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JGL Manic 2

The alter ego Neil - 6/9

Title –  The alter ego Neil - 6/9
Author – sid_vicious_03 
Rating –  NC17
Pairings – Eames/Arthur, Arthur/OC
Word count   4 171
Warnings –
In this chapter, cursing, sex, prostitution, crossover to Mysterious skin unbetad.
Disclaimers – I don’t own Inception or any of the characters, sadly, but i do own the story.
Notes   Part 1, Part 2, Part 3 , Part 4, Part 5

Summary –
     There is Arthur, Arthur comes in two ways. Work Arthur, always perfect, organized, knows what to say and what to do and has perfect control over everything. That was the Arthur Eames fell in love with. Then, he discovered that Arthur is only work Arthur during work. In private he is this entirely different person. Cold Arthur, the real Arthur, dubbed Neil.


Getting a phone call in the middle of the night wasn’t exactly Olivers favorite way of waking up. It hadn’t happened since he was a teenager and then it was a joke of his friends. So when he heard his phone ring on his night table at three am he groaned, after having taken a couple of seconds to realize what the noise was.

He shifted from his stomach onto his back and blindly grabbed for his phone, he barely even opened his eyes to see where it was since he was that tired. But he found it, and the only reason why he did was the caller was stubborn and wouldn’t give up.

‘’Hello?’’ he muttered, yawning directly after and rubbed his eyes with his palm. Then he relaxed and let himself get back at ease in his bed, sinking down some on the madras. If the person was unimportant, he could fall back asleep again. If it was an emergency, well, then he had to wake up in just a fraction of a second and get dressed. He hoped that it was someone unimportant though, because he really really didn’t want to get up to get dressed now.

‘’You’re supposed to stay out of it all! We have no matter to do with you at all so fuck of and just leave me alone!’’ The voice yelled, actually making Oliver flinch awake and give his ceiling a confused look, only his ceiling wouldn’t help him now.

‘’What?’’ He asked and sat up, he couldn’t even recognize the voice and getting yelled at by a total stranger in the middle of the night wasn’t making him feel any happier about the matter.

‘’Why the fuck would you talk to Eames! You’re in the past, don’t you know that?!’’ The voice yelled, of which Oliver realized was Neil’s, who else did he know that was aware of Eames existence.

‘’I uh.’’ Oliver said and scratched himself in his neck, what else could he say? His mind wasn’t really working along with him now.

‘’You have nothing to tell to him anymore do you hear me? If you talk to him again I will kill you.’’ Neil hissed, then the line went dead. Oliver removed the cell phone away from his ear and looked to the display. He didn’t even recognize the number, which had to mean that Neil had to have changed it, because if he remembered it right he still had it saved.


Pulling an all-nighter in the airport was the last thing Eames wanted to do. But he had to. When he had arrived the airport he had just missed the last flight to Toronto for the evening. The next one didn’t leave until seven in the morning. So he killed his time there with a coffee at some shop and over and over tried to call Arthur who never picked up.

He knew he should call Oliver as well but he didn’t want to disturb the man’s sleep, getting a hold of Arthur was a little bit more important at the moment. Arthur was still half drunk, probably more, wouldn’t hesitate to shoot someone who was going to irritate him the slightest and he was an emotional wreck.

He had gotten a few calls from Ariadne during the evening, but never picked up even if he knew he should. He had probably left her more terrified then she had been ever since Inception. He had called her before he had boarded the plane however, explaining it all as some relationship troubles and that she didn’t have to worry for them.

But that was a lie, if Eames himself was worried then the rest of the world had a right to be worried as well. He had been scared of the fact that Arthur really would shoot him when he had directed that gun straight to him, and he was confident that it was just pure luck that he hadn’t gotten hit.

Once he had left the airport he stopped a cab and given him the address to Oliver’s house, at several moments even wanting to tell the driver to hurry up so he could get there sooner. The drive was of painful forty-five minutes which really could go by a lot faster if the driver was more competent then he was.

Despite all of this Eames tipped the driver far too much then he deserved as he pulled over by Oliver’s house and got out as soon as possible. He ran up the few steps that were present and knocked rapidly on the door, hoping that he had gotten there before Arthur or that Arthur was still there, that would save him the pain of looking all over the world for him. Because if Arthur wanted to vanish then he would vanish.

