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JGL Manic 2

The alter ego Neil - Part 3

Title –  The alter ego Neil - Part 3
Author – sid_vicious_03 
Rating –  NC17
Pairings – Eames/Arthur, Arthur/OC
Word count   3 540
Warnings –
In this chapter, cursing, sex, prostitution, crossover to Mysterious skin unbetad.
Disclaimers – I don’t own Inception or any of the characters, sadly, but i do own the story.
Notes   Part 1, Part 2

Summary –
     There is Arthur, Arthur comes in two ways. Work Arthur, always perfect, organized, knows what to say and what to do and has perfect control over everything. That was the Arthur Eames fell in love with. Then, he discovered that Arthur is only work Arthur during work. In private he is this entirely different person. Cold Arthur, the real Arthur, dubbed Neil.


The house was a lot nicer then it was on the inside. And the outside of the house already made Eames feel comfortable inside. Once he was allowed inside, he just couldn’t help but take a look. But that was only natural wasn’t it? He didn’t pay that much attention to the hallway however, the living room where he was told to sit down was a lot more interesting.

The big black leather couch had definitely seen better days and had marks on the cushions that reminded Eames of the ones he had in his own couch left behind from his dog. There was a table in front of the couch, filled with a few glasses stamped full with different kind of pens. Drawing blocks of all sizes scattered around it. A half empty coffee cop and a couple of comics. The walls were filled with drawings that Oliver had pinned up, the occasional original painting peaking up from behind the white paper. A tv in the corner of the room, screen showing a video game that was on pause, bright red consol to it laying in the armchair and hell, Eames could even recognize the consol as a Nintendo 64 which he had owned himself far too long ago, and when he thought of it he even recognized the game as Zelda.

‘’Sorry about that.’’ Oliver said and showed up in the doorway that led to the kitchen which was far more messy then the living room. He yanked at the cable to the consol so it fell out of the armchair, throwing himself down in it and took the coffee cup from the table. But instead of drinking from it he put it on the floor under the table so it wasn’t visible any longer. Well, that worked as an effective momentarily clean up.

‘’It’s okay.’’ Eames said and rubbed his hands together, still looking around. He wondered how that woman would let the house get this messy. From his own experience a woman would freak to a room like this and a worse kitchen probably. ‘’Where is your girlfriend?’’ Eames asked and looked back to him, he had decided yesterday that the woman who had opened the door had to be the guy’s girlfriend, and the kid had to be his… or someone else’s depending on how long they had dated.

Oliver frowned and sipped some of his coffee mug, another mug which he had miraculously pulled out from somewhere. ‘’Girlfriend?’’ Oliver murmured, although his voice was muffled since he spoke right into the coffee mug instead.

‘’The woman that told me where you were yesterday.’’ Eames said and looked down to the drawings on the table. More canvases filled with squares and figures in them. Seemed like he was more of a comic drawer then a portrait kind of guy. ‘’The woman with the child, and the long hair.’’ He added, letting his left hand slide down his shoulder to demonstrate it, as if he could feel her hair.

‘’Oh her.’’ Oliver said and chuckled, breaking out in that wide grin of his that gave Eames the feeling that nothing was wrong with life and the earth, no weight resting on his shoulders. ‘’That’s my sister and her kid, she came by to drop of a package from our mom.’’ Oliver said and now held the coffee mug with both hands.

Then the silence fell over them again. Eames knew he had to talk about Arthur, but he had no idea how to start. And Oliver having told him the previous day that he couldn’t help him didn’t really help him that much.

‘’How is he?’’ Oliver then asked silently, almost as if he was praying that Eames wouldn’t hear him. But he did.

‘’He’s okay, he’s in Los Angeles now for work, the other job not... not prostitution.’’ Eames said, he watched Oliver nod a couple of times and noted that he kept his gaze down. Then drank some more of his coffee in a movement that resembled far too much of shooting down alcohol instead and frankly, Eames didn’t understand how he managed to do that.

‘’How did he start with it?’’ Eames asked, thinking that perhaps Oliver knew and he would share. He had a feeling that if he asked Arthur, he’d get the cold treatment instead.

‘’Start with what? Prostitution?’’ Oliver looked up and gave Eames a confused look. Eames nodded slightly, then Oliver looked down again, shrugged and sat straight up again before he locked his eyes with Eames again. ‘’I have no idea, I didn’t even know he was doing that until after I threw him out.’’

‘’What happened?’’ Eames asked, and surprisingly Oliver chuckled.

