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JGL Manic 2

The ar ego Neil - Part 7/9

Title –  The alter ego Neil - 6/9
Author – sid_vicious_03 
Rating –  NC17
Pairings – Eames/Arthur, Arthur/OC
Word count   4 171
Warnings –
In this chapter, cursing, sex, prostitution, crossover to Mysterious skin unbetad.
Disclaimers – I don’t own Inception or any of the characters, sadly, but i do own the story.
Notes   Part 1, Part 2, Part 3 , Part 4, Part 5

Summary –
     There is Arthur, Arthur comes in two ways. Work Arthur, always perfect, organized, knows what to say and what to do and has perfect control over everything. That was the Arthur Eames fell in love with. Then, he discovered that Arthur is only work Arthur during work. In private he is this entirely different person. Cold Arthur, the real Arthur, dubbed Neil.


‘’So tell me about that guy of yours, the flying man.’’ Eames said as he got his food. There had once more been hanging a silence over them and Eames really permanently wanted to get rid of it. Oliver, who had gotten his food just a minute earlier, looked up from his spaghetti, forced himself to swallow and poked the pasta.

‘’Well… uh… he flies.’’ Oliver said, poking his pasta again. ‘’And… that’s the only thing he does really.’’ He said and shrugged some before eating a mouthful more.

‘’Why does he fly?’’ Eames asked simply, he wasn’t going to give up just because of a horrible reply. Oliver sighed. ‘’Jesus, you made him and you can’t even tell me why he flies.’’ Eames said and smirked to him. Even Oliver laughed a bit at that.

‘’Alright alright.’’ Oliver said and shifted some so he sat more straight and could look at him more properly. ‘’Well, he can fly because as a kid, his dad did scientific modifications on him because he got bored of poking on rats.’’ He explained. ‘’As a teenager, along with lovely hormones, those powers started developing.’’

‘’Some dad he got.’’ Eames hummed and drank some of his beer. ‘’I’d kill him if he ever did that to me, luckily, my dad was just an everyday mechanic.’’ He added with a chuckle, Oliver smirked.

‘’Well actually his dad is his number one villain.’’ Oliver said and gestured some with the hand that held his fork, then picked up some more pasta. ‘’The two can’t get along with one another what so ever. Aidan is just as pissed as you said you’d be.’’

‘’Aidan?’’ Eames asked confused and looked up from his food.

‘’The flying man, didn’t you read the comic?’’ Oliver asked surprised and squinted some to Eames.

‘’No, I bought it when I left Toronto after seeing you, but then forgot about it until Arthur tried to shoot me yesterday.’’ He confessed, causing Oliver to laugh from that, and soon, perhaps it was from the sleep deprivation, Eames joined in.


‘’You’ve found one hell of a guy Tobin, you get the price for that.’’ One of Tobin’s friends said, and Arthur really didn’t care who. All he cared about was the feeling of Tobin’s hands against his body, how his own tongue worked with his.

‘’I know.’’ Tobin said and pulled Arthur closer, roughly by the small of his back. ‘’Neil is a good boy.’’ Tobin purred, which made Arthur smirk and move his hands into Tobin’s short hair, tugging very lightly at the straws.

‘’Can we go somewhere now? I’d really, really want you to fuck me now.’’ Arthur whispered to him, pressing his hips towards Tobin’s. Tobin smirked again and slid one hand under the t-shirt that Arthur had stolen from him and directed Arthur to walk back, away from his friends.

Tobin pressed Arthur against a wall, which made him groan and squirm around a bit, breathing getting heavier and closed his eyes, moving his hips towards him in steady movements. Arthur kept moaning and squirming around, every touch he got felt so fantastically good that he couldn’t think of anything else. Nipping at the skin in Tobin’s neck, hands moving down his body and undid the belt, sliding his hands inside the jeans and started stroking Tobin, which made him grunt out.