The door was opened by Oliver, dressed in a pair of slacks and brushing his teeth. His hair was unruly as if he had been sleeping for eighteen hours, yet the look in his eyes seemed as if he had been sleeping for three only.

‘’Wat you wand’’ Oliver mumbled and removed the red toothbrush from his mouth, then continued his work but never stepped aside to let him in or anything. Frankly, he didn’t even seem happy to see Eames, who always had gotten the impression that Oliver would get excited over everything and nothing, being worse than himself to be honest.

‘’Is Arthur here?’’ Eames asked, fumbling slightly with the hem of his shirt as he awaited an answer. Oliver rolled his eyes and shook his head. ‘’He’s not here yet?’’ Eames asked him, seeing Oliver raise his eyebrows.

He let go of the door and walked back inside, leaving Eames to decide for himself to if he would follow him or not. But the open door was an invitation. So Eames entered the house and closed the door behind himself, then followed Oliver straight into the kitchen where he was rinsing his mouth with water, then spat it out.

‘’Look, I have no idea where Neil is nor what he’s up to. All I can say is that you two got some serious issues in your relationship and really, I want to stay out of it, I’m over Neil and I have moved on with my life. So the last thing I want is to wake up in the middle of the night because Neil calls me to threaten me to death or something, fix your problems or do some couples therapy for crying out loud.’’ Oliver said as he turned around and looked to Eames, who was a bit dumbfound by it all and looked down, sheepish and stupid, as if he was five years old again.

‘’I mentioned Neil for Arthur, he freaked out.’’ Eames muttered on a low tone, then he looked back to Oliver. ‘’He had found your comic and was furious about it. He tried to shoot me and then he ran off, so I came here to make sure he didn’t shoot your eyes as well.’’ Eames explained, Oliver raised his eyebrow again.

‘’He tried to shoot you?’’ Oliver asked. ‘’Where the hell did he get the gun from?’’ It seemed as if that matter was a lot more important than the fact that Arthur was still running around on his own with a gun and no straight thoughts in his head.

‘’That doesn’t matter.’’ Eames said and leaned against the table. ‘’What matters is that he didn’t come here to kill you, which is a good thing.’’ He paused. ‘’But I still have no idea where he is now and god knows what he’s up to.’’

Oliver raised his shoulders and then crossed his arms over his chest. ‘’Well coming here hasn’t helped you much now has it? You’ve rather lost time on it.’’

Now it was Eames time to roll his eyes, feeling his phone start vibrating again in his jacket. ‘’Thank you captain obvious.’’ He said and took out his phone to check the display, Cobb, so that was for some other time. But yet Eames decided to answer it. ‘’Sorry Cobb, can’t talk right now.’’ Eames said quickly and hung up before Cobb even had the mental thought of banishing Eames to hell for five generations over.

‘’So where are you going to look for him?’’ Oliver said and smirked a bit, for once Eames actually had the desire to punch him. So much for him being helpful over the matter, he should be fucking grateful he even came here to check that he was still breathing.

‘’How the hell should I know? He has about twenty nationality’s, a visa in about fifty more and a total of thirteen houses that I know of spread around the world, fifteen fake identities, where would you start looking Oliver?’’ Eames told him sarcastically, he couldn’t handle being nice right now.

‘’Yeesh, what the hell do you guys do for a living really? What are you, criminals?’’ Oliver asked and leaned back a little. ‘’I’m seriously considering turning you two in to the police or something.’’

‘’I have more fake identities then Arthur has, good luck on that, now will you give me one useful suggestion or not?’’ Eames hissed to him. ‘’For the record, I also have a gun.’’ Well, that was a lie, Eames could smuggle a whole lot through the airports and onto a plane, but a gun was still something he had to work on. But Oliver didn’t have to know that.

Oliver sighed and looked up to the ceiling, scratching his jaw a bit. ‘’I wouldn’t know. Hutchinson? Prague? Fucking Madagascar?’’ He said and gestured some with his hand. Well, at least Hutchinson seemed a reasonable suggestion.

Eames checked his watch before he realized it was useless, he was in another time zone once more and his mind wouldn’t tell him if he had to add an hour or not. ‘’Pack a bag. You’re coming with me.’’ Eames said and got up from the table.

