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JGL Manic 2

Just love me - Part 11/11

Title –  Just love me - Part 11/11
Author – sid_vicious_03 
Rating –  NC17
Pairings – Eames/Arthur, Arthur/OC
Word count  3640
Warnings –
Cursing, sex, extreme abuse, violation of human rights, unbetad, etc
Disclaimers – I don’t own Inception or any of the characters, sadly, but i do own the story.
Notes   Are at the fic- Previous parts: Part one, Part two, Part three, Part four, Part five, Part 6, Part 7, Part eight, Part 9 , Part 10

Summary –
     Arthur is in an abusive relationship. But he doesn't mind, he loves Tobin and he knows that Tobin loves him. Despite his... issues. Arthur does his best to live after Tobin's rules and way of life. But sometimes life happens, sometimes Eames and Fluff happens.


I was the pain in his chest that woke him up. It was that burning pain which made him want to shift around and squirm and eventually scream once he realized that the pain had gotten even worse from shifting. But his body didn’t want to move so he never told it to move either. At first Arthur wasn’t even sure if he wanted to open his eyes.

At first he thought he was dead, the last bits he could remember was Tobin pouring those words of poison in his ear, Dom screaming although he had no idea where he came from. Fluff barking like crazy and Eames repeatingly yelling to call an ambulance.

His head was throbbing alone and so was his arm, but unlike his arm his head didn’t hurt, although it had some weird burning feeling. Which made no real sense to Arthur because, if one was burnt it hurt. He had been burnt before as a child and he remembered the pain as everlasting and it practically couldn’t be gotten rid of.

He opened his eyes for a couple of seconds and all he could see was grey, and a white ball in the middle of it. Then his eyes started to sting from the bright light and closed them again before he actually dared to shift a bit. The sheets rustled some and he did feel some dashes of pain, but they were dull and he couldn’t quite bring himself to care.

He did hear some more rustling of the sheets right next to him, and wondered if he really had made that much noise when he shifted, or perhaps he was still moving. His mind worked to slow to figure out the answer and he just wanted to sleep some more.

‘’Arthur?’’ A voice said, and Arthur knew that he recognized the voice, he knew who the person was that had spoken up but right now he just couldn’t remember it no matter how hard he tried. He felt finger tips on his cheek, then sliding back into the base of his hairline where they fell at rest.

‘’Mm.’’ Arthur murmured as a reply, perhaps raising his eyebrows a little bit in the process. He usually did so, so why would today be an exception? He opened his eyes again and once more saw the white ceiling, but this time it didn’t sting as bad as earlier. He did close them one more time before he opened then and turned his head to rest into the hand and look at its owner, smiling weakly as he saw that it was Eames.

Eames broke out in a grin and Arthur noticed Eames black eye. The swelling had disappeared, but the color was still there and standing strong. ‘’How are you feeling darling?’’ Eames asked and shifted his chair closer to the bed that he was laying in and kept his hand on Arthur’s cheek for him to rest on.

Arthur chuckled very weakly which made his chest burn and closed his eyes again. ‘’Dead tired.’’ He muttered and opened his eyes. ‘’And about as beat up as you look.’’ Eames laughed some when he heard that and stroked some of Arthur’s hair out of his eyes.

‘’Well you should see your ex.’’ Eames said simply. Arthur looked him right into his eyes, making Eames smile some. ‘’He is about as beat up as me, but he had his shoulder dislocated, he was even crying from it.’’ Arthurs eyes opened widely as he just felt wide awake, he tried to shift again to sit down in a more sitting position but this time he did feel the pain and hissed some from it.

‘’Careful.’’ Eames said before he helped him up a bit. ‘’Dislocate a shoulder is no joke, I suppose he cried from pain, many do.’’ Eames said then before he sat down on the edge of the bed. Arthur nodded a bit, still a bit surprised from what Eames told him and just had a hard time fitting that idea in his mind of Tobin crying.

‘’You’ve been out for two days.’’ Eames then informed him and stroked Arthur’s hand. Arthur nodded a bit, his mouth had gone dry by now and he didn’t want to bother talking too much. ‘’Do you remember something?’’ Eames asked.

Arthur shook his head and closed his eyes before the room started spinning too much, he could already see Eames sway around and it made him already more dizzy then he was. ‘’Not that much, just some voices.’’ Arthur managed to croak and kept his eyes closed so he didn’t see Eames nodding.

