’ Arthur muttered, keeping his eyes on the water boiler and just waited for it to click so he would know when it was boiled.

Fluff got up and walked past Arthur, practically bouncing for every step he took and managed to get a hold of his pink chewing toy, soon filling the room with a squeaking noise. Arthur moved his gaze back to the puppy and smiled. Then heard the click of the water boiler and pushed himself away from the counter to take out a tea cup. Only two more hours before Eames would be back.

But Arthur didn’t even remember tasting his tea, nor the short continuation of the squeaking noise and Fluff’s bark.


‘’Christ Tobin what did you do!’’ Jimmy yelled out barely the second after that Arthur had fallen to the floor. The little dog had bounced up and started barking to them all, especially towards Tobin but he didn’t seem to care at all.

‘’Well you don’t want him yelling around do you?’’ Jason stated annoyed and dropped the bag on the counter. Patrick swallowed a bit and looked nervously around, staying near Jimmy. ‘’Well do something and keep that fucking dog away.’’ Jason added and started looking through the bag that Jimmy had brought.

Jason gave Jimmy a nervous look that he translated as ‘Well, do it.’ So in the end Jimmy had to dare himself to the little dog who was growling. In the end he managed to snatch it up in his arms and kept it pushed against his chest so he wouldn’t walk around and disturb Tobin and Jason.

‘’Be useful and take a picture of the dog alright?’’ Tobin then told Patrick and gave him a push before he shifted on the floor. Patrick took out the old Polaroid camera that he had brought, a gift from his father years ago and stood in front of Jimmy, taking the picture of Fluff, who was still growling and gritting his small teeth.


‘’Home and present again darling.’’ Eames called out as soon as he managed to open the door to his apartment and walked inside. ‘’I’ll tell you something, that job is going to kill me one not so beautiful day.’’ But Eames got no reply, the entire apartment was silent which made him frown. Usually Arthur would already be in the hallway and hug him or start listening to that god damn rant that Eames would throw over his work.

Maybe he was already asleep. That would be a good thing. That would mean Arthur was finally relaxing after all the drama without being so damn tense that he had been lately. ‘’Arthur?’’ Eames said as he pulled of his jacket while he moved to the bedroom to peek inside. Bed untouched.

As he walked into the living room, it hit Eames that he didn’t hear Fluff running around. And the dog wouldn’t be sleeping either because he always woke up when Eames returned back home. He looked into the hallway again and saw that the leash was hanging against the wall, there was no way that Arthur would walk Fluff in the middle of the night, and without a leash on top of it.

‘’Arthur?’’ Eames repeated, getting a little bit more nervous now. He walked into the kitchen after having checked the bathroom, but the kitchen was just as empty as the rest of the apartment. On the counter was a cup of tea, which was cold to the touch so it had been quite some time after it had been made. And it was then, that he noticed the two Polaroid photo’s next to it.

‘’One of them was Arthur, eyes closed and leaning against someone’s chest, and that someone freaking posed with a grin in the picture. And that someone was unmistakably Tobin, Eames wouldn’t forget that grin for all the money in the world or if he got threatened by the king of China.

On the next picture was Fluff, tightly pressed against someone’s chest who unlike Tobin remained out of the picture. The dog was gritting his teeth and probably growling, as Eames could see that he very obviously was displeased with his current situation. The man who held him was definitely smaller then Tobin and wore the most hideous orange t-shirt Eames had ever seen and a leather jacket.

Eames nearly sank through his knees when he saw that, although it just felt like he did. Truth was, he didn’t move. Fear was starting to overwhelm him, the tea was cold, it had been a while since they were here and who knew what they had managed to do to Arthur and Fluff by now.

And where were they. Eames felt hopeless as he realized he had no clue where Arthur had lived before he came here. He had never asked, all he knew was that he had shared an apartment with Tobin.

But then he remembered, hadn’t he seen Arthur’s cell phone on the table in the living room? Dom had to know where he was and Dom was Arthur’s best friend, so his phone number had to be saved there.

Eames tore himself away from the spot and ran to the living room, nearly collapsing in front of the table and took the cell phone with shaking hands. He fumbled some with the contact list, his fingers not being used to the sensitive touch screen that Arthur handled, but he managed to find Dom.

It took him three calls before someone picked up, and by then Eames had nearly taken his own phone out to call Dom’s cell phone at the same time as he was ringing to the home number.

‘’Listen!’’ That was Dom’s voice alright, and he didn’t sound happy that he had to pick up a little after five in the morning where he probably slept for two more hours before getting up for work. ‘’People are fucking sleeping at this hour, what do you want!’’ Dom bellowed into the phone, and at that moment Eames was glad he wasn’t Phillipa.