‘’Excuse me but what? I’m not going with you to Kansas.’’ Oliver said and laughed some. ‘’You’re a bit of a nutcase, do you know that? You and Neil are a perfect match.’’

‘’Oliver, I will ask once more, and remember, I do have a gun. Go and pack a bag, you’re coming with me. You’re getting a free ticket to Kansas, don’t complain.’’ Eames threatened, Oliver fell silent and looked to him, then growled and pushed himself away from the counter and left for his bedroom.


‘’You, are a special case, do you know that?’’ The voice behind Arthur said, placing a soft kiss at the base of Arthur’s neck but his mind barely registered it. He was still far too much stuck in that lovable natural sleep and his body and mind were acting so slow, it almost was as if he was on some drug. Well, maybe he was, Arthur couldn’t remember anything from the previous night so the possibilities were endless.

‘’I like special cases.’’ The voice now whispered, nipping slightly at the skin on his shoulder. Tobin, right, the owner of the voice was that guy Tobin. Or something along those tracks, might as well have been Robin. Whatever the guys name was, he had looked good, offered him quite a few drinks and coughed up enough money for Arthur to give him all the attention he wanted for a week.

Arthur smirked lightly and shifted some, head more into his pillow and felt his hair slide more over his face. The feel of it was oddly comforting it in some way. He could feel Tobin move his hand down his side, fingers occasionally moving down to stroke the skin on his stomach. Right, he was good at what he did as well, he remembered that to now, he had been lucky when he had found him.

‘’I’ll be any case you want.’’ Arthur murmured to him and smirked once more when he felt that Oliver’s fingertips had reached his hipbone. ‘’And I’ll do anything you want me to do as well.’’ He hummed and shifted onto his back, then back on to his hand so he could look at Tobin or Robin again, right, he was gorgeous, it wasn’t just because of the money that he had followed him to his hotel room.

‘’You’re such a good boy.’’ Tobin hummed, sounding ridiculously happy before he kissed Arthur again. ‘’Why don’t you show me exactly how much of a good boy you are?’’ Tobin suggested after words. Arthur licked his lips and gave Tobin a light push so he could lay down on his back, having Arthur crawl over. The only difference was that with Eames, the whole act had stopped hurting.


Oliver had made it obvious that he wasn’t happy with following Eames to Kansas, acting like a little child at some points in the airport where Eames nearly did snap like a parent to him. but it turned more obvious in the rental car on the drive down to Hutchinson, Oliver would fidget, press down every button he could find and fuck up the heating system that would leave Eames dying from it all in just minutes.

But he never spoke a word, it was like an unwritten battle, or the game of silence.. And both of them were determined to win. But Eames had a little bit more self-control then Oliver had and could enjoy the silence, Oliver however, gave up after half an hour.

‘’So.’’ He started and looked to Eames. ‘’Do you really have a gun?’’ Oliver questioned, only living up more and more to the appeal of him being a five year old. Eames chuckled.

‘’Yes.’’ He answered amused, even if he was enjoying the silence in the car, he still was happy that Oliver spoke up, made the tension disappear in the car. And the stay in Hutchinson would become easier which was a good thing, for none of them knew how long they would stay there.

‘’Can I see it?’’ Oliver asked, once more shifting in his seat and brought his feet up to the dashboard, toying slightly to the sleeve of the thin black jacket he was wearing and kept his eyes on it. Then let go and picked up interest in the leather bracelet. Somehow childish Oliver was kind of adorable…

‘’No.’’ Eames said, he could feel Oliver’s gaze move over to him, demanding an explanation. ‘’My gun is in London, do you really think I can smuggle it through an airport?’’ Eames asked and gave Oliver a quick gaze before he passed by a red car who was driving painfully slow. Oliver raised his eyebrows.

‘’You’ve got to be kidding me.’’ Oliver said, no answer. ‘’ You don’t even have your gun on you and I am still in fucking Kansas!’’ Oliver exclaimed and kicked the dashboard in a short second of fury, then calmed down as quickly as he had gotten mad. ‘’How long do you plan on keeping me then, as your hostage.’’ Oliver said with a bitter tone, making quotation marks by the last word.

‘’As long as I have to.’’ Eames said simply and shrugged, ending up behind another car that was going painfully slow. Probably another retired man, but for the love of god this was the highway!

