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JGL Manic 2

Just love me - 10/11

Title –  Just love me - Part 10/11
Author – sid_vicious_03 
Rating –  NC17
Pairings – Eames/Arthur, Arthur/OC
Word count  3618
Warnings –
Cursing, sex, extreme abuse, violation of human rights, unbetad, etc
Disclaimers – I don’t own Inception or any of the characters, sadly, but i do own the story.
Notes   Are at the fic- Previous parts: Part one, Part two, Part three, Part four, Part five, Part 6, Part 7, Part eight, Part 9

Summary –
     Arthur is in an abusive relationship. But he doesn't mind, he loves Tobin and he knows that Tobin loves him. Despite his... issues. Arthur does his best to live after Tobin's rules and way of life. But sometimes life happens, sometimes Eames and Fluff happens.


Arthur was sure that his previously cracked ribs, where now broken along with some others. But not from a kicks, from punches. Tobin had also punched him on his jaw which still was burning from it. Slammed his head so hard to the floor that Arthur still hadn’t regained his vision completely as everything was still blurry and couldn’t quite think straight. Every nerve in his body was stinging with pain, every few seconds the pain seemed to grow stronger, just to be forgotten once more.

Every light touch of Tobin set his skin on fire, even if it just was his fingertips.

‘’Bet you regret it all now do you?’’ Tobin asked and stroked Arthurs hair. Arthur just curled more together on the floor as a reply. ‘’To bad. I’m still mad at you and you’re still getting punished.’’ Tobin said, making Arthur sit up and untied his wrists so Arthur could move his arms freely. But it wasn’t much of use.

The entire room was spinning and breathing had gotten far too hard for Arthurs liking. Especially when he realized he could actually taste the blood in his mouth. And he was also confident if that he decided to stand up, he wouldn’t remain standing on his own power.

‘’This will be the last thing I do to you if you promise not to repeat it.’’ Tobin said, Arthur could hear Jason snicker and he was barely aware that Tobin shifted one of his arms.

‘’Sorry.’’ Arthur managed to mumble, but seemingly it wasn’t enough for Tobin. He sank together a bit and felt his chest burn but just couldn’t bring himself to react. He closed his eyes, still having a spinning feeling wash over him. Next thing he knew was an immense pain soaring through his arm. And even if it was hard breathing, screaming wasn’t hard at all with that pain he felt. He curled together again on the floor. Pressing the arm against his chest that now refused to do what he wanted it to do.


The scream of Arthur made Eames heart stop and his insides turn to ice. He looked into the living room and saw Arthur, who just was a trembling, bloody mess on the floor. Tobin sat in the couch, stroking Arthur’s hair lightly with gentle fingers. In the armchair in front of them and with his back turned to him was a man sitting, eating noodles as if he was watching a movie. The fourth person had pressed himself against the bookshelf, pale and looked about as miserable as Jimmy had done.

The door opened again and Eames was confident that this time, he got a heart attack. But he calmed immediately once he saw that it was Dom, he calmed down a bit.

‘’What the fuck are you doing here?’’ Eames hissed to him as Dom sneaked over to him and kneeled down next to Eames on the floor.

‘’Well since you never told me how Arthur was I had to go and find out myself now did I?’’ Dom said and peaked inside, quickly turning pale as he saw what was happening. ‘’Fuck.’’ Dom muttered under his breath, then looked to Eames. ‘’Well! Aren’t you going to interfere?’’ He asked roughly.

‘’I’m sorry but I don’t see you interfering with them either.’’ Eames hissed in return.

‘’Well look at me and then look at you! Who can pack a punch the easiest way?! I wouldn’t stand a chance, you might.’’ Dom said and kept moving his hands between himself and Eames, obviously a little panicked.

‘’I might?’’ Eames said and glared to him. ‘’Are you doubting my self defense? I’m a night guard for fucks sake I can fight.’’ Eames growled.

‘’He is a prison guard, he beats people for a living!’’ Dom hissed back to Eames. And just as Eames was about to comment back on that, the door opened, revealing a person in the doorway, holding cup noodles and looked to them with a smile.

‘’Looks like we’ve got an audience.’’ He said and ate some more of the noodles. ‘’And arguing one to. Come on in and enjoy the show.’’ Jason said, moving away so Dom and Eames could force their way inside to join them. Dom hesitated at first, but once Eames entered he followed.

‘’Look Arthur, your friends came to join us.’’ Tobin said and grabbed Arthur’s chin so he’d look at them, and Eames could see that Arthur was barely conscious and probably didn’t notice Eames and Dom’s presence.

Tobin let go of Arthur and stood up. ‘’Did you come to play the hero? Rescue him from the wolf?’’ Tobin asked. Eames clenched his fists.