Arthur smirked some and kissed him, using his force for the first time ever since he hooked up with Tobin and turned them around so Tobin was the one pressed against the wall. Arthur gave him a smirk and got one in return, then kneeled down in front of him.

Arthur tugged down the jeans some, feeling Tobin’s hands slide into his hair to get a grip. He stroked his length, keeping his gaze locked on Tobin and started licking it. Tobin groaned, tugging lightly at Arthur’s hair.

He took him in his mouth, almost directly deepthroating him. Tobin gasped for air, then murmured something that sounded like ‘good boy’ before he evened out his breathings again. Arthur let his skills take over and barely thought over what he was doing, all he focused on was Tobin’s moans and how he enjoyed him, he was paying after all.

Tobin came, forcing Arthur to swallow even if he didn’t mind. Arthur kissed the skin on Tobin’s stomach, then stood up to kiss his lips again. ‘’A little taste for later.’’ Arthur whispered and kissed him again, Tobin smirked again and forced another kiss, deeper then the first one.

‘’Neil?’’ A voice said that most definitely didn’t belong to Tobin, it was far too weak and practically stammered. Arthur tilted his head back slightly, breaking their kiss but Tobin just continued it and brought it down to Arthur’s neck. Arthur stroked his fingers through Tobin’s hair, looking at the source of the voice and felt his heart freeze.

‘’Brian.’’ He breathed, feeling Tobin stop at the word. Brian stood about fifteen feet away from them, fingers toying with one another, blonde hair still as unruly and the glasses were still the same.

‘’Brian?’’ Tobin asked with a disapproving tone in his voice, moving back a bit. Arthur gave him a quick kiss and moved down his hands to close Tobin’s jeans.

‘’Nothing baby lets go.’’ Arthur said, closed the jeans and grabbed a hold of Tobin’s wrists to pull him with him, wanting to get away before Brian spoke up again of fuck, even made him stop exactly where he was.


‘’So exactly how did you plan on finding him?’’ Oliver asked and pulled a t-shirt over his head, which very fittingly had a comic book character on it even if Eames had no idea who it really was. Oliver bounced further up to the edge of the bed, now sitting in it Indian style and pulled down the shirt over his back.

Eames raised his shoulders and kept looking at his mirror image while he buttoned the shirt he had decided to wear. Arthur had given it to him as a gift for his birthday, claiming that he needed more normal shirts in his wardrobe. Even if Eames liked his own shirts, the gifted one of Arthur had become his favorite.

He honestly had no idea how he would find Arthur in Hutchinson. Eames had minor skills as a point man, but Arthur was superior. If Arthur wanted to disappear then nobody would find him until he decided to be found. Fuck Arthur could disappear into a village with a population of three hundred if he wanted to. While Eames only skill was to figure out by some extent where the person was if he knew them. But he only knew work Arthur, not the Arthur he really was, or Neil.

‘’We walk, we look, and we hope for the best.’’ Eames said and corrected the collar of his shirt a bit. As he looked himself in the mirror, he realized that he looked a lot calmer then he really felt. Oliver rolled his eyes and got of the bed, grabbing the sweater he had in the process.

‘’Sounds like we’ll be here for a long time.’’ Oliver muttered under his breath. Eames couldn’t find a single reason to disagree.


‘’Fuck.’’ Arthur muttered and tilted his head just a little bit more to the side but kept his eyes on the mirror. His eye had started to turn faintly blue with a greenish tint but luckily it wasn’t starting to swell, his cheekbone had a sickish tint of green and there were bruises around his neck. That was all that was seen in his image, his clothes covered up the rest.

But he could feel the various small bruises all over his body under the t-shirt and jeans, minor scratches and cuts a bit everywhere, colored patches of his skin. This wasn’t good.

This really wasn’t good. In two days Tobin’s little deal was up. There was no way in heaven or hell that all of the bruises would heal in two days. And a blue eye and a neck with very obvious strangle marks around his neck wouldn’t sell to anyone except the sickest guy in town and he wouldn’t even consider selling himself to those guys any longer.

