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JGL Manic 2

The alter ego Neil - Part 1

Title –  The alter ego Neil - Part 1
Author – sid_vicious_03 
Rating –  NC17
Pairings – Eames/Arthur, Arthur/OC
Word count  4041
Warnings –
In this chapter, cursing, sex, prostitution, crossover to Mysterious skin unbetad.
Disclaimers – I don’t own Inception or any of the characters, sadly, but i do own the story.
Notes   None

Summary –
     There is Arthur, Arthur comes in two ways. Work Arthur, always perfect, organized, knows what to say and what to do and has perfect control over everything. That was the Arthur Eames fell in love with. Then, he discovered that Arthur is only work Arthur during work. In private he is this entirely different person. Cold Arthur, the real Arthur, dubbed Neil.


’’Do you know what you are getting yourself into Eames?’’ Cobb asked, twisting his pen between his fingers. Eames couldn’t help but laugh when he heard that, loudly, as if it didn’t matter what Cobb said.

‘’Oh please Cobb, I think I can handle Arthur just fine.’’ Eames hummed, sat down in his chair and spun it around, then he looked to Arthur who was just barely visible in the corners of his eyes. Working again, but with that smug smirk on his face that proved that he was overhearing the conversation between Eames and Cobb.

Cobb snorted some and glanced to Arthur as well as he crossed his arms over his chest. ‘’Trust me Eames, you don’t know how he really is.’’ Cobb said and then looked back to Eames, who raised his shoulders.

‘’Challenge accepted Cobb.’’ Eames said, breaking out into that smile that not really had a place anywhere, it could be a sarcastic smile, a sadistic one or just a plain nice one. This time, Eames was aiming for don’t-think-I-don’t-know-my-boyfriend. ’’I’ll prove you wrong.’’

‘’I wish you two all the luck, because you will need it. Especially you Eames because you know work Arthur, not the real Arthur.’’ Cobb said and nodded to him before he dropped the file on Eames desk. Turned around and walked away. Eames snickered a bit and spun his chair around again, looking at Arthur once more who now was looking back to him. A seducing smirk on his lips, pen resting between his teeth and pressed his lips down a bit, just stared at Eames.

Eames smirked back to him, he couldn’t help but thinking that the pen was really his cock instead. He gave Arthur an airkiss, seeing the other man just grin widely before he returned to his work. Then Eames looked to the file and opened it. Being welcomed by a small note from Cobb on top of all the other work papers.

He’s going to hurt you, be careful

It was definitely Cobb’s handwriting. Eames picked up the small note and looked to Cobb, who now was focusing on his own work again, then he looked back to the papers and started working. Deciding that Cobb was just pissed for taking Arthur away from him.


Cobb did have a point however, the start of their relationship wasn’t as any other relationship. And it certainly wasn’t what Eames had guessed that a possible start of a relationship with Arthur could be. Frankly, he had no interest in Arthur until he met him at that bar. Until then Arthur had just been a work partner to Eames and nothing else. An excellent point man with a bit too stiff clothing style and an even stiffer attitude who was very good at what he does and enjoyed poking the holes and risks out in a plan for everybody’s safety.

The job had been successfully two days earlier and Eames was getting sick, tired and extremely bored of keeping away from society for his own safety. There were many bars in New York that he could have walked into. But by pure chance he picked the one where Arthur was having his own drink.

He had walked down straight to the bar counter and ordered himself a beer, at this point it didn’t matter what beer it was. The price difference between here and his hotel room was immense so he didn’t care what he got. As long as it was three times less then what he would have paid at his room. He had just put the glass to his lips to drink when he heard Arthur’s voice. And it came in a purr that Eames had never expected but it was undoubtfully his. And to his left he did see Arthur.

His hair was slowly but very steadily coming out of the slicked back style that he always had. A glass of scotch in his hands and his speech was even a bit slurred. He had a body language for once and was acting overly flirtatious. So Eames was getting even more impressed when he heard his voice again. Deep with a purring tone and hints of carelessness when he spilled out one filthy thing after another. And Eames got even more surprised when he noticed that out of all persons, Arthur would pick a middle aged man with a coming balding spot instead of some supermodel, because Arthur could get those without a doubt.

‘’Arthur?’’ Eames had said, Arthur had spun around so quickly that he almost spilled some of his drink. Smirking like a little devil as he noticed Eames. Arthur lost interest in the other man faster than lightning striking down and moved to sit down right next to Eames. Slammed his drink down on the counter and leaned closer, one hand placing itself on Eames thigh which made it tingle.

‘’Hello, my very own personal Mr. Bond.’’ Arthur hummed in Eames ear, sending a shiver down his spine. ‘’What are you doing here?’’ He asked and leaned back to drink some of that scotch and had an incredibly killing heavy gaze on him.

‘’Question is rather what are you doing here.’’ Eames murmured, and god even if he wanted to look at Arthur he couldn’t help but look at the man who didn’t look happy because of the lack of attention. ‘’With him.’’ Eames added and nodded discreetly over him.

Arthur had laughed out loud and tilted his head back slightly in the process, then he leaned over to Eames, who noticed the scotch lingering in Arthur’s breath. ‘’He was about to offer me a little job. Four hundred for a quick, hard.’’ Arthur’s hand slid further up his thigh to his crotch, clouding Eames mind slightly, making it harder to figure out if Arthur was toying with him, drunk, or meant it. ‘’Fuck against the wall in the alley you passed on your way here.’’ Arthur had laughed again and pulled back, smirking in such a way that Eames couldn’t tear his eyes away. ‘’Can you top that? Mr. Bond?’’

After Eames had answered that question Arthur started charming, slowly pouring words of poison to him and whispering those very same filthy things in Eames ear again. Eames had never been an easy man to get, much to people’s surprise, and it was even harder when he considered them just being partners in work. But after thirty minutes Arthur had charmed Eames pants right of.

And Arthur was good at what he did. Every touch, every kiss and every movement felt fantastic. Arthur practically acted on instinct during sex, those whimpers and moans, the way his skin glistened and how he arched his hips towards Eames. Eames had felt extremely relaxed like that after words, entangled with Arthur, listening to his whispers and calming breathing, relaxing to the soft touches he gave him.

When he woke up Arthur was still there, but instead of entangled with Eames he had entangled himself with the sheets and was snoring slightly. Eames had chuckled, ruffled the bit of Arthurs hair and then moved to the bathroom to take a shower. It wasn’t long before he felt Arthur’s arms around his waist, one hand going down to his crotch and the other one up his chest, teeth nipping at the base of his neck before they were at it again. Eames just wanted to hear those mewling sounds pass Arthur’s lips.

They kept that up for the weekend, repeating, ordering room service and then screwing again. They kept it going until Eames had to go but didn’t want to any more, he just had lived through the best days on sexual field ever in his life. But then Eames switched on his charm instead, talking Arthur into visiting him in London where they could repeat it again. And as soon as he had mentioned that Arthur took the bait and agreed.

Eames had left, gone to the airport and caught the flight. And once when he had arrived at his apartment he had an email waiting in his inbox from Arthur. A note of when his flight would land and a summary of what Arthur would do with him. And that note left Eames with a hardon as he went to bed to get rid of his jetlag.

Arthur showed up four days later as promised at his door, and practically threw himself over Eames when he opened the door. They had closed it, and then Arthur already was doing what he was best at and Eames wouldn’t argue. They did it right there in the hall, fully dressed apart from Arthur’s pants. Eames on his back and Arthur riding him as if he had done nothing else in his life.

Arthur stayed for a week, getting Eames whenever he desired it and went out with him. And then Eames had actually gathered together the courage to suggest that maybe, perhaps just maybe they should date. Arthur had flinched back, but then smirked, nodded and agreed.

Their first weeks as a couple was tense, there was a lot of adjustment needed but they got through it, and they had great sex in the process.

After a month of pretty much nothing else but minor arguments, they had gotten the most of their issues figured out. Arthur used his charms once more and convinced Eames into taking a job, also doing so skillfully that it was Eames who had to break the news to the others. Which he did even if he would have liked for Arthur to handle Cobb.

And that was what was on Eames mind when Arthur had dragged him home that evening.

’’Get that of.’’ Arthur hissed as soon as they got inside. Eames had barely managed to close the door before Arthur had kissed him and was working on getting Eames out of his clothes as soon as possible.

‘’Arthur.’’ Eames started and hoped that Arthur would notice that he was talking. But Arthur gave no reaction and kept nipping at Eames skin in his neck. ‘’Arthur listen.’’ Eames said and pushed Arthur away slightly, Arthur wasn’t happy and gave Eames a displeased look.

‘’What?’’ Arthur whined and pressed his body towards Eames so he already could feel his hardon, just wanting to short cut Eames mind and distract him from what he wanted to say so he could focus on Arthur.

‘’We’ve built our relationship on sex, don’t you think?’’ Eames said and looked to Arthur, who’s plan of short cutting his brain was working rather well. Eames did want to do something else then talk to Arthur.

‘’Yeah, so?’’ Arthur said, pressing even closer to Eames and moved his hands up in his neck. Eames swallowed a bit.

‘’Usually that isn’t such a good thing. Couple’s who have sex within the first month of dating, usually don’t last.’’ Eames murmured, Arthur was sucking at his neck again and moved his fingers down to tug at the buttons to Eames shirt, sliding his fingers inside if he could.

‘’So?’’ Arthur muttered against the skin in his neck, and Eames couldn’t quite understand that Arthur just dared to say that. It almost was as if he didn’t want them to last. Eames put his hands on Arthur’s shoulders and pushed him away slightly so he could look him in his eyes. Arthur frowned a bit but didn’t struggle against him.

‘’Don’t you want us to last? Are we on the same path here because I’m doubting that now.’’ Eames said, simple and clean as dancing around the subject would just make everything so much harder for them both. Arthur chuckled, rolled his eyes and even dared to look away. Eames moved one of his hands from Arthur’s shoulder, pressing his fingers against his cheek so Arthur would be forced to look at him. Eames could feel how he tried to move away now. ‘’On what path are you?’’

Arthur chuckled a bit and now looked the opposite direction, tensing up even more. Eames was sure that his other hand on Arthur’s shoulder had been raised an inch to the very least. ‘’What what are you talking about?’’ Arthur asked, shaking his head very quickly in short movements as he looked to Eames. He tried to move back but the hand on his shoulder prevented that.

‘’I’m serious Arthur, do you want it all to end? Right now? Because your answer will determine that.’’ Eames said, really not wanting to lift his hands of Arthur’s shoulders. He had a feeling that if he lifted them, Arthur would head for the door and run, not looking back. Much like a sledding dog would do if it had the chance. Arthur chuckled once more and raised his shoulders, but his eyes moved to look down. ‘’Arthur?’’ Eames asked on a softer tone, trying to get his attention. Arthur didn’t look up, he just looked to the side and locked his gaze on the door.

‘’No, I don’t, happy now? I just like to fuck, that’s all.’’ Arthurs answer was simple. Who would put ore thought to it all at the end? It was only common to like sex Eames supposed, it was a part of being human. He just hadn’t met someone who’d bring him to the brink of exhaustion. But then again, Arthur was younger and he loved sex, which Eames had noticed by now. Of course someone would catch up with him eventually. It just hurt with his pride that’s all.

‘’Well, I can’t fuck all the constant time any longer. I’m not a kid anymore Arthur.’’ Eames said, but Arthur barely seemed to hear what was being said to him. ‘’I need a break, at least for tonight. Let’s just have dinner and watch a movie together, just us and no sex.’’ Eames said and stroked Arthur’s cheek extremely lightly with his fingers. But Arthur just stepped back and shrugged again.

‘’Whatever.’’ Arthur said, simple as that, one tone in his voice and sounded as bored as one could get. Arthur, his beautiful Arthur got a cold tone in his voice, turned and left for the kitchen just to leave Eames standing there with a look of shock on his face.

The rest of the evening, Arthur was the worst company ever. Making Eames wonder I he really had hit such an extremely sensitive button in him. He didn’t speak, he didn’t listen, he just kept reading through that magazine, muttering the occasional ‘whatever’ to something Eames said. Voice switching between monotone to downright cold, which made Eames spine turn to ice. He didn’t like the way it sounded and honestly, he was a bit scared of it.

But he didn’t think that much of it, everybody was allowed to have a bad day every now and then. And even if Arthur had a horrible mood now, It would probably be gone in the morning.

Except when Eames woke up the next morning, he was alone in bed and did not have Arthur against his side. He could hear the water run in the bathroom which told him enough. Arthur woke up before him and decided to shower. Eames pulled himself out of the bed, determined to make it up to Arthur one way or another and currently, the best way was sneaking into the bathroom, sneaking up behind Arthur and not get his neck broken in the process, then fuck him against the wall.

It was a waterproof plan, but the closer he got to the door, the slower he started to walk and the more careful so he wouldn’t make far too much noise, while Arthur undoubting was making more noise than the water rushing down over his body and then hitting the tiled floor. Arthur moaned, and after some seconds Arthur moaned once more. Eames frowned, had Arthur decided to take matters into his own hands already?

He walked up to the door, peeking inside the bathroom but remained invisible for Arthur who was standing in the shower. Leaning against the wall with his eyes closed, whimpering. One hand stroking himself in quick and fierce movements, the other hand pressing it’s fingers deeper inside of him in thrusting motions, leaving Arthur gasping and occasionally buck his hips. His lips remained parted, black hair straws pressed against his beautiful features and those cheeks flushed with a light pink tint.

He was mumbling one word after the other, Eames could see his lips move but he couldn’t make out just exactly what was being said due the noise the water made as it hit Arthur’s skin, the walls, the glass door and the tiled floor. Arthur came with a grunt, muscles so clearly wanting to curl his body together like always. Arthur panted, allowing himself to sink through his knees and down to the tiled floor.

Arthur tilted his head back until it hit the black tiles, hand moving up to shut the water of. He swallowed, licked his lips very lightly before he parted his lips. Then he spoke. ‘’Fuck.’’ Arthur managed to mutter. His eyes remained closed, allowing his body to relax from the previous activity. ‘’That’s what you get for saying no to sex.’’ Arthur spoke again, and Eames wanted to bet his kidney or liver on the fact that his heart stopped beating in his throat as he heard the cold, heartless tone.


‘’So things tense between you already?’’ Cobb asked as he sat down in front of Eames, spinning the chair around before he looked back to Eames. Eames, just stopped writing and glared to Cobb, then back to the files of which he was trying to learn how to copy the handwriting.

‘’Shut up.’’ Eames said, finishing the scrawl before he leaned back in his own chair, still holding the blue ballpoint pen between his fingers. He moved his hand up to rub his eyes, the night had been far too long for liking, just like the rest of the week. Arthur’s personality just kept switching between the main ones. Work Arthur, the nympho Arthur and the cold bastard who had nothing else to say besides whatever. Eames couldn’t keep track of them, and now he realized that he just couldn’t handle Arthur’s personality, maybe Cobb was right. Even a little bit.

Cobb smirked some, leaned forward and took a light blue file under some papers that Eames had completely forgotten. ‘’Has he hurt you yet?’’ Cobb asked, sounding so nonchalant that Eames just wanted to punch him.

Eames tightened his grip over the ballpoint pen and was rather happy that there was a table between them. Otherwise Cobb would have something to explain to his new girlfriend. ‘’Just stay fucking out of it Cobb, It’s none of your concern.’’ Eames hissed, not caring that he might sound a little bit rude, but he hadn’t gotten that much sleep last night since Arthur had kept him up all night with that dream of his, whimpering and moaning.

‘’No, because it is my concern.’’ Cobb closed the file and put it back on the table as he leaned closer. ‘’It is my concern because it affects your sleep and that affects your work and that affects the whole team and that fucks everything up for me.’’ Cobb argued, making sure that the tone in his voice would be one that Eames would take seriously. Eames however seemed to have problems with understanding that. ‘’Or else I’ll just simply talk to your subconscious when we are at your level, and god knows what I’ll find out then.’’ Cobb said, even Eames couldn’t hide these kind of things from the extractor no matter how hard he tried.

Eames groaned, moving both hands back to his face to rub it, then let them slide into his hair. Cobb smiled, case won. ‘’Fine.’’ Eames said, confirmation on top of it all. ‘’Yes, things are tense between us, and yes, he has hurt me already, happy to hear that?’’ Eames said, hands moving out of his hair and put them both on his knees, blue ballpoint pen still sticking out between his fingers. He didn’t want Cobb asking him more questions; he didn’t really have the will to talk about it, not to mention the patience. Cobb smiled weakly.

‘’I am not surprised.’’ Cobb said and took a peek of the papers lying on Eames desk. For a second Eames felt a flash of rage, if he wasn’t surprised then he could have warned him more than he had done.

‘’He just wants to have sex all the freaking time.’’ Eames said, not really believing he was confessing this to Cobb. He had never planned on sharing his sex life with him. Cobb didn’t react that much to the sentence, if he even reacted. ‘’I can’t keep up with him, it’s just too much.’’ Eames said simply, raising his shoulders a bit. Cobb leaned back in his chair and looked to Eames, folding his fingers together.

‘’You wouldn’t be the first one.’’ Cobb said, Eames frowned, Cobb smiled again and shifted in his chair and Eames could quite literally feel that he wouldn’t like what was going to be told now. ‘’Micheal, Andrei, Johannes, Marius, Takeo. Just to mention a few, they all ended it for the same reason. And there are more exes that left him for other reasons that I’m sure you’ll bounce straight into.’’

‘’Well thank you very much for the information Cobb, really, I did not figure that out with a little bit of logic.’’ Eames said sarcastically, he couldn’t help but feel annoyed over the matter. He hated being told the obvious.

‘’With that attitude I will leave you on your own with Arthur, and then I will wish you all of the luck because you really will need it you know?’’ Cobb said, Eames shrugged and looked away, deciding that he wouldn’t listen more to whatever Cobb told him, that it was all lies.

‘’Look, Arthur has always been like that for as long as I’ve known him, for as long as I’ve been aware of his existence. I tried hard enough to make him change for work. You who are seeing him have a longer road to go. Arthur is cold, heartless. Where normal people have a heart Arthur has a bottomless dark pit that will drag you down.’’ Cobb said, speaking a lot faster then what Eames really heard. Cobb seemed to notice that, but didn’t do anything at first. He just looked at him.

Then Cobb sighed and grabbed a piece of paper and snatched the blue ballpoint pen out of Eames hand to write something down on it, otherwise perfect handwriting now more resembling a scrabble. ‘’I can’t help you any longer, but if you need help.’’ He paused for a second to finish writing a bunch of numbers. ‘’Go to this guy. He’ll be able to help you more than I am, he’s been down deeper in Arthur then I have been myself, without having talked to his subconscious.’’

Cobb shoved the pen and paper back, but Eames didn’t look at it yet. He just shook his head lightly. ‘’You, Cobb, are a sneaky bastard, you know that?’’ Eames asked him and crossed his arms. Cobb just laughed and got up from his chair.

‘’Well, that’s what being on the run does to you Eames, you if someone should know.’’ Cobb said, smirked some and then went back to his own desk. Eames sighed heavily and looked down, eyes falling down to the blue ball point pen and the note below it. Eames looked after Cobb, just to see so he wasn’t keeping an eye on him. That would be embarrassing. But he was reading, so Eames took the paper and read it.

Oliver Caine
648 Silver Star Blvd
Toronto, Canada


Eames chuckled lightly and shook his head, folded the piece of paper together and tossed it into the garbage can. He picked up the pen again and started working on getting the scrawl right for the dream next week. But after ten minutes Eames picked up the piece of paper again and tucked it in his wallet.


Hope you all liked it, thanks for reading!


Stalking for more :D
More will be present soon :D
OOOH, it's interesting. I really like the plot. I'm curious as to what happens next. :OO ♥

Thanks for sharing!~ :3
You're welcome :) More will be around very soon. Thanks for reading it!
This is a wonderful start! I can't wait for more :) Thanks for posting!
More will be present very soon, Thanks for reading!