‘’You two really are criminals are you?’’ Oliver questioned, watching Eames smirk. He groaned and tilted his head back, bashing it a couple of times against the seat. ‘’What are you going to do? Kill me?’’

‘’No, you’re not much use to me dead are you?’’ Eames asked him and passed by the second car that was annoying him for the evening, really hoping that it would be the last one for the day or else he’d have no patience left when they reached Hutchinson.

‘’So what are you going to do then?’’ Oliver asked. ‘’Sell me as a prostitute, toss me into a drug cartel as a human slave? Send me up to space?’’ Eames couldn’t help but laugh at that, which only made Oliver more frustrated and groan. ‘’At least you can tell me what you do for kidnapping my ass.’’

‘’We do dreams, that’s all you need to know.’’ Eames hummed, speeding up a little bit since now he had the chance to do so and damn well he would take it. Oliver raised another eyebrow again.

‘’Right…’’ He muttered and sank down deeper in his seat. ‘’You really are a nutcase.’’


The second after the door to the bathroom had closed, Arthur tossed the sheet of himself and slid of the bed onto the grey carpet. He pulled the duffel bag over to himself and opened, digging out a pair of jeans and some boxers out of it which he pulled on.

There was no way he would go back to his suit, it felt far too uncomfortable now and all he desired now was a pair of jeans and a t-shirt. At least the hair gel was out of his hair now which made it feel a lot smoother. The jeans were a bit too big and barely remained by his hips, just barely, which was exactly what he wanted.

Arthur stood up and took one of the guy’s cigarettes along with the lighter, tossed them back onto the chair and then turned to see where he had left his jeans. Saw them spread out on the floor and walked over to it, checking it for any pockets. He pulled out the black leathered wallet and sat down, flipping it open to find the ID.

‘’Tobin Jess Sutton.’’ Arthur hummed before he exhaled the smoke. So it was Tobin, not Robin. Aged twenty-six, turning twenty-seven just now in October. Male, which Arthur definitely hadn’t missed. From Baltimore which was entirely different from the New Orleans he had been told. Not that Arthur cared, for all sakes he actually was born in New Orleans and moved to Baltimore, or he was lying, all the same for him.

He tucked the ID back into the wallet and put it back in the pocket he had stolen it from. Got up and tossed himself back up on the bed to finish his cigarette. By the time that Tobin, not Robin, had returned, Arthur had finished three more cigarettes.

‘’What’s your name pretty boy?’’ Tobin asked as he himself pulled on a pair of jeans, and by the gaze he gave Arthur he figured that he was wearing his now as well. Arthur smirked and popped up his elbows so he could enjoy his view better.

‘‘Neil.’’ Arthur said and removed the cigarette from his lips. ‘’You can call me Neil.’’


‘’Well this is an exciting place.’’ Oliver murmured as he looked around. ‘’No wonder Neil left this place.’’ Hutchinson did indeed look a lot more boring than it was portrayed. Some people were walking the streets this evening, dim lit bars and the only thing that seemed open and shining was a Mc Donalds.

‘’Can you stop calling him Neil? His name is legally Arthur, call him by that.’’ Eames said, feeling really annoyed over the matter and opened the window just slightly to let some fresh air into the car. Oliver didn’t even bother commenting back. ‘’Let’s just find some place to sleep tonight and something to eat that isn’t Mc Donalds.’’ Eames added, keeping his eyes open for a motel.

Oliver still didn’t comment and just looked out of the window, hand in front of his mouth. ‘’There’s something.’’ he then said after five minutes of silence and pointed ahead of them. Eames didn’t comment to it, but he did drive up to the parking lot and shut of the engine. Closing his eyes and rubbed his face, then he looked to Oliver.

‘’Shall we then?’’ Eames said and took the car keys, then opened the door and got out of the car. Oliver sighed heavily and tossed his bag from his lap to the backseat, pushing the car door open ruthlessly as if he was a teenager, gradually aging by any misfortune that was tossed against him.

Once inside Eames went to the reception to get them a room, while Oliver got stuck by a couple of paintings and later moved on to some pamphlets. Eames got a room for two, and luckily he didn’t have to share with Oliver, for all he knew the guy kicked in his sleep like a kid as well.