‘’Oi! Get out of there already!’’ Tobin yelled from the other side of the door, probably still located on his bed as he tried to find a channel that was somewhat interesting to watch for the evening. And Arthur, really couldn’t resist to kick the door as an answer.

‘’Shut up!’’ Arthur yelled in return, then looked back to the mirror. No, two days or not, Tobin could fuck his deal and find someone else for the remaining days he was here. In two days he could still inflict a couple of hundred more bruises on him if he really wanted to and he needed to be able to work.

And Arthur doubted that Tobin would consider him important enough to ignore his flight ticket back to Baltimore just to get some form of revenge on him for leaving out early on the deal.

Arthur licked his lips and filled up the glass with water, being on guard for just a regular prison guard wouldn’t be hard. That was a piece of cake for James Birthday. The rough part was just getting out, he didn’t plan on staying here for much longer than a few more minutes. He did have his gun in his jacket which Tobin was completely unaware of, it was just getting there that was the hard part and Tobin had proven himself to be a really difficult person to hang out with when he was displeased.

Arthur straightened his back a bit and adjusted his posture, then decided to give it a try and went to unlock the door. Collected himself with a deep breath and entered the room. He completely ignored Tobin and headed off to the chair where he had tossed onto his suit. Tobin started talking on about something that sounded similar to stupid teenagers and the fact that Arthur took far too long time in the bathroom.

He gave no answer and just focused on finding the gun in one of the many inner pockets, and the second his fingers closed over the gun he felt a strange sort of comfort spread in his body. Arthur carefully moved the gun out of the inner pocket to the jacket, then folded the jacket itself over his arm along with the dark grey shirt that came along.

‘’Are you even listening?’’ Tobin eventually said as Arthur stood up. Arthur licked his lips and stroked his fingers over the shirt, gun perfectly hidden. The touch and feel of the shirt and jacket was starting to get more nostalgic for every second, which was ridicules since he had worn it last week. Less than that even.

‘’No.’’ Arthur answered, already having learned from experience the last few days that one did not go against Tobin. Arthur looked at him ignoring some of the black hair straws that had fallen into his vision. ‘’And I don’t care either.’’

The look on Tobin’s face made Arthur tighten his grip over the gun, but he didn’t move it one inch. At least not until Tobin decided to move.

Tobin ended up laughing and sat himself straight up, scratching himself in his neck. ‘’I think I might change my mind on you, about being a good boy and all that.’’ Tobin said and shut of the tv, then patted the bed in front of him. ‘’Come here.’’

‘’No.’’ Arthur said directly and actually felt his heartbeat speed up in his chest. He swallowed, it hurt as if his throat had decided to clamp shut. ’’Your deal is off.’’ Arthur said, the look Tobin gave him wasn’t merciful and probably would have killed him if it could. ‘’I’m off, and you’re staying here.’’

‘’What gave you the idea that I’d let you go just like that?’’ Tobin questioned. He didn’t move, but Arthur could see that every muscle in Tobin’s body was tensing up so much that it probably hurt him by now. He wondered for a slight second if tensed muscles could snap bones if they wanted to.

‘’Because I decided to.’’ Arthur said, once more swallowing and now backed up a step. He couldn’t believe that he actually was getting afraid of the other man. He, the famous point man Arthur who could ask any sum he wanted for a job just because people wanted to work with him. Arthur who didn’t even consider panicking when he was stuck with a hundred pissed of projections without even knowing that he was dreaming. And now he was becoming scared of a prison guard.

Prison guards had mastered the art of scaring someone that was for sure. At least Tobin had.

Tobin looked down to his hand, then lifted it up from the white sheets and got of the bed. Arthur could feel how his finger forced its way to the trigger and fuck his heartbeat was going as fast as a colibri by now. If not even faster.