‘’Let him go you sick bastard.’’ Eames said Tobin just chuckled and reached down to stroke Arthur’s hair.

‘’Why would I? When you stole him to begin with.’’ Tobin hummed and looked to Arthur for a short second.

‘’Because you’ll kill him.’’ Dom snapped. Getting Tobin’s focus back from Arthur and watched him laugh some.

‘’Kill him? Oh Dom.’’ Tobin said simply. ‘’Why would I want to kill him, then I would lose him as well.’’ Tobin murmured and kept stroking Arthur’s hair.

‘’Look, just let Arthur go, he needs help just look at him.’’ Eames said and dared to take one step closer, but Tobin raised his hand to stop him.

‘’What do you think Jason, should I let him go?’’ Tobin asked and looked to Jason, the noodle guy who just shook his head.

‘’Fuck no.’’ Jason said and swallowed. ‘’You said it yourself earlier, you are the one who’s in charge.’’ Jason murmured, Eames nearly rolled his eyes.

‘’Look what do you want?’’ Eames asked, watching Tobin walk over to him until they where face to face, looking at him with his cold eyes.

‘’I want.’’ Tobin started with. ‘’You to leave me and Arthur alone, mind your own business. Arthur doesn’t want your company anyway.’’ Tobin said, and Eames couldn’t help it any longer. He grabbed a hold of Tobin’s shirt and pulled him closer in a rough move, nearly lifting Tobin of his feet which made Jason get up.

‘’So you can destroy him even more then you’ve already done?’’ Eames hissed to him. Tobin didn’t move away. ‘’So you can keep hitting him? Keep breaking him down?’’ Tobin smiled.

‘’And that, is none of your business.’’ Tobin said simply and put his hands on Eames arms to pull him down, and damn the little rat was strong.

‘’Dom.’’ Eames started, and he could feel how Dom looked him into his back. ‘’I hope to god that you can punch because you’re going to need it.’’ Eames said, Tobin’s eyes widened just slightly.

‘’What?’’ Dom asked, but he never got an answer. Eames clenched his fist and gave Tobin the very much deserved punch that he had been wanting to give ever since he realized what Tobin was doing. Jason shot in action and thankfully so did Dom. Patrick didn’t dare to move but Tobin was already on his way back up from the floor.

‘’You stay down there or I’ll fucking redecorate your face.’’ Eames threatened with, Tobin glared at him but saw that he wasn’t joking so he remained on the floor. And since Tobin stayed on the floor, so did Jason who now was rubbing his jaw.

Eames took his chance and moved over to Arthur while ignoring Dom’s whining over his hand. Forcing Arthur to look up to him even if he probably didn’t see him. ‘’Arthur?’’ Eames tried. ‘’Arthur can you hear me.’’ Eames said and tried to keep Arthur somewhat stable. ‘’Arthur please, say something darling.’’

Arthur moved up his hand and stroked Eames cheek, the other one remaining completely limp. ‘’Eames?’’ Arthur managed to croak out, Eames nodded, just because he was sure that Arthur had to feel that. ‘’I can’t breathe.’’ Arthur added, becoming heavier and heavier in Eames grip.

‘’Well what the fuck are you waiting for! Call an ambulance Dom!’’ Eames yelled to Dom as he helped Arthur up to his feet, although he more was carrying him. The sudden change made Arthur get into a coughing fit. Eames wasn’t a doctor, but even he could hear something wasn’t right, and especially when he noticed the traces of blood that had turned up on Arthur’s lips but weren’t there earlier.

Eames turned to face Tobin who once more was getting up, but this time Jason remained on the floor. ‘’If you follow us now I will kill you.’’ Eames threatened, and Tobin once more stopped in his tracks and glared to them. But let them walk away.

As they got back out to the hallway and tried to make themselves over to the elevator, Fluff got up and ran over to them, jumping between Eames and Arthur’s feet and barked as if he wanted attention. That of course made it end up that Arthur practically tripped every other stuff and dragged Eames down with him

Eames threw a hasty look over his shoulder just to see if Tobin really was staying in the apartment. As long as he stayed there until Arthur was in the elevator then everything was fine. Eames pushed the button to call on the elevator several times, feverishly. Hearing Dom murmur ‘’come on come on’’ over and over at the other side of Arthur.

Once the elevator opened its doors, Eames pushed Dom, Arthur and Fluff inside and growled to Fluff to stay. The puppy just peaked his ears but sat down right next to Dom’s feet, who right now was struggling to keep Arthur up as he was coughing again and wincing from the pain. ‘’Take him to the hospital as quick as possible.’’ Eames told Dom and handed over his wallet. ‘’Take whatever you need.’’

And with that Eames had turned around and ran back to the apartment. Ignoring Dom calling out after him as the doors to the elevators closed. Nearly bumping into Patrick as he left the apartment just as Eames was about to enter it.