The room was compact, but had everything Eames considered necessary, two single beds, a wardrobe, a small tv, a bathroom with a shower, toilet sink and mirror. More wasn’t needed for him. Oliver directly tossed his bag onto one of the beds, then threw himself down on it with a groan.

‘’This! Is exactly why I don’t travel.’’ Oliver started with and rolled around so he could look at Eames, who just put his bag on the other bed and pulled of his coat. ‘’The whole travelling ordeal isn’t anything for me, at all. Getting up early in the morning, sitting in a crowded plane with like, hundred and fifty other people, screaming kids, having the car drive that lasts eternally to then arrive to a little shitty town like this, it’s disappointing, really, because if I’m going to go through all of that shit. Then I expect fucking palm trees and coconut drinks.’’

‘’You didn’t get up early in the morning and the drive lasted three hours, that’s far from eternal.’’ Eames answered simply and unbuttoned the top button to his shirt. Oliver rolled his eyes and lay down again. ‘’Did you see any place useful in those pamphlets of where to eat?’’ Eames asked and loosened the buttons by his sleeve as well so he could roll them up. Oliver shook his head but never opened his eyes.

‘’Nothing useful, I’m starving though.’’ Oliver said and rubbed his stomach as he said that, as if that would ease his hunger.

‘’Get up then.’’ Eames said and took his wallet, tucking it into the back pocket of his jeans. It was far too warm to still wear his coat. Even if he really just wanted to lay down and sleep since he had been awake for about thirty-six hours straight. But he hadn’t eaten anything since yesterday evening and food came before sleep, he could stay awake for a few more hours after all.

Oliver all of a sudden jumped up and stretched out, then headed directly for the door and left the room, slamming the door shut right in front of Eames which made him smirk. Yepp, a pissed of teenager.


‘’Sounds interesting.’’ Arthur murmured, but he couldn’t really bring himself to care. He sipped once more of the beer bottle and then put it back on the wooden table. He stroked himself around his neck, there was just a little thin leather line missing there, along with that little coin at the front. He hadn’t worn it for years, but all of a sudden he missed it. And he knew exactly where that necklace had ended up. He had thrown it away after a failed job when it would have been used to identify himself with.

‘’You aren’t listening to me are you?’’ Tobin said and kept his gaze on Arthur, he really had started to pick up the liking of the look in his eyes. ‘’Neil?’’ Arthur looked up and smirked a bit, taking Tobin’s cigarette from his lips and leaned in to kiss him, placing his hand in his neck.

‘’I just have to go and fix something love.’’ Arthur said, using one of the many nicknames Eames had felt weird, yet somewhat comforting. He offered Tobin another kiss. ‘’I’ll be back in ten minutes, and I’ll blow you the second I get in here.’’ He purred, now giving Tobin a more teasing smirk and could notice that he was smirking.

‘’I might even let your friend watch.’’ Arthur hummed before he pulled himself away from Tobin and left the bar. Once outside the bar, Arthur put the cigarette back to his left and turned to the right.. Praying to the silly love of god that the gift shop was still there.

Lady luck walked on his side, that old beat down gift shop was still there, even if it looked more beat down now then a few years ago. He walked inside and bingo, the old man still sold everything that he did for fifty years ago. Arthur scanned through the shelves until he saw the exact same necklace he had been forced to throw away and went to pay.

The man gave him and odd look, but never commented on anything and let Arthur pay. Once outside, he ripped the plastic of it and pulled it over his head. Directly tighten it so it wasn’t hanging loose, already feeling much better in his skin.


Thanks for reading this chapter! Hope you like it, comments are liked but not needed.


GAWD I CANNOT TELL YOU HOW AMAZING/FANTASTIC/WONDERFUL/INTERESTING/AWESOME THIS IS. I'm really going to miss it when it's done. :/ But now my face literally looks like this now: \(* - *)/ <333333 <3 <3333 <333333

Hahaha~ Awesome job!! :DDDDDD x3

Hahaha, glad to know that you like it that much :D It's always nice to get those comments of people who'll miss the story once it's finished. Keeps me motivated for writing my other stories and to keep going with them :3

But thanks for reading it!
OF COURSE, DUDE. This story is amazing! :OO <3333
And you deserve wayyyy more comments. You really do. *hugs* D:
Ah well, can't force people to read and comment after all, wouldn't do that even if I could :) I'm happy to know that at least you like it :)