‘’He broke four of your ribs, two of them had punctured your lung. You were coughing blood as the ambulance got there.’’ Eames started out with. Arthur nodded, as a sigh that he was listening. ‘’He broke your arm, your right one so you won’t be able to write for a while.’’ Eames said and chuckled softly. ‘’He also gave you a concussion and several punches a bit everywhere, your jaw is green, but it looks better now.’’

‘’Is that why I’ve been so dizzy?’’ Arthur asked and opened his eyes, looking at the lamp just to have the burning sensation come through his head again which practically made him groan and close his eyes again.

‘’Yeah.’’ Eames said, falling silent again but Arthur could still feel Eames touch on his hand and arm. A silence fell over them, and Arthur found it a comfortable one, he could rest his mind which was needed right now. ‘’Dom broke his hand while punching one of Tobin’s friends.’’ Eames said then, and when Arthur heard that he couldn’t help but laugh. Even if his chest burned from it the thought was hilarious from it.

Eames smiled some and watched Arthur as he laughed, tears coming in the corner of his eyes, even if it could be from pain Eames couldn’t quite tell. Finally Arthur managed to calm down from it and just looked to Eames. ‘’He broke his hand punching someone?’’ Arthur asked, Eames nodded and Arthur started snickering again.

‘’He’s taking care of Fluff for a while, Yusuf can’t since he has a cat. And now your godchild Phillipa is begging for a puppy.’’ Eames said, Arthur continued snickering even if it was more of giggle now. ‘’They came to visit yesterday but you where solid asleep.’’ Eames said and smiled some to Arthur who nodded. ‘’Yusuf even brought you flowers.’’ Eames said and nodded over to the bucket of flowers that Yusuf had brought along.

‘’Tell him I said thanks.’’ Arthur said after having looked at the bucket and back to Eames. ‘’You’ll see him before I do.’’ Eames shook his head.

‘’He’s bringing me lunch while I’m on guard. You’ll see him yourself in three hours if you manage to stay awake.’’ Eames said, grinning.


‘’Oh please Eames I didn’t break my legs I can walk just fine.’’ Arthur said and gave Eames a playful push. Eames chuckled a bit and returned back to him, lacing his fingers together with Arthur’s and gave it a light squeeze which Arthur returned.

‘’I can still always worry right?’’ Eames said and bumped into Arthur’s side lightly. Arthur chuckle and looked up at the sky. ‘’I can get us a cab if you don’t want to Arthur, it is quite a walk after all.’’ Eames then said on a serious tone. Arthur just looked to Eames and raised his eyebrows.

‘’Eames, I have been locked up at a hospital room for two weeks with the only bit of fresh air allowed is opening my window. No, we are walking back. I’ve missed my walks.’’ Arthur said and had that adorable smile that Eames loved. Eames smiled some himself and leaned in closer to kiss him on his cheek.

‘’Dom, Mal and Phillipa are waiting at the park with Fluff for us to join, both Phillipa and Fluff have missed you.’’ Eames hummed and smiled. Arthur chuckled a little bit.

‘’I’m not so surprised.’’ He said then. ‘’I always give her gifts and I always give Fluff candy, why do you think they missed me?’’ Arthur added and smiled cutely.

‘’Nonsense, they miss you for more reasons than gifts and candy.’’ Eames said and looked ahead of them. Just two more streets until they reached the park, then they would meet the others and could move on with the rest of their walk. Arthur didn’t comment against and just remained walking on, and Eames let the silence fall over them.

Arthur liked silences and that was fine with him, he needed time to think and just time to walk alone. He wouldn’t confess it out loud but it definitely was putting its pressures on him. He also let Arthur decide where to go right now, let him enjoy his newly won freedom a bit.

They passed down the last street, which was a small restaurant and bar street, there was practically nothing else on the street but ways to get drinks and get food.

‘’Oi! Isn’t that Arthur?’’ A voice called out, and for a second Eames didn’t know if Arthur wanted to keep walking or not. Because Eames wasn’t stupid. The only persons that would call after Arthur now where Tobin’s friends, Eames doubted that Tobin himself would state it like that. He looked to Arthur, who looked just about as torn as Eames thought he was feeling right now.