‘’I came home from my manager one evening, earlier than originally planned since the meeting ended sooner than expected. He was living with me at that time, he moved in rather quickly. After just a week or something he lived here, and that evening we had been together for about four months, give or take a week. And uh, I found him in bed with some other guy.’’ Oliver smiled weakly and raised his shoulders.

‘’I thought he was cheating, left, checked in at a hotel for the night. And that evening we had an msn chat. He acted like it was the most normal thing in the world, and then I also found out he did it for money.’’

Eames felt bad for Oliver, he really did, but what he found the worst part about his story was that he could replay it in his head. Almost identical to what Oliver had told him, but replacing Oliver with himself. And the man Arthur would sleep with would be the same man he had torn him away from in that bar. Eames swallowed and looked down, wishing he had something to toy with in his hands.

‘’I met him in a bar.’’ Eames started with. ‘’We had just finished a job together a few days earlier, and I wanted to go out for a drink. I enter the bar, get my beer and then I notice Arthur on the other side of the bar counter. He was sweet talking his way to some old man, then I noticed him and he noticed me. He told me he nearly got a job for about, four hundred dollars for a fuck outside. But he lost interest and talked his way into my pants instead.’’

Oliver nodded some and looked down, even if it probably wasn’t the best thing to say, Eames somehow felt that Oliver deserved to know how they had met, as if it was some form of closure. His ending with Arthur and Eames beginning with Arthur.

‘’I wish I knew what started the prostitution, I really do, but that is the least I know about him.’’ Oliver said and looked back to Eames with a weak smile. Eames nodded, he could understand that, it was a wild shot, but yet he had hoped Cobb was a little bit more aware of how much Oliver knew, so far he was still useless.

‘’Why did he decide to change his name to Jeremy?’’ Eames asked after some seconds of silence. If Oliver knew that, then Eames could use his minor point man skills and his major thief skills to find something out on his own. And if he found something then he was dead sure he would be able to continue on his own.

‘’He said that the name and person Neil was something he’d forget, the whole past, everything that he had done and everything that he had let happen. He didn’t like it and felt like that if he changed his name to Jeremy, he wasn’t Neil any longer and that Neil eventually would vanish.’’ Oliver said and shrugged, seemingly Oliver thought it was pointless and didn’t really understand it.

‘’What did he do?’’ Eames asked, hoping that Oliver said that he knew something. Maybe not everything but at least have some idea of what Arthur was trying to run away from. Oliver raised his shoulders again.

‘’He said that Neil is someone who should stay in Hutchinson, that’s all.’’ Oliver said and scratched himself in his neck while he drank more of his coffee. ‘’Between me and you? Jeremy is just like Neil, and I’m pretty sure your Arthur is still Neil.’’

Eames nodded a couple of times and looked down. Realizing that with that he had enough of information. Even with minor point man skills he could find something about Arthur… or Neil in Hutchinson. It shouldn’t be that hard. He knew Arthur was from the states. So it was somewhere in the US. And once he had that figured out he could find the rest of his way on his own.

‘’I won’t hold you up any longer.’’ Eames said and stood up. ‘’I thank you very much for your time. It’s been useful even if it probably doesn’t seem like it to you.’’ Oliver grinned lightly and put the coffee cup on the table, then reached out his hand for Eames to shake.

‘’You have my luck, nobody wants to lose Neil, I wouldn’t want you to lose him like I did.’’ Oliver said, and even if Eames knew he shouldn’t, he couldn’t help but chuckle lightly.

‘’I’ve got to ask though.’’ Eames said while he shook Oliver’s hand. ‘’What’s with all the comic drawings?’’

Oliver laughed out when he retreated his hand and put them both on his hips, looking down slightly so some of his dark hair fell to cover his eyes. ‘’I’m a comic book artist, I do it for a living.’’ Oliver said, giving him a heartwarming smile in return. ‘’I’m the creator of Flying man.’’

Eames nodded quickly a couple of times, he really had no idea of anything that had to do with comics, so he had never heard of it before. ‘’I see.’’ Eames smirked. ‘’You have talent.’’

‘’Thank you.’’ Oliver said, obviously flattered. ‘’You should give Flying man a try, who knows, you might like him.’’ He said, Eames chuckled.

‘’I’ll make sure I do.’’


Three weeks later the job had been pulled off, it was a success even if their extractor nearly got the mark shot before the actual extraction had taken place. Eames had once more done as he was told and laid low for a couple of days before he shot himself of to the airport to catch the first best flight back to England.