‘’Dom! Dom Dom it’s Eames! Remember Arthur’s friend yeah?’’ Eames begged into the phone and didn’t even bother but waiting for an answer or even noticing how panicked he sounded. ‘’Where the fuck does Tobin live!’’ Eames yelled, making sure he was being heard by Dom and that he wouldn’t put up any form of protest or questions that would delay the answer.

‘’Uh, Janes Street 48, fourth apartment. Eames is Arthur alright?’’ Dom said while Eames scribbled down the address on the piece of paper he had snatched towards him.

‘’I’m about to find out Dom, I really hope so.’’ Eames said and hung up, dropped Arthur’s phone on the floor and ran to the hall. Ignoring it ringing again when he pulled on his coat again and left through the door. Already thinking of how he’d try to get a cab at this hour.


It was probably the worst headache Arthur had ever felt in his entire life. His head was burning, as if his brain had gone into overdrive and then eventually exploded from the pressure of all the work. He tried to groan but he wasn’t quite sure if he actually managed to make a sound. He could hear muffled voices but he couldn’t make out who was speaking or what they were saying.

For a second he thought that he was dead, then he realized it couldn’t be the case and wished that he was dead instead. He opened his eyes and he was sure that he saw stars for a second, but besides that everything was hazy and the floor that he was lying on gave of a very shifting feeling. He shifted some on the floor but his arms made no movement as he curled more together. It wasn’t until he gave it a second try that he felt the pain burn around his wrists, also making him realize that he was tied up.

He opened his eyes again, this time seeing much clearer than before. Then he felt a very sharp burning pan at the back of his head as he was yanked up from the floor and moved against someone’s chest. He tried to scream from the pain but it only came out muffled. Fear started to grow stronger, they had duck taped his mouth shut.

‘’Are you happy with yourself now?’’ Tobin hummed into Arthur’s ear and sent a shiver down Arthur’s spine, but not from enjoyment this time as Tobin’s grip remained in his hair. ‘’Are you happy now? With Eames?’’ Tobin asked.

Arthur wanted to scream out no, but at the same time he knew he would be lying and he was terrified to death that Tobin would figure out that lie. And even If he said yes, it still wouldn’t be the answer Tobin wanted to hear, Tobin would want a mix of the two.

‘’I did a lot for you, and this is how you repay me? By running off with someone else behind my back? Baby I love you, why would you do that?’’ Tobin asked, other hand slowly stroking his fingertips down Arthur’s cheek. And that was when Fluff started barking, making Arthur move his eyes from the floor to Jimmy who had pressed the puppy against him.

‘’Could you make that dog shut up?!’’ Tobin yelled suddenly, making both Arthur and Jimmy flinch. Jimmy swallowed and then moved one of his hands around Fluff’s jaws, forcing it shut. Fluff whined and tried to move away, but once he realized that was pointless he pressed his paws against Jimmy’s hand to push him away. But the puppy just failed miserably on that.

‘’Thank you.’’ Tobin growled, but he obviously was still very annoyed by Fluff and looked back to Arthur, still stroking his fingers over Arthur’s cheek while he just wanted to move away from him. ‘’I thought we had an agreement on us, and that it would be us.’’ Tobin whispered to Arthur.

‘’Oh please Tobin, he’s a cheating bastard now, you know what they say, if they cheat once then they will cheat again.’’ Jason said annoyed and got up from the armchair, fully ignoring the look on Tobin’s face when he sat that. ‘’I’m going to grab a beer.’’ And with that, Jason disappeared into the kitchen.

Patrick had fixed his gaze on the floor and Jimmy still kept his hand around Fluff’s jaws, who had stopped whining and protesting. Tobin gave Arthur a kiss on his cheek and then hugged him tighter, his fingers feeling like spiders on Arthur’s body.

‘’Can you promise me you won’t do it again?’’ Tobin whispered to Arthur, who now was shivering almost uncontrollably. ‘’Well?!’’ Tobin said loudly, his hand now moving to Arthur’s ribs and pressed down on the cracked ones which made Arthur cry out despite the duck tape.

‘’Oh, right.’’ Tobin said, smirking and moved his hand up to Arthur’s face and in one swift but very painful move pulled the duck tape away. ‘’You can’t say a word.’’ Tobin said while Arthur gasped for breath. ‘’Now, can you give me an answer?’’ Tobin said, hand moving back to Arthur’s ribs and pressed down again.