Arthur looked to his side where the source of the voice was, which was outside of a bar. He could see Tobin sitting in the middle of his friends, holding a beer bottle and with his left hand to drink from and his right arm in a sling. He had two friends on his left side, and three on the other of which one of them was Jason.

Arthur gave Eames hand one final squeeze before he let go of it, walking towards them all. Eames remained standing and sucked on his lower lip, figuring that it was the best if he stayed even if he wanted to support Arthur. But he understood that he wanted to do this alone.

Tobin’s friends fell silent when Arthur approached their table and Tobin put his beer bottle on the table but never let go of it, glancing up to Arthur who felt nervous. And for a second h felt a sting from every wound Tobin ever had given him, which strangely enough gave him the courage he needed to speak up.

‘’I just wanted to let you know that it’s over now. I don’t want to have anything to do with you any more Tobin. Do something else, find someone else because the one you are looking for is not me.’’ Arthur said and nervously moved his fingers, he wanted to pull his shirt a bit away from his throat. But that would only show the huge weakness he had for Tobin.

Tobin shifted in his chair and leaned over the table with the arm that wasn’t in the sling, he even grimaced a bit when his other arm moved a bit. ‘’Arthur.’’ Tobin started with and let go of his beer bottle. ‘’I love you Arthur, you can’t leave me.’’ He said, and Arthur honestly was surprised that Tobin even bothered trying.

‘’No Tobin, you never loved me, you loved the idea of owning me. And there is a huge difference between those two things.’’ Arthur said and pointed first to Tobin, then to his own chest. ‘’And I, I loved you. I let you do it because I believed that deep down you didn’t want to do it. That you spoke the truth when you said you didn’t want to do this to me. But now I know better. And yes, I still love you Tobin. But I can’t allow myself to be with you.’’ Arthur said and looked to Tobin, who looked like he just had swallowed sour milk.

Tobin didn’t say anything, which made Arthur’s heart beat faster for each second, and the fact that he looked at him didn’t make it better. ‘’So you are going to leave me? For him?’’ Tobin asked and nodded over to Eames, who just kept glaring at him. ‘’Are you saying that he’s better than I am? Look at him Arthur! And then look at me, just think of the snap down that you are making. I love you Arthur. Are you going to leave me with that?’’Tobin asked. Arthur smiled weakly.

‘’I’m going to have to Tobin. I won’t stay with you even If I love you.’’ Tobin nodded slowly. ‘’I’m not going to sue you for what you did. But if you come after me again then I will. Also I will go to your apartment now and grab my stuff. Stay out for two more hours, okey?’’ Arthur said softly.

‘’Fine. As you wish.’’ Tobin said harshly and looked away. But then looked back to Arthur again. ‘’You are making the wrong choice Arthur.’’

‘’Good bye then.’’ Arthur said, deciding he didn’t want to hear anything more about it now. He had enough of Tobin’s words to last a lifetime without them.

‘’Arthur? I love you.’’ Tobin said, having that pleading to in his voice as if he was the abused one. Arthur closed his eyes and stopped walking, then turned around to look at Tobin again with a small smile.

‘’No Tobin, you don’t. You owned me.’’ Arthur said and just looked at Tobin for a few seconds. Then he turned around to walk back to Eames, walking quicker now so he wouldn’t have to hear Tobin’s voice any longer.

As soon as Arthur had reached up with Eames he grabbed a hold of his arm and pulled him with him. Then he allowed Eames to take his hand which he squeezed hard without really thinking of it.

‘’All fixed?’’ Eames asked. Arthur nodded, but even Eames found that it was a couple of times too much and a bit too quickly. So Eames decided to shut up until Arthur would speak. It was his call.

But Arthur didn’t speak up, he forced them to walk at that quick pace for a little while. Then slowed down once he reached the park, also letting the grip of his hand ease a bit. The silence over them was nearly uncomfortable, but Eames managed to stand it even if Arthur looked extremely depressed right now.

He didn’t smile until he heard Fluff’s barking in the park and Phillipa’s supposed scream that had to mean ‘uncle Arthur’. But after that he smiled widely and let go of Eames hand to kneel down just in time to catch the little girls hug.

Eames raised his hand as a greeting to Dom and Mal, who removed the leash from Fluff’s collar so the puppy could run over them both. At first almost directly jumping up to Eames to get his attention, then Fluff sneaked between Arthur and Phillipa to lick him in his face. Arthur just laughed and hugged the puppy as well.