‘’Fucking shit.’’ Tobin murmured and got up from the floor just seconds after the apartment door had shut. This wasn’t how he had planned it all. Arthur wasn’t supposed to leave his grasp once more. But at that time it had made more sense for Tobin to protect his face instead of stopping Eames and getting some punches in the process.

‘’Well that went well.’’ Jason growled and glared over to him. ‘’What do you plan on doing now huh? Letting him run away like that? You’ll be back at square one again.’’ He added annoyed and stood up as well from the floor, pushing himself up by help of the couch.

Patrick looked at both of them, not daring to say a word right now. He hadn’t interfered when Eames came to get Arthur, and that would probably stand him dearly. ‘’Fuck man, that other guy, the cat face punched me hard.’’ Jason said and rubbed his jaw again.

‘’I don’t care.’’ Tobin said simply and looked to him. ‘’We are getting Arthur back, and we will repeat all of this until he stays.’’ Tobin said simply, Jason shook his head.

‘’Fuck that, I’m not repeating all of this, I’m not willing to take that many punches for you Tobin for this stupid matter.’’ Jason said and walked past Tobin, and he would have gotten far at his tempo if it wasn’t for the fact that Tobin directly grabbed a hold of Jason’s t-shirt and pulled him back with such force that Jason fell in the couch, back only there and feet then shifting for a grip to keep himself from falling out.

‘’You are not going anywhere!’’ Tobin yelled to him, which actually made Jason’s movements freeze and Patrick loose his hope that he ever would be able to get away from this. ‘’You are staying here until we’ve cleaned up all of this dirty mess and everything is back to what it should be you understand!?’’ Jason nodded a couple of times. Tobin closed his eyes and took a deep breath, then he looked over to Patrick who wanted to run away, but his legs wouldn’t carry him.

‘’And you.’’ Tobin started out calmly and kept his eyes on Patrick and god they felt heavy, as if they would see every move that he ever would dare to make even if he didn’t keep his eyes on him right now. ‘’I’m disappointed in you, why the fuck didn’t you do anything! Why did you stand there like a fucking statue!’’ Tobin yelled and waved his arm. ‘’We outnumbered them, but you didn’t do a thing while you had so many chances to do so!’’

Jason shifted further up the couch and looked to Patrick over his shoulder. ‘’I don’t want to have anything to do with you, you fucking traitor. Get out of my apartment, now. And don’t ever come back. If I see you again I will kill you, and I will take those closest to you down as well.’’ Tobin said, tone calm and low as if he was stating the simplest matter of the world.

Patrick didn’t dare to move at first, not quite knowing if he was being serious or if it was a trick. But in the end he managed to get his feet to shuffle a bit to the side, then before he knew it he had dashed out of the room and nearly slammed into the wall before he aimed for the door.

Tobin sighed and looked down, letting his hand flow through his short hair. ‘’Pussy.’’ Patrick said and shifted up again so he now definitely was sitting up straight and folded his fingers together. ‘’I always knew he was a pussy, just like Jimmy. They were of no use and I told you.’’ Jason muttered on a low tone.

‘’I fucking know alright!’’ Tobin snapped to Jason and removed his hand out of his hair. ‘’Stupid kids, never of any real use.’’ He growled himself and looked up to the ceiling. Trying to figure out how he would get Arthur back. The chances where big that they would move now and that Arthur would switch job. He would have severe luck if he managed to find him again, but he would get him back. He just didn’t know how.

‘’Knock knock.’’ A voice said that Tobin directly recognized as Eames, accompanied by two knocks on the wooden door. He felt his spine turn cold, but he felt nothing about the matter, he just straightened his position and looked to Eames with a smile. No fear, no, he would welcome him with open arms and then finish this.

Logically Eames didn’t look happy, he looked as if someone had pushed him in the lake on purpose and he had gotten some very important documents soaked, minus all the wet clothes and the hair dripping. And he did have a glint in his eyes that Tobin recognized, anger and hate, accompanied by a touch of ‘I will kill you.’ To him that was nothing any longer today, he saw it every day at work and it had never really gotten to him.

‘’He better survive all of this.’’ Eames said, not wanting to use Tobin’s name in any sentence. He felt as if it would give Tobin some extra sense of power and that was the least thing he needed considering the situation he had caught himself in, and that Eames had already clenched his fists.

‘’It would be none of your business I can imagine.’’ Tobin said with a simple shrug. ‘’You don’t know him, you don’t know him like I do.’’ Tobin said and walked from behind the table. ‘’Let’s play a little game shall we? Who knows Arthur the best, that sounds like an excellent game.’’ Tobin said, Jason couldn’t help but laugh some when he heard that and shifted into the couch until he practically was laying down.