‘’You are not leaving.’’ Tobin said and walked over to Arthur with those damn confident steps of his. And before Arthur knew it his back was against the wall and Tobin was leaning over him, one hand on the wall and a smirk that made him look down right dangerous. ‘’Did you get that?’’

Arthur swallowed, jacket and shirt pressed against his shirt so only he could feel the gun. Since when did he start to cower away? Tobin raised his other hand, stroking the colored cheek bone of Arthur with light fingers, then down to his lips.

‘’I’m going.’’ Arthur repeated, now just wanting Tobin away from himself and moved the gun out from the jacket and pressed the gun barrel against Tobin’s stomach, hoping and praying to god that it would knock some sense into Tobin’s skull. Tobin looked down to the gun and laughed again, then he looked back to Arthur but never removed the gun.

‘’Do you really think that will help you out?’’ Tobin asked him, and before Arthur even had the chance of answering it he got a punch to his jaw which quite positively made him see stars. Then a hard punch in his side which made him groan and drop the gun and Christ, he really was fucked now.

‘’I’m paying for you, you are staying as long as I want and need you to!’’ Tobin said loudly to him. As Arthur pressed his hand to his side to somewhat numb the pain while Tobin sneaked his fingers around Arthur’s neck to press down, locking out all air for him.

Arthur gasped which only made it worse, placing both of his hands on Tobin’s arm to pull it slightly down; perhaps he could get just the slightest bit of air. ‘’Do you get that?’’ Tobin questioned, leaning closer to Arthur and pressed his body against Arthur’s, blocking out all of the possible movements he could come up with.

He nodded, he had no other choice but to nod. Tobin let go of Arthur’s throat and placed a kiss in his neck. ‘’Thought so.’’ Tobin whispered before he turned around for the bed again and Arthur found himself dumbstruck by the stupidity of the other man.

Before Tobin even had the opportunity to think over it, Arthur had bent down and picked up the gun. But now he wouldn’t play nice. He aimed at the lamp on the night table and pulled the trigger. The sudden explosion of sound made Tobin flinch and Arthur’s hand stung slightly from the recoil. The lamp shattered in a thousand pieces and the room became darker.

‘’You’re staying here.’’ Arthur said once more, Tobin looked at him. ‘’And I’m going. The gun is loaded.’’ He paused, no objection from Tobin. ‘’If you follow me, the second bullet will end up shattering your kneecap, it’s a painful matter, don’t go there. If you keep being persistent, the third one goes to your gut. It takes a long time to die from that and is about just as painful as your knee. You might even live for a day, and if you survive the chances for infection are high. It’s all depending on where I shoot of course. I can shoot you so you just have a few minutes even in your gut.’’

Tobin just looked at him, but didn’t move. There wasn’t even one single trace of fear in his eyes. As a matter of fact his eyes were just the dark gray matter they had always been, not one emotion in them at all. ‘’The fourth bullet goes right between your eyes.’’ Arthur said, gun still raised at Tobin. Another silence as an answer.

With that Arthur got over to the door, hand still pressed to his side with the jacket and shirt tightly between his arm and body. Eyes locked on Tobin and the gun perfectly aimed to his kneecap if he even dared thinking of moving.

And with that Arthur got out of the room and ran down the stairs, out on the streets to the first place that came into his mind.


Oliver kicked the can on the ground, and he really didn’t care what kind of liquid had been inside it. All he cared of was that after barely five days in Hutchinson he was sick of it and wanted to leave. And he would have left if it wasn’t for the very simple fact that Eames had taken his wallet along with his passport and mobile phone. So he couldn’t go anywhere.

He knew he still had the offer of going to the police and report Eames as a maniac who had kidnapped him and brought him to Kansas from Toronto. But he really didn’t want to go through the hassle. Oliver knew how Neil was and he did believe Eames story of the matter, he wasn’t surprised that sooner or later Neil would hook up with an idiot like him and then eventually they would clash.

All he had to do was return Eames to Arthur as if nothing had happened, get his wallet, passport and mobile phone back and then head back to Toronto as quick as possible. He didn’t care how he got back, as long as he got back to begin with. And Oliver was quite sure that his sister would kill him on top of it for disappearing just like that. If she found out he had been in America…

Oliver didn’t even want to think about that. He looked up, then around himself. He could understand Neil’s wish to get out of here as quick as possible, he had just been here for a few days and he was already dying inside.

He trailed of the streets and started walking towards the outskirts of town, hoping that he by some odd form of luck would find something a lot more interesting then in town, he hadn’t even found a comic book store for crying out loud!

There he could have blown a couple of dollars on comics so he could deal with Eames more. He had found the man cool to hang around with earlier before all of this, but now? Now Eames was far to obsessed with finding Neil. And it was their problem, not his, he had gotten over Neil a long time ago and the last thing he wanted to do was to play detective. Specially if the case was all over finding him.

After having walked for about twenty minutes, Oliver decided to get even more of path. Then it would become more of a discovery trip. He headed off into a park, although that was probably the least exiting place he could still pretend that he got lost. And it gave him an excuse of why he wasn’t hanging around Eames more.

The grass started to turn damp, making Oliver’s sneakers wet after just a matter of minutes. The air had grown chilly which made him close his jacket and put his hands into his pocket. He hummed just slightly to himself, pouting with his lips as he looked at the trees. He soon heard that he wasn’t alone any longer. There were muttered curses out ahead of himself and Oliver really didn’t care to pick up exactly what they were saying.

He kept walking, ending up by an open space which was be-built by a playground for kids although it didn’t contain much. A slide and a swing-set, his niece would get bored in less than five minutes. The person who was cursing out for full mouth was sitting on one of the swings, crouched together as if he suffered from cramps of some sort.

It wasn’t until he took a few more steps closer, that he recognized the person sitting in the swing and felt as if all air got knocked out of his lungs. ‘’Jesus Christ Neil.’’ Oliver muttered. He couldn’t breathe, and the sight of Neil sitting like that crouched together didn’t make him feel any calmer. He ran over to him, and the second he placed his hand on Neil’s back he chuckled slightly.

‘’It’s nothing really.’’ Arthur muttered, as if he already knew who he was talking to. Arthur shifted slightly on the swing, groaning from it and pressed his hand down harder on his lips.

‘’Look, uh.. I got to take you to Eames, he’s been looking all over for you.’’ Oliver said, making Arthur laugh out loud again.

‘’Figures.’’ Arthur muttered and sat up straighter now. ‘’Don’t take me to Eames, I really don’t want to see him. I need Brian.’’ Arthur said and glared to Oliver who just rolled his eyes.

‘’Right, because that’s exactly what I’ll do.’’ Oliver growled to himself and moved Arthur’s arm over his shoulders so he could help him up on both of his feet. And that’s when he felt something metallic to his side.

‘’You’re taking me to Brian, we are not having a discussion about the matter.’’ Arthur said, making Oliver tilt his head back and groan, then moved his arm around Arthur’s back but made sure he stayed away from the ribs that Arthur had been crouching over.

‘’What is it with people and guns these days?’’ Oliver complained, then looked back to Arthur. ‘’Remove that thing, tell me where Brian lives and then I’ll get you to him. If he doesn’t let you in you’re going to Eames.’’


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this is soo good!
Glad to hear that you like it :)
YAYYYYYY!!! Er...not about what's happening with the confused/angry/frustrated Arthur because it made me sad, but how interesting this chapter was! I really liked it!!~ I practically flailed in my seat when I saw that you updated it! :3 :DD

Can't wait for more! This is some good stuff! :3 <3
I get what you meant with your 'yay' anyways so it's alright xD Still (as always) very happy to hear that you're still liking the fic :3