‘’Can I keep him?!’’ Phillipa asked hopefully and looked to Eames as her parents started to walk over to them. Eames just laughed and shook his head.

‘’No darling, he’s my dog. Go beg one from your dad.’’ Eames said with a smile, which practically made Phillipa turn around and face Dom directly and already start the begging which made Eames chuckle and stand up. Mal had in the mean time pulled Arthur in a tight hug, one that wouldn’t hurt him.

‘’Happy to finally get out of the hospital?’’ Mal asked as she let go of him. Arthur laughed some and nodded.

‘’Yeah, I think that I nearly nagged a hole in Eames head.’’ Arthur said and looked to Eames with that beautiful smile of his that made Eames want to kiss him right on the spot. But he decided not to, since Arthur could have other plans for them both.

‘’It’s not that bad.’’ Eames said and stroked the palm of Arthur’s hand very lightly with his fingers, just to see if he would get some kind of reaction from it. And he did. Arthur closed his hands, his own fingers brushing at Eames fingers, but never moved to hold his hand.

‘’You look a lot better, now that you’re out of there. The damage doesn’t look as horrible any longer.’’ Mal said, making Arthur laugh some.

‘’Well thank you for that one Mal, really.’’ Arthur said and ignored Phillipa now tugging at his sleeve. She chuckled some and waved with her hand as she looked away for a short second. Dom just rolled his eyes a bit.

‘’So what are the plans for now? Where are you planning on staying? Not with Tobin I hope.’’ Dom said and handed over the leash to Fluff to Eames, who thanked him with a nod and kneeled down to put it back at Fluff’s collar.

‘’I saw him on the way here.’’ Arthur said and Mal directly put her focus back on Arthur with a look on her face that would be the best described as pure shock and surprise. ‘’I told him that I loved him, but couldn’t be with him. Which is the truth. I have two hours before he gets back home, two hours to pack my stuff and leave him.’’ Arthur said, smiling weakly to them both.

Mal let out a shriek and jumped to hug Arthur, nearly kicking Dom in the process and Fluff flinched from the sudden change of mood and looked up to her, shaking very lightly. Arthur started whimpering from her tight hug and tried to break her grip of him, and when she did all of them actually noticed that she was crying.

‘’Aw Mal don’t cry.’’ Arthur tried and moved closer to her again, giving her a one armed hug without having her pressing herself against his broken arm and ribs. Mal just laughed and wiped the tears of her cheeks, completely ignoring Dom rubbing her back.

‘’It’s about damn time that you leave him you know? I’ve been waiting to hear that for so long and you know that.’’ Mal said, Arthur nodded, feeling a little bit guilty and then kneeled down to stroke Fluff’s fur.

‘’So where do you plan on going now? After Tobin, do you need somewhere to stay? If so you’re welcome to come and stay with us.’’ Dom offered and gestured some with his hand as he spoke, Eames had already learned to ignore that because if he didn’t he’d get annoyed quite quickly.

‘’Actually I’ve got a place to stay.’’ Arthur said and looked up to them both before he stood up again, Eames could feel his heart sink. Of course. Now Arthur would want to be on his own, rebuild his life on his own and enjoy his freedom. Why would he want to throw himself into a relationship the first thing after he got out of an abusive one?

Eames did his best not to act disappointed or surprised. Instead he kept his focus on Fluff who now was actively playing with Phillipa and probably loved the little girl as much as he loved Eames and Arthur.

‘’Oh?’’ Mal said and played the surprise card for both herself and Eames. She crossed her arms below her breasts and leaned back into Dom’s embrace, who put an arm around her waist, turned to the side and let his other hand slide a little bit protective over her stomach before he tangled his fingers together. Eames figured there was a sibling for Phillipa on the way and they had not shared the news yet. ‘’Where.’’

Arthur smiled, and Eames could feel how Arthur’s fingers brushed over his hand, just like his own had done earlier. But Eames didn’t move his hand away, instead he moved to take it. Still worried over his answer though. ‘’Well actually I haven’t checked yet.’’ Arthur confessed, but then he looked to Eames. ‘’I was hoping you’d let me stay with you. I thought you’d ask but you never did.’’