‘’Who does Arthur love?’’ Tobin asked Eames, who just clenched his fists so hard that he could feel his nails dig into his ski. And since Eames gave Tobin no answer, Tobin decided to speak up again. ‘’He loves me, not you.’’

Eames still didn’t say a word and just watched Tobin walk around in his living room. ‘’Who does Arthur live with? Me. Who does Arthur sleep with? Me. Who does he wake up next to every morning? Me. Who is the person he’s dedicated to day and night? Me. Who’s the person who’s opinion values the most? Me. Who will he leave forever behind?’’ Tobin was smirking by now. ‘’You, not me.’’

‘’You forgot one.’’ Eames said, catching Arthur’s attention quite directly. ‘’Who Is Arthur afraid of?’’ Jason nervously started looking between them both, and this time it was Tobin’s turn to clench his fists. ‘’You. Not me.’’ Eames said simply, watching how Tobin quite literally tensed every muscle in his body.

‘’You should mind your own business Eames. Not ours. I suggest you get out of it right now.’’ Tobin said, Eames shook his head.

‘’I decided to make it my business when you decided to basically kill him.’’ Eames said, hearing the sirens now that kept coming closer. ‘’Hear that? That’s the ambulance that is going to take him to the hospital. And as soon as he’s fixed up, we will sue the living hell out of you. We will sue you that hard so you won’t be able to do anything. Get a job, get another lover, keep a normal life. Because everybody will know what an asshole you are.’’

That was enough for Tobin, and Eames was happy he could react before Tobin had managed to punch him. Eames had always considered himself to be a fighter and quite good at it to. But it wasn’t often he met up with someone to his own standards. The problem was that Tobin was just slightly faster and could punch about as hard as Eames could, which could be quite a problem if Tobin managed to punch him correctly.

And the slimy bastard seemed to have a skill for knowing exactly where to punch at what time with what force. It was painful so to say and it took Eames a good two minutes before he managed to get in a good punch of his own which made Tobin groan and double over before he was at it. There was no stopping him and he never seemed to give up.

Jason had decided not to interfere with the fact and just focused on getting out of their way which was quite an achievement on his own, he did however get a book on his head when they had knocked out some books from the bookshelf.

In total before Eames managed to knock Tobin down to the floor and knock all of the air out of his lunges which prevented him from continuing, Eames had taken a good powerful hit by his kidney, but no damage had been done. His Jaw had suffered a few punches and he was sure he had lost a tooth or two, because he could taste blood in his mouth. A punch in the stomach and one by his eye which without a doubt would become a black eye.

The worst part about it all was that he felt like he was copying Tobin, since he had about the same type of hits taken on his body. But when the air had returned back in his lungs he got up again, Eames decided that it was enough about the fight.

Eames had grabbed a hold of Tobin’s arm and twisted them both around before he hit the table which caused them both to fall down, Eames first and then Tobin who screamed from it and directly rolled away from Eames, curled together and clutched at his arm. Eames got up from the floor and watched how Tobin was whimpering in pain and if Eames wasn’t mistaken, he saw tears in his eyes.

‘’Stay away from him, or I will dislocate your arm over and over again.’’ Eames said and glared down to Tobin, who despite his whimpers of pain did manage to chuckle.

‘’Aren’t you as bad as I am then, for doing this? Aren’t you as much of a scumbag for this as I am.’’ Tobin said and shifted over to the couch so he could lean against it and still clenched at his arm. Eames shook his head.

‘’No, he will thank me for this.’’ Eames answered simply. ‘’Don’t come to the hospital. Go somewhere else, we don’t want to see you.’’ Eames stated before he turned around to leave.

‘’In the end, he thanked me for it to.’’ Tobin muttered, loud enough for Eames to hear but he decided to ignore it.


Comments are liked, but most definitely not needed, thanks for reading!


:3 Want the last part *nuzzlenuzzle*
It will be here soon :3
+biting in the desk+ Oh god, thank you! I was so afraid that Tobin would kill Arthur! I really hope all the shit with Tobin is over now. +huging Arthur and Eames+
Ah well, If Tobin would kill Arthur then he'd loose him as well, and he doesn't want that ;)
OMG! There's definitely got to be a showdown! Tobin needs to get the shit kicked out of him. I want Eames to beat his ass!!!
You'll see what the last part holds :3
oh god I just oh man I really want to know what's going in T's head cos he's got some mental issues okay yeah yeah I think I remember his reasons. but still. poor arthur.
Tobin is an undiagnosed sufferer (but he wouldn't see it that way) of Anti Social Personality disorder. That together mixed with a background that is not revealed in the fic :) But indeed, poor Arthur doesn't make it easy for him.

Also I just found out that the links got messed up while posting so it didn't lead to the final part which I said it would. But the entry is fixed so you can now read the last part as well :)