Arthur started to whimper and tried to shift away from Tobin, but he had gotten such a grip over him that it was practically impossible. ‘’Tobin please.’’ Arthur whined, managing to shift over to his side so he could curl up more against Tobin, and even if he hated what he was doing to him, it felt strangely comforting. Tobin moved his arms around Arthur and kissed him on top of his head.

‘’You’ve really disappointed me this time baby.’’ Tobin whispered, stroking his fingers through Arthur’s hair. Jimmy kept his eyes on the two of them, not quite sure what to think of it. He knew how furious Tobin was at Arthur, so it felt kind of strange to see him touch him so lightly, so gently. He had a bad feeling in his gut that it was all an act. ‘’But you haven’t given me your answer yet.’’

Arthur took a shaky breath and pulled his legs up to his chest, now completely resting against Tobin’s chest. ‘’Do you promise not to repeat it?’’ Tobin asked on the tone with a voice that could be mistaken for a mother addressing her child.

‘’I-‘’ Arthur had to swallow from it and curled almost automatically more together. ‘’I want to-’’ Arthur started with, but then he didn’t know what to finish it with. Tobin would see through any lie, and he didn’t want the truth either. And the worst part was that now when he could speak, he had no idea of what Tobin really wanted to hear from him.

‘’Seems like I’m getting no answer here.’’ Tobin said, fingers stopping in Arthur’s hair and for a second he feared that he would get another tug at his hair. But instead Tobin just looked up to Jimmy, massaging Arthur’s skull. ‘’Get rid of the dog, maybe that will loosen up his tongue.’’

Arthur directly struggled out of Tobin’s grip and looked up to him, being on the verge of tears now. ‘’No please I want to try it again, I won’t do it again I won’t run of again please just don’t hurt the dog!’’ Arthur begged directly, Tobin just smiled and stroked Arthur’s cheek.

‘’You had your chance of saying that earlier Arthur, the dog is going anyway.’’ Tobin said simply, thumb moving over Arthur’s lips. Tobin looked back to Jimmy, who looked confused beyond limits. ‘’Well Jimmy, get rid of the dog before I do it myself.’’ Tobin hissed.

Jimmy just shook his head and let go of Fluff’s jaws to regrip on him which made the puppy to start barking again. ‘’What?’’ Jimmy asked, sounding close to devastated right now.

Arthur turned to Jimmy to look at him, positive that tears where now leaving his eyes. ‘’Jimmy please don’t hurt Fluff, he didn’t do anything to you please don’t hurt him!’’ Arthur begged, figuring that his begging was of more effect to Jimmy then Tobin.

‘’Shut up!’’ Tobin yelled, hand once more sneaking into Arthur’s hair and slammed him back down to the floor with such force that Arthur saw stars again and whimpered, curling more together on the floor and started sobbing. Then Tobin glared up to him. ‘’What the fuck are you waiting for then? Go on!’’ Tobin threatened Jimmy.

Jimmy shook his head and backed a step, pressing Fluff to his chest in a more protecting manner now. ‘’No, Tobin just no!’’ Jimmy yelled, having no idea where he got the sudden courage from, but when he saw the shocked look on Tobin’s face he knew it was worth it. ‘’You just can’t ask me to kill a dog like that, you sick fuck!’’

And with that Jimmy turned around and went for the hallway before Jason managed to grab a hold of them, running out to the hallway with the dog to catch the first and best elevator, then cab to get the hell away.

‘’Thank you.’’ Arthur whispered in a tone so low that barely he could even hear it, if he even had said it, his mind was working in far too much slow motion to be sure what actually happened.

Tobin growled and let go of Arthur before he stood up, walking straight over to Patrick. ‘’And why the hell did you let him go!’’ Tobin yelled straight into Patrick’s face who flinched a bit. Jason however laughed from the kitchen.

‘’Because he’s as much of a pussy as Jimmy is, but see of it this way, the dog is all gone and Arthur is all your attention right now.’’ Jason cut in as he walked back into the living room with a package of cup noodles and a fork in his hands.

Tobin straightened his posture and nodded. ‘’You’re right.’’ He said then and sighed some, then he looked back to Arthur again with a smile. ‘’Your dog was lucky, you’re less lucky baby.’’ Tobin said as he knelt down right next to Arthur. ‘’You should have spoken sooner, then you would have managed to survive all of this a little bit easier then what you’ll go through right now.’’ He muttered as he stroked Arthur’s hair.


Eames had pushed open the doors to the apartment building and nearly knocked over a business man on his way to work, but he couldn’t give a damn over that the he had just knocked over the man’s coffee on his t-shirt.