It was sure that Eames aw dropped, he just didn’t quite know how low. He blinked a couple of times and shook his head lightly before he noticed the worried look on Arthurs face. Then he broke out to a grin which seemingly settled him a little bit. ‘’I’d love it if you came to join me and Fluff.’’ Eames stated directly. Mal started cheering and Dom laughed at her reaction. Phillipa stopped the process of picking Fluff up and just looked at the adults.

Arthur smiled widely and then leaned in to kiss Eames, starting their very first kiss out in the public besides their first one. Arthurs hand moved to Eames neck, fingers sliding into Eames hair to grip a hold of it. Eames couldn’t help it, he moved both of his arms around Arthur’s waist and pulled him closer.

‘’Oh he’s a keeper Arthur, I like him!’’ Mal said in the middle of their kiss which actually made Arthur break it just because he had to laugh, hiding in the curve of Eames neck.

‘’Let’s get moving then, we have lots of work to do.’’ Eames suggested and rubbed his hands on Arthur’s back, feeling him nod.


A couple of hours later Arthur had finally moved in with Eames, which in both his and Dom’s opinion, couldn’t have been a second sooner. The numerous boxes that had annoyed the living hell out of the taxi drivers they had to get remained in the hallway and Eames found himself fixing their first dinner together while Arthur was sitting on the floor next to him and kept Fluff in his lap.


Comments are always liked, but most definitely not needed. And that was the end of this story. Hope you all liked the trip and thanks for reading it through :3


Fix the link from the comm, it leads to chap. 10. ;)
Ah man, thanks for letting me know, got it fixed. Links are so not my best friends xD
And Arthur confronting Tobin in the end was absolutely perfect!!

I loved it all :D
Glad that you enjoyed the ride, thanks for reading it through :D
this was just so sweet
wonderful ending
Glad that you liked it :3 Thanks for reading it through!
:) Loved it.

Just one thing...
Arthur would have Tobin Charged with assault, not sued. While Arthur could sue for emotion duress, trauma, etc etc he would first have to report him to the police and there would be a trial. Suing implies Arthur would receive compensation while charging him would mean Tobin would face time in prison.

Also police would automatically be called to the hospital when a patient is brought in with those types of injuries.

I'm not trying to rip apart your fic, I loved it and I was on the edge of my seat waiting for every update.
Ah, alright then, I shall see if I can manage to edit the ending to that as soon as I get home. Thanks for the help :)

Also happy to hear that you loved it, despite the error xD
I´m so happy about this ending! <3 You did a very good job! ^_^
Thank you :3
I just read through all twelve parts and I am completely floored! This was brilliant, such a rollercoaster, you did such a great job with all the characters. Great work :)
Great to hear that you liked it, thank you very much :) Also, thank you for reading it through :3
it was a great end!
Glad that you liked it, thanks for reading :3
have no idea how I missed this but I have just read the whole thing in one sitting. It was awesome and so wonderful. Thank you so much for writing it, I really enjoyed it. xx
Well happy to hear that you've found it now even if it was at it's end. Also thank you for reading it entirely through :)
It's just too beautiful (:
and I heard that English isn't your first or second language, right?
you're just amazing (:
Aw, thank you :3 And no it isn't, English is the third. Flemish is first and Swedish is second.
Also thanks for reading it!
Absolutely gorgeous ending to a beautiful intense story. Cant remember if I commented before but figured I would now anyway since I got to re read the whole thing together! Love your Arthur and Eames, and Fluff is clearly the GREATEST DOG EVER. Thanks for sharing! x
Very happy to hear that you liked it :3 Also, thanking for even taking the time to re-read the entire thing through since it isn't exactly a short fic.
Isn't Fluff the greatest? He has made the decision clear for me to get a Samoyed as well some day.
Oh definitely, its a must! It will no doubt inspire you to write so many more Fluff antics!
I would join you in such a decision but im more of a cat person (which considering my earlier praise I think is true testament to Fluffs awesomeness!!!)
Oh my fuck!! This was amazing! It was so addicting you won't believe. It's been awhile since I've been so excited about reading a fanfic and this definitely satisfied :D

I feel like I need to take a deep breath and calm down. I'm still shaken from worrying my ass off during the part that Tobin had kidnapped Arthur and Fluff. For a second I thought they would die! Thanks so much for writing such an awesome story! Arthur & Eames forever <3
Very happy to hear that you found the fic this good! Thanks a lot for reading the entire thing through :3

Hope I didn't inflict some sort of future heart disease on you now xD