Since he knew he wasn’t going to be able to sleep on the flight, he had decided that he would get himself a couple of magazines to read on the place. He didn’t have that much interest in books and the type of books he read wouldn’t be found in the bookshop on the airport.

As he was about to pay, Eames walked past the stand with comic books. He first walked past it, then stopped and turned around. He hadn’t thought of Oliver ever since he left him, all he had done was check how many places there were in the US called Hutchinson, he had gotten a result of just one place. In Kansas. So all he had to do was see if Arthur said he was from Kansas or not. And if he gave no answer… well there had to be some record of someone called Neil living there, who looked somewhat like Arthur?

Eames scanned through all the various comic books that the section had to offer, eventually finding it on one of the top shelves. He grabbed it without thinking, and then went to pay for it. He’d read it sometime.


The love that his dog, Fluff, gave Eames the second he walked through the door was more love then Arthur gave him. Who just looked unhappy as he leaned against the wall, arms crossed over his chest and kept his gaze on Eames while he wrestled with his over happy dog on the floor.

Eventually Arthur had left and walked back into the kitchen, leaving them on the floor. That’s when Eames dropped his bag on the floor, got up even if his dog tried to jump him down again. Then entered the kitchen and snuck up behind Arthur, wrapping his arms around his waist and kissed him in the back of his neck.

‘’Hello darling.’’ Eames said and rested his chin on his shoulder, looking to see whatever dish Arthur was making right now. It looked unrecognizable, and the smell wasn’t helping him either. Arthur might be a brilliant point man but damn it, he had no skills in cooking. Maybe that was why he was so slim.

‘’So you’ve decided to return home now have you?’’ Arthur hummed and opened one of the cupboards a bit too quickly, causing Arthur’s shoulder to hit Eames jaw a bit too hard, making an icing cold pain trail up his jaws. ‘’Sorry.’’ Arthur added and put some spices in that sauce.

‘’Mm’s nothing.’’ Eames hummed and rubbed his jaw before he hugged him again. It wasn’t until now he realized just how much he had missed Arthur’s physical presence. He’d talk to him later on in the evening.


‘’Ah, fuck Eames fuck!’’ Arthur moaned out, arching his hips more up, meeting Eames thrusts more and more. He moaned by every thrust, lips parted just slightly and his dark eyes locked on Eames. His skin was glistening slightly and his hair was in a mess.

Arthur’s nails dug themselves into Eames arms, then by the next thrust which made Arthur gasp, he dragged them down, leaving five red marks down the skin. Eames shuddered, placing a kiss on Arthurs neck and then sucked at the skin, having Arthur purr in delight.

Arthur’s eyes fluttered closed, hand once more tracing up and along with the other shot into Eames hair, tugging slightly at the straws. Directing Eames lips to his own for a kiss.

Eames moved his hand down Arthur’s body, stroking his sides lightly which made the other shiver from the touch, then grabbed a hold of his hip and kept Arthur there, limiting his movements completely.

Arthur wailed like a cat, desperately trying to arch his hips back to Eames. But due the lack of success, wrapped his legs around Eames waist to pull him closer, kissing him again and once more let his nails drag themselves across Eames skin. From the base of his hairline, to down his neck and eventually down his chest. Eames whimpered slightly from that, making Arthur grin before he moaned out again.

‘’Fuck Eames, Fuck. Keep going.’’ Arthur whined, eyes closing once more. Hand clenching shut on Eames chest, pinching his skin and forcing Eames deeper into him with his legs. Eames could feel that familiar shiver all over Arthur that he got just before his orgasm, he was just some seconds away now.

Eames kissed him again in his neck, stroking Arthur’s other side and kept his grip on his hip, hearing Arthur gasp for air.

‘’Cum for me darling.’’ Eames whispered in his ear, that was seemingly enough for Arthur. He whimpered again, every muscle tensed up in Arthur’s body. Incoherent words passed his lips and the shivering got stronger. Eames groaned from the now much tighter feeling, as much as he enjoyed the current feeling, having Arthur shiver like that below him, he knew he wouldn’t climax. There had been too much to think of lately, too much tension, too much work and with his line of work, very surprisingly, to little sleep.

Arthur swallowed, closed his eyes and relaxed his muscles, now laying down on the bed and still kept his arms lazily around Eames neck. Eames brushed his lips close enough for a light kiss, stroking Arthur’s still sensitive skin.

Eames carefully moved out of Arthur, having him wince a bit. He laid down next to Arthur and stroked his skin with his thumb. Tracing a bruise, or perhaps it was a hickey, just above Arthur’s hip that Eames couldn’t remember placing there. His throat suddenly felt painful, with an iron taste in it. But that feeling vanished quicker than the speed of light when Arthur shifted in the bed, pressing his body against Eames and just did that. Stealing his body heat and listening to his heart beat.

‘’I missed you.’’ Arthur whispered, trailing one finger over the ink of Eames tattoo’s, then placed a kiss on his chest, nothing more, he didn’t claim more. Just one kiss and then he rested his temple against Eames chest.

‘’I’ve missed you to.’’ Eames said, moving up one of his hands on Arthur’s back, then slid them into his hair and gave him a massage on his scalp, which Arthur seemingly seemed to appreciate since he let him. ‘’Arthur?’’ Eames asked, figuring it was the best to ask now when he was so relaxed against him.

‘’Mm?’’ Arthur murmured, and Eames heard that he had to hurry before he would fall asleep.

‘’Where are you from?’’ Eames asked. He felt how Arthur’s finger stopped trailing the inked skin, then how he shifted his head lightly but never looked at him in his eyes.

‘’Kansas.’’ Arthur said, the trailing of the inked skin started again. Eames nodded a bit, kissing Arthur on his head and started the massage again. Then closed his eyes, they could sleep now, the sheet was up to their waist, and that would keep them warm enough during the night. ‘’Eames?’’

Now it was Eames turn to give Arthur a hum that told him he needed to hurry before he would fall asleep. ‘’I think I did something stupid.’’ Arthur said on a low tone. Eames licked his lips, he didn’t know what to say to that. So he moved his hand down to Arthur’s hip, stroking the hickey lightly with this thumb.

‘’I know darling, I know.’’ Eames said and kissed him again on the top of his head. He knew for sure he hadn’t left that mark now. But the point was that Arthur told him, or at least somewhat told him. And he knew he was from Kansas, making it the odds even higher that he really came from Hutchinson.


The next day when Arthur was taking a nap in the couch, Eames took a quick google on Hutchinson. Turned out it was a small town with a population barely above forty-two thousand. The summers were hot and the winters were dry, practically one of ten households lived in poverty and more he didn’t bother to find out. It would be better if he saw it for himself.

And if he started clicking around Arthur probably would probably find one of the links by pure accident and then Eames was in serious trouble. Now he just needed to find an excuse to go of there, or get a job remotely close to the area.


Arthur’s so called mistake wasn’t mentioned again after that evening. And Eames forgave him, because it actually seemed like he did regret it. He was lifeless in a whole different way, just sitting and staring out into thin air, sometimes saying a word but most of the time just remained curled together in the couch, pendling between awake and asleep.

Then the other version of Arthur came back, who Eames had started to get the habit of calling Neil in his thoughts. At first it started innocent just like last time. Childish teasing against Fluff that went on and on, hour after hour teasing the dog until it didn’t know in our out, or until Eames told him to stop. Arthur connected everything Eames said with sex, and would try to force it out of him more often, and whenever Eames didn’t give in, he would shoot into another masturbation frenzy for the coming twenty four hours.

The word whatever returned, leaving Eames want to strangle the word out of Arthur’s throat, all along with that cold tone and that smirk. Then, as if it was some form of omen, Cobb knocked on their door.

Arthur shaped back up to the Arthur he had learned to know in just a second, then James and Phillipa practically attacked their god father which even seemed to catch him of guard.

‘’You look good.’’ Eames said and smirked to Cobb, who in general looked healthier, happier and seemingly had lost some weight. Cobb laughed some and entered the apartment, giving Eames a hug before he helped Arthur up from the floor.

‘’Some time of always helps you know?’’ Cobb said, looking at how James and Phillipa now gave Fluff the attention he desired. Arthur shrugged some and looked away, Eames smirked some to him, even if Arthur had enjoyed his time of (Eames knew it) he had gotten restless after just a couple of days, which probably explained the whole teasing against Fluff.

‘’I have an offer for the two of you, if you’d care to listen.’’ Cobb said then and looked back to the both of them. Arthur shrugged once more and walked into the kitchen, Eames chuckled and followed Arthur, having Cobb Do the same.


Hope you all liked it, thanks for reading!


More shall be present soon :3
Thanks for reading!