His heart was beating in his throat and he wasn’t even sure if this was the right building. And how the hell would he find Tobin’s apartment? Fourth apartment didn’t tell him that much, and if luck was against him there could be several Tobin’s living here, and then what?

Eames was on his good way of hyperventilating when he heard a familiar bark fill the practically empty hall. He twisted around to look back to the doors, but that wasn’t the source of the noise.

‘’Please just be quiet, I’m sorry I swear I am.’’ A voice said, sounding desperate as he spoke and probably addressed Fluff. And with that simple sentence Eames could directly figure out where it came from.

When he turned around he could see a man with the orange t-shirt practically run down the hall with Fluff pressed against this chest. ‘’Hey!’’ Eames yelled out and ran over to him, the other guy who couldn’t be much older than barely twenty. He was just about to dodge away from Eames, before Eames grabbed a hold of his jacket and slammed him into a wall.

The guy almost dropped Fluff who now started struggling more since Eames was close him. ‘’You, give me my dog back right now and tell me where Arthur is or I’ll fucking kill you.’’ Eames hissed and pressed the guy further up against the wall.

‘’I’m sorry take him!’’ Jimmy said and tried to shove Fluff over to Eames, and once Eames had grabbed a hold of him Jimmy looked him in his eyes. ‘’He told me to get rid of him, he told me to kill your dog and I just couldn’t do that you know?’’

Eames held Fluff against his chest, stroking his fingers through his fur so he would calm down and eventually would stop whimpering. The guy in front of him was pale, shaking like a leaf and couldn’t seem to get his breathing right and was practically on the verge of tears. ‘’Please don’t hurt me man, I never wanted to do it to begin with.’’ He said and kept shaking his head.

‘’Look.’’ Eames then cut between, which made the guy shut up directly and just look to Eames. ‘’Just show me where Tobin’s apartment is and I’ll let you run of.’’ Eames said. The guy nodded a couple of times, breathing still hatching from it all.

‘’My name is Jimmy.’’ He swallowed. ‘’I used to be one of Tobins friends. He’ll freaking kill me the next time he sees me.’’ Jimmy said and nodded a couple of times. But frankly Eames couldn’t bring himself to care.

‘’Jimmy show me where he lives.’’ Eames said and closed his eyes so he missed Jimmy’s nod. Then Jimmy freed himself from the wall and then slowly walked back to the elevators where he first came from. Eames followed him inside and watched him press down on the third button.

‘’I’m really sorry.’’ Jimmy said and sniffed, making Eames confident in the fact that, yes indeed, Jimmy had been crying, or rather was crying. ‘’I don’t know what he’s planning on doing with him, but he isn’t happy.’’

‘’That much I had figured out when you guys fucking kidnapped him!’’ Eames yelled to Jimmy who flinched, he just couldn’t help it. ‘’Already there you should have fucking backed out and called the cops, or have warned us!’’ Eames added loudly, watching Jimmy just start to shiver more and more from it.

‘’I’m sorry.’’ Jimmy said again on such a painful now tone that Eames barely could hear it. The elevator plinged and the doors opened, Eames could clearly see that Jimmy was hesitating to walk out. But he did manage to gather the courage and he stepped out of it and let Eames follow him.

After about halfway down the corridor he stopped and looked to Eames, then pointed down the hall. ‘’Third door to the left from here on.’’ Jimmy said, held his arm raised for a little while longer before he dropped it again. Eames nodded, wondering how the hell Dom managed to turn that into fourth apartment.

Jimmy gave Eames one last look before he turned back to the elevator, and this time Eames wouldn’t stop him. The closer they got to the door, the more Fluff started whining and struggling against Eames grip so that even he struggled to keep the puppy in place.

In the end Eames sat down Fluff on the floor and made him sit still so he wouldn’t dash of to the elevator. ‘’Look Fluff, be a good boy now and stay here alright? Stay.’’ Eames commanded him. Fluff just whined and looked up to Eames. ‘’Stay.’’ Eames commanded him one final time before he silently opened the door and slipped inside the apartment.


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Poor Arthur T_T God I hope he's still alive!
In just a few days you'll see how it goes :)
Thanks for reading and commenting!
+eating my pencil+ Oh god... please, Eames, rescue Arthur! Please! God, I wanna punch Tobin in his dammit face now...
Tobin is a bit of an asshole yeah, he's a hopeless case unfortunatly.

Thanks for reading and commenting!
OMG!!!!! It's so good. It's addictive like crack! Jesus i'm so scared for arthur but eames is coming to the rescue so everything should be alirght...i think...i hope. Tobin IS sick!!
Fic getting compared to a drug is probably a good thing :D
Thanks for reading and